What Color Walls with Grey Carpet?

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Selecting the perfect color scheme for your room decor might seem exciting, but it’s no doubt a daunting task. For instance, if you’re using carpets, you need to select the right shade of walls and furniture that’ll fit. Grey carpets are one of the best, but it makes you wonder what wall color will be a perfect match.

The color of your walls depends on your style, preference, and the purpose of the room. Colors like yellow, white, beige, and other grey shades perfectly suit grey carpets. However, grey is one of the unselective colors, presenting you with an endless possibility of color combinations.

Despite this, some colors blend better with grey carpeting. Below, I’ve explored several color shades that aren’t only perfect for your home but sit well with grey carpets.

What Colour Walls Will Complement a Grey Carpet?


If you’re choosing your wall color based on your grey carpet, you’re in for many decor options. Below are the best shades that’ll transform your space into a work of art.


When it comes to home decor, white is one of the most preferred colors. Its advantage is its flexibility which allows you to use any other color. This means your grey carpet will be perfect with white walls, and the right furniture color will make it better.

You should use white if your carpet is a darker shade of grey. Nevertheless, other colors might be a suitable option for lighter carpets than white.


You might be wondering, “why grey paint?” Besides, you already have a grey carpet, so what will grey paint look like?

Here’s the trick, you don’t have to use the exact shade of your carpet to paint your walls. Not that having your entire room in one shade is terrible, but a different shade stands out better.

Imagine having a light grey carpet and using a very dark grey for your walls. Throw in the right furniture, and you’re good to go. To avoid monotony, use furnishing of different colors, other than grey.

Magenta, mint, blue, lemon, and yellow are some of the colors that could add more life to your grey interior.


Yellow hues are colors that are bright and lively. With grey, you can experiment with several shades of yellow, from buttery yellows to rich golds. Yellow is also a warm color that gives your space a bright feel without dominating other elements in the room.

The right hues of grey and yellow can also produce a stylish color scheme that suits any room arrangement.


If you don’t want dark colors like grey, opt for a neutral but brighter color like beige or cream. When combined with a light grey carpet in the living room, this color can give warmth without being overpowering, just like yellow. When combined with vibrant colors such as wine, beige walls, and grey carpeting can create an elegant atmosphere in a living room.


Blue is a fantastic option, not just for walls but also for furniture. Several variants of blue fit with any shade of grey carpet. If your carpet is dark, a lighter shade of blue will do just fine.

Blue works with other colors, making it possible to combine it with another paint shade. For example, in a room with four walls, you could paint three of them blue and use white or a lighter shade of grey for the last one. This variation adds spice to your living space.

However, it would help if you also used the right furniture for balance. For instance, use lighter furniture colors if you use dark blue wall paint. This will have a fantastic effect on your grey carpeting.

Navy Blue

Navy is different because it is blue with undertones of grey. As a result, they blend well with light grey carpets. However, this option is not suitable if you prefer an airy space.


Red is boldly energetic, and it gives your space precisely the same feeling. Due to its nature, it’s perfect for lighter grey carpets. You can tone down the paint’s effect by using it as complementary paint.

This means that you use a lighter wall paint like white as the primary color and apply red as a backdrop.


The right combination of purple and grey carpets gives your room a cozy feeling. Purple is a creative color, meaning that you can combine them in several ways. It also comes in several shades that blend well with grey carpets.

Despite its versatility, it is an intense color, and too much if it can be overbearing. However, you can tone down its effect by using it alongside another color.


Green is a natural color, and the right shades lend an elegant feel to your living area. Opt for cool shades like mint green, sage, or teal for your interior. These hues make a room feel lighter and more comfortable, unlike stronger shades of green.

The right green color also goes hand in hand with grey, making it suitable for grey carpets. This combination evokes a positive feeling, especially when combined with the right furniture and accessories.


Natural infusion of brown into your living space combines well with grey carpets. Use lighter brown shades for paint and opt for darker brown for accessories. This combination makes your room feel cozy and comfortable.

Should You Use a Light or Dark Grey Carpet?

Most times, people opt for lighter shades because they believe it gives more ambiance to the room. Nonetheless, dark grey shades are trendy and compliment light colors. They are also perfect for rooms with ample lighting.

Before choosing a shade of grey carpet, you must consider your home. Do you have children playing about, or are you single? If your case is the former, dark shades are for you.

This results from the fact that they conceal stains better than their light counterparts. Light grey is perfect for homes where fewer feet are stomping around.

It would be best if you also consider your furniture. Dark grey carpets are picky and may not sit well with every color shade. On the other hand, light grey matches most paint colors and decorations easily. To avoid color clashes, you should select your carpet before painting.

Your room size is another factor that affects your carpet decision. Darker shades are ideal for wide spaces with high ceilings. However, they’re not suitable for smaller rooms, making these spaces look smaller than they are.

Do Grey Carpets Suit Every Room?

Grey carpets are perfect for every room. The right shade of grey would make your home feel spacious, cozy, classy, or otherwise. If you intend to use carpets in every room, use the same shade to achieve a sense of continuity.

While this carpet sits well with every room, please don’t use them in basements or moist places like kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. Damp floors damage carpets regardless of their quality.

Do Grey Carpets Hide Dirt?

Regular cleaning of your carpet is essential to keep it in good condition. However, you might not notice how dirty it is because they hide dirt well.

A darker grey carpet can go weeks without needing vacuuming because it conceals debris and dark stains. Lighter shades might not hide dirt as much as dark carpets, but they do a fair job of hiding light stains.

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