What Colors Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger?

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Small bathrooms do not have to be a hassle. You simply need to know the best ways to make your bathroom appear bigger. You may be wondering what colors can help you to make a small bathroom look bigger?

Light colors like White, Beige, Powder Blue, Teal, Muted Violet, Canary Yellow, and Soft Gray will make your bathroom brighter and bigger. Using similar colors (light or dark) in bathroom walls, floors, and ceilings will also make your bathroom look larger.

Small space bathrooms can be a challenge. When it comes to function and design. Applying some clever design techniques can help your small space appear bigger than actually is.

Choosing the right colors can easily help a small bathroom looks much bigger. With the proper use of different colors, it can effectively enhance your bathrooms’ space potential.

The most common technique is to use light and bright colors for your bathroom. Light colors can enhance the light that enters your bathroom. Whether it comes from natural sunlight or other lighting fixtures.

Light Colors Reflect Light


Light colors naturally reflect light which will make your bathroom appear wider in space. It does not matter if your bathroom has a small or large window or no window at all.

You can still make it seem bigger as long as you use a similar shade of colors.

Using similar shades of colors will create an optical illusion of depth and space in your small bathroom. Thus making it appear larger than it is in reality. You can paint the ceiling the same colors as your walls, and you will achieve this illusion properly.

Also, by blending tile and wall colors well, you will create a cohesive look in your bathroom. You will often see this look in luxurious hotels, resorts, and spas.

To make a space feel larger than it is, they use the same tile design from walls to ceilings.

Aside from using colors, you can also apply other design techniques to make small spaces look bigger.

I will discuss some of the tips and tricks later from more ideas on how to make the most out of your small bathroom.

What light colors will make a small bathroom look bigger?

Using these light colors for your bathroom will make it appear twice as large. Colors like White, Beige, Powder Blue, Teal, Muted Violet, Canary Yellow, and Soft Gray. The ceiling will look higher and the walls wider if you choose light colors for both.


An all-white bathroom can be the easiest way to make any space larger. Having walls that are the same color as your ceiling can brighten every corner of your bathroom. Most bathroom fixtures like toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and cabinets come in white colors.

Using all-white will allow a seamless transition of your ceiling, walls, and floor. Making everything in your bathroom appear cohesive. An all-white bathroom can also mean using different textures, glosses, and prints.

You can use white subway tiles in your shower to create a different texture with using white. Or use a white tile that creates a wave pattern on one side of the whole wall. This will create an all-white space with interesting texture and dimension.

If you do not want to use tiles on both walls and floors, you can opt for a light wood color for your flooring. It will still have the same cohesive effect on walls. Making your bathroom space appear wider than it actually is.


Beige is also a neutral color that you can use with a small bathroom. You can mix it with white or use an all-beige theme. Using the same floor to ceiling beige tiles will have the same cohesive appearance. It will trick your eyes into believing that your bathroom has more space than it seems.

You can mix and match similar colors with Beige. Colors like off-white, cream, or other neutral colors. To create a focal wall or a clear separation of walls and floors.

Using similar monochromatic colors will increase depth in your bathroom. Making it appear bigger in size.


Powder Blue is a nice subtle way to introduce some color into a small space. It is often mixed with white to further increase the brightness of the room.

Blue-green and Blue-gray subway tiles are actually trendy right now.  They are popular in bathrooms and kitchen backsplash designs.

Teal is another trendy cool color to use in bathroom design today. Whether as a paint or a tile, it will add brightness to your space and will highlight your walls in a positive way.

Teal will give you all the benefits of cool colors. It is calming, yet it can give you an energetic vibe in your bathroom. Using cool colors will still give you a light, bright, and airy feeling.

If you love the color violet, you can use it as a bathroom wall color. To make the space appear bigger, you need to use a muted violet or pale lavender. It will make everything in your bathroom brighter and more spacious.


Canary Yellow is another way to introduce a pop of color to your bathroom without making it look smaller. Using it as an accent wall color is a clever way to make your bathroom space appear larger.

Yellow is a naturally bright color. It works well with the color white.


Soft Gray is neutral to use as a transition color with other monochromatic looks. Painted grey walls or plain colored grey floor tile can work as great transition colors.

Monochromatic colors will increase the feeling of more open space in a bathroom.

What other effective ways can make a small bathroom look bigger?

To increase the feeling of open space in a room, you need to take into consideration everything about your small bathroom.

How the actual space looks like, and why do you think it is small. Does your bathroom have a high or low ceiling? Is your bathroom space too narrow?

If your bathroom is small but has high ceilings, you can use that to make it bigger. High ceilings will have the illusion of a bigger space.

You can tile the whole tall bathroom walls with one design to use that high ceiling well.  You can also use a long curtain that goes as high as the ceiling to create an elongated space in your bathroom.

Avoiding clutter in your bathroom can also make it seem larger. Having a clear, neat sight of your floor, shelves, and walls will help you define them more in the space. Making it more open and lighter on the eyes.   

What bathroom fixtures can make a small bathroom look bigger?

Small changes can improve the look of a small bathroom—changes like adding large mirrors, bright lights, building floating cabinets and shelves. Also, installing glass doors and a skylight can help make it seem more spacious.

Large mirrors can help reflect more light inside your bathroom.  Paired with proper lighting, it will further enhance the brightness of the space. You can install more than one mirror to get the most out of its effect on the room.

Or you can use one horizontal long seamless mirror to create more illusion of wider space. Applying bright lighting behind a large mirror will make your space bigger and more open. Recess lighting (backlight) in a mirror is a chic and useful trend that will help you increase the space’s appearance.

Using bright lights in your small bathroom avoids shadows as much as possible. Shadows create dark spaces and will make your bathroom looks smaller.

Building modern floating shelves and cabinets also enhances the space. It lets you have a clear sight of your whole floor, making it appear open. Thus creating the look of long lines in the space.

Floating vanity and cabinets are trendy right now for good reasons. It allows us to see more of the bathroom floors than before. It is also very effective in cleaning bathroom floors easily.

Modern floating shelves also help create long lines that give the illusion of more width.

If your small bathroom cannot fit the standard sizes of cabinets and shelves, try custom shelving. Or try to find space-saving types of vanity or cabinets. This will make your space not look too crowded.

It would enhance the design of your floor tiles well. Whether you have a simple solid color floor tile or a farmhouse style type of tiles.

To avoid getting shadows underneath, you can install a backlight at the base of the cabinet. Also, to elongate your floor space as well.

A shower curtain can make your low ceiling bathroom feel smaller. Installing a glass shower door is another option to create more space in your bathroom. It will create a clear division in your bathroom that can enhance the space to feel more open than a curtain.

If you do not have a bathroom window, installing a skylight will allow natural light to come in. Natural light will definitely increase the brightness of your bathroom, making it appear more open.

If you cannot install a skylight, try to consider installing a window instead. It can help let in more natural light.

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