What Colors Go with Cherry Wood Furniture?

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Adding cherry wood furniture to your house can be fun. Now you must know how to make the most out of your chosen type of wood. So, what colors go with cherry wood furniture?

You can use both light and dark colors for any shade of cherry wood. Whether light, medium, or dark cherry. You can use light colors like beige, light blue, light green, light brown, or grey undertones. Or dark colors like soft red, hunter green, royal blue, and mustard yellow.

Wood is highly praised for its texture. It gives on any house. Cherry wood is a popular choice for hardwood furniture. It is not too expensive compared with other premium hardwoods.

Cherry wood has a beautiful wood tone that has a fine and satiny grain. You can easily identify cherry wood for its’ red undertones. Woodworkers love to use cherry wood for boats and furniture as well as toys and house paneling.

It is a sturdy and durable option for most furniture. Extremely heavy wood like cherry is the best material for any type of furniture, like beds, dressers, dining tables, kitchen cabinets, and closets.

Cherry wood changes its colors over time. It starts out as light golden brown in color and darkens to become deeper brown or reddish-brown when exposed to the sun is constant. The color change can differ from certain types of cherry trees.

The darkening (ripening) process of cherry wood is noticeable in the first six months of light exposure. It may take years before it reaches a reddish-brown texture.

If the furniture gets exposed to much sunlight, it might speed up the process even more.

How to match colors with cherry wood furniture?


There is one big factor to consider when it comes to matching colors for wood. You have to recognize the finish of the wood. Because it can affect its color and appearance.

You need to consider the stain, gloss, and finish of the wood specifically to find a color that will complement it.

What light colors go well with cherry wood furniture?

All tones of cherry wood go well with light colors—most especially medium and dark cherry wood. Light cherry wood paired with light colors will further brighten up the room’s overall style.

Light colors like beige, light blue, light green, light brown, or grey undertones. You can also pick light neutrals like light caramel, creamy ivory, and light yellow colors.

Light colors like this will create a striking contrast dark cherry. It will complement your wood furniture, making it stand out in any room.

Walls with neutral beige, light brown, or light grey will make your cherry wood furniture a focal point in bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. A set of cherry wood furniture with neutral wall color in bedrooms ties everything together in one look. Same with a kitchen with cherry wood cabinets.

Light blue and light green add cool tones with a warm tone of cherry wood. It provides a balance in the whole environment of the room.

The color blue is often associated with calmness. Pairing light blue with a light cherry wood creates instant brightness in any room. This color palette is perfect for a home office setup.

Light green creates a colorful contrast between the red-brown tonnes of cherry. They may be far away from each other in the color wheel. But they pair well because the color brown and green reminds you of nature.

Brown and green combination are often seen in nature. Like the color of a tree, the color of earth, and a garden landscape.

Yellow, unlike green, is next to the color brown in the color wheel. Which means they match pretty well. Red is one shade away(next to brown) from yellow, so they will still complement each other.

Light yellow is best to use for the dark-toned type of cherry wood if the cherry wood has more brown on it than red. Yellow and brown sit next to each other on the color wheel.

Cream-based colors like light caramel and creamy ivory will brighten up any type of cherry wood. Thus, they all work well with cherry.

What dark colors go well with cherry wood furniture?

Intense dark colors can still go well cherry wood. By creating low contrast with the tones of dark cherry wood, both dark undertones (wood and paint) will blend together.

Best examples of this look are dark colors like soft red, hunter green, royal blue, and mustard yellow.

Soft, warm red colors can work well with cherry wood. Dark cherry with fewer tones of red is perfect for soft red. 2 types of reds can easily clash with each other in one room.

But it still depends on how you use it. If your cherry wood furniture is a standalone piece, you can see even the reds out by using different tones of dark wood in the same place. You have to make your reddish cherry wood furniture an accent instead of a supporting color for red.

Hunter green is like olive and moss green. It mimics the basic colors of the earth. If you use green, it will highlight the brown undertones of your cherry wood well.

Royal blue or darker tones of blue (navy) will go well in your cherry wood. Be it light, medium, or dark toned. Solid color like this makes cherry wood pop and stand out even more. No matter what undertones it may have.

Suppose you do not want to commit to full dark colors for your walls. You can always use white as an accessory color to balance out the prominent dark shades of your room. Paint your windows and window trims white. Or use white furniture like dining chairs or white countertops and backsplash.

You can also create a two-toned wall color to further brighten up the room. You can use white to balance out the dark colors you chose. A white wainscot half wall is a great example of this.

What room accessories go with cherry wood furniture?

Various decorative room accessories can match cherry wood furniture. Simply follow all the colors mentioned and apply them with any decor you may want to put in your house. You can experiment with different types of textures to mix and match with cherry wood.

Complementing wood with different types of metals like gold and silver gives elegance in any room with wood on it, like having a table lamp with a metal finish. Also, you can use a modern type of chandelier that has metal elements on it.

Bringing indoor plants adds a nice decorative accessory on top of a cherry wood foyer table or a coffee table. You can place it in a nice corner beside your wall table or dresser. A design element like a plant will add a personal and beneficial sense of style to your house decor.

Plants help increase the quality of the air in your house. Some plants even offer a calming effect due to the extra oxygen it lets in. Besides having pets, plants give you another way to add a living thing to take care of in your house.

Ceramic table lamps will also look good on a cherry wood table. It adds another beautiful texture to the cherry wood texture of your table. Thus creating more depth in your personal style.

You can tie up traditional and contemporary design well with cherry wood furniture, by adding neutral or bright window shades and curtains in any room. The light and dark colors mentioned above can also be the color of your curtains. 

Window treatments like shades and curtains can add playful textures that match cherry wood furniture. Same with bedroom linens and bedding. You can match your wall color with your bed covers to enhance the bedroom design.

What other furniture colors go with cherry wood?

Cherry wood furniture has red undertones in them that might be hard to match with.

Having many types of wood finish in the same room can make them clash. It is safe to use basic colors of wood like white(painted), brown, and black.

A painted white small piece of furniture can work in any shade of cherry wood. White can blend well with the varying red undertones of the cherry wood.

It will further brighten cherry wood furniture and will highlight its soft undertones.

Light or dark brown can work well with reddish cherry wood. As long as it does not have any other conflicting red undertones.

You can use cherry wood accent furniture in a room full of a brown wood table, cabinets, shelves, or closets. Or vice versa.

Black furniture adds a modern element and style to cherry wood furniture. Since black can always blend with anything. It will make your cherry wood furniture stand out of the room.

Mixing different wood colors can help give your room more character and definition. If you do not want to end up having too much wood with the same shade in one room.

It is always stylish to mix and match different types of textures and colors in any type of room.

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