What Colour Dresser Goes With Grey Headboard

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You have your heart set on that grey headboard. Nothing can change your mind now. While it is great that you have finally settled on the color of the headboard you want, only one task lies ahead of you.

You decide on that perfect dresser color that will work well with the grey headboard and tie your room together in a harmonic color balance.

So what color dresser should you get?

A grey headboard can go well with any color dresser that you pick. The reason is grey is a neutral tone that easily complements any color—having that in mind, depending on the other colors present in the room, you might want to see if all these colors work in conjunction with the dresser color you choose.

Deciding on a color combination can be arduous and tedious. Not knowing how to pair hues in a room or furniture can result in a very off-putting concoction of color.

Such results can be visually disruptive and psychologically tormenting. Humans have psychological drivers that nudge them to love harmony and balance.

A color wheel is a tool that can come in handy when deciding on hues that go well together.  The tool can help you see the results of relating any colors and prove vital when deciding on colors to match your dresser and headboard.

When it comes to matching your dresser to that grey headboard, there are so many factors you need to consider, but the most important consideration you will make is the type of overall look you are trying to achieve.

Consider whether you want your grey headboard to look advanced or more receding to your dresser. A brightly colored dresser will give the latter results, while a dull-colored dresser will give the former results.

Let’s have a look at some of the overall design results you can achieve from pairing your grey headboard in different color schemes.

How To Match Your Grey Headboard With a Dresser in a Monochromatic Colour Scheme


The monochromatic color combination is a tone-on-tone combination that features different shades, tones, and tints of the same hue.

The look achieves a subtle pallet and can look exquisite when correctly done. Though the monochromatic color scheme is relatively easy to understand, you can easily mess things up and end up with an overwhelmingly dull room.

The trick here is to use a combination of tints, tones, and shades. You might want to go for a dresser in a darker shade or lighter tint to the specific Headboard hue for the grey headboard.

The perks of having a monochromatic headboard dresser combination are that it oozes simplicity. The look is accessible to the eye. It does not cause a lot of noise to the visual signal as the brain struggles to perceive and process too many colors.

The result is a calming environment.

How To Match Your Grey Headboard With a Dresser in a Complementary Colour Scheme

Using two hues on opposite sides of the color wheel can seem scary. Most people are afraid of bold colors, and the idea of going for two can be scary.

However, using two contrasting hues can result in a palette that not only compliments each other but balances each other out as well.

For your grey headboard, consider pairing it with a bold-colored dresser.  The choice is yours whether you want to add warmth with bright shades of orange, yellow or add calmness by getting a dresser in cool hues.

Plus, you can never go wrong with grey. It is a color that is subtle enough to pair with any hue out there.

A bold-colored dresser can make a statement in your space by adding energy and a bit of dynamic.

Complementing a grey headboard with bold dresser color can result in a fun and visually tuned combination that is hard to avoid noticing.

How To Match Your Grey Headboard With a Dresser in an Analogue Colour Scheme

An analog color scheme involves pairing hues that neighbor each other on the color wheel to achieve more contrast in design.  Colors that follow each other in the color wheel work ideally in conjunction with one another as they are made from the shame base hue.

To achieve this analog color scheme with your grey headboard, consider getting a dresser in white or black. These are the colors that neighbor the grey in a color wheel.

Though many people claim that an analog color scheme is dull and lacks contrast, the look can create proper color harmony and give a specific temperature to a room.

How To Match Your Grey Headboard With a Dresser in a Triadic Colour Scheme

Working with this color scheme entails choosing colors that are evenly spaced within the color wheel.  A triadic color scheme offers that happy and energized vibe by combining three hues to produce a vividly contracting and balanced pallet.

The colors evenly distributed between grey are white and hot pink. Consider getting a hot pink dresser for your grey headboard, especially if your walls are painted white or a variation of the same.

You can choose to tint, tone, or shade these colors depending on whether you want a happy, bright finish or casual, quiet look.

The advantage of using a triadic color scheme for your header and dresser is that they give off a vibrant feel even when you use a shaded hue. They offer color harmony in contrasting hues.

What To Consider Before Picking Dresser Colour for Your Grey Headboard

Because most furniture comes in matching pairs of the same color, it is often easy to settle for that showroom combo that you think looks good.

But you will not believe the sense of achievement that results from combining different furniture pieces and mixing up colors to develop your unique overall style.

To help you achieve this sense of fulfillment, here are things you should consider before deciding on a dresser color to go with your grey headboard.

Room Feel

What overall room feel are you looking to achieve? Remember the science of color and the psychological connection. 

Worm tones tend to give a sense of energy, while cool tones tend to trigger calmness.  A poor color combination may lead to a depressing and confusing room. Remember to use the appropriate colors combinations for a mysterious wow factor.

Room style

A grey headboard is a neutral tone that can easily combine with other elements to form a variety of styles, be it contemporary,  ultra-modern, rustic, medieval. Before choosing the color for that dresser, have a solid plan of the room style you want to achieve.

Color Scheme

Another crucial element to any successful decor is a good color combination. Consider other colors in the room, your side tables, the curtains or blinds, the carpet color, any other furniture piece in the room.

Your grey headboard will probably work well with other colors, but too many colors in one room can be visually straining.

Whatever combination you decide to go for, remember that a variety in shades and texture can pull a look together and make a huge difference.

Don’t be afraid of color. Make a statement in your room with a dresser color that speaks to the artist in you.

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