What Color Walls Go With Gray Carpet?

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Grey is super stylish and goes a long way to express your personality and leave a mark. It’s no wonder most people are going for it, especially for flooring options. Even though it seems easy to decorate a room with a grey carpet, it can be tasking to decide the colors.

So, what color walls go with grey carpet?

Grey looks great when paired with blue (dusty blue), white, yellow, brown, navy, dusty green, and dark grey. Before choosing a color to pair it with, you must consider the grey shade on the carpet since some greys can be too close to white or black.

If you are looking to have a simple yet classy look in your room, grey is a good choice. You can paint grey on grey, but it might appear too monochromatic.

Therefore, this article suggests other colors that go well with a grey carpet and help you create the aura you want for your room. 

What Should You Consider When Choosing Wall Colors To Go With Your Grey Carpet?


A home is not complete if it doesn’t completely resonate with your personality and make you feel free to be yourself. However, you may want to add some color to it without making it feel cringe or overdone.

A grey carpet is authoritative, and your choice has to blend with it so that it can amplify this look properly. Some of the considerations to make include:

1. The Carpet’s Shade of Grey

As mentioned earlier, there are many shades of grey, and your carpet is definitely one of them. Some shades are closer to white, others are neutral, and others tend to be closer to black. The different shades resonate differently with other colors, so you must first consider the one you have.

For example, lighter shades are excellent when coupled with blue shades like dusty blue, while the darker shades resonate better with white. You can also have a grey-on-grey approach where you use one shade of grey on another.

For example, if you have a darker shade of grey on the carpet, you can choose to paint your walls with a lighter shade and vice versa. This way, you’ll eliminate the monochromatic aspect and maintain the elegance of the room.

2. The Room’s Lighting

Different rooms can have different lighting choices, and that affects the overall outlook of the room. The light affects how different colors reflect and the glow they have. That’s why, if you already have lights on in the room, you must consider their impact on the color.

For example, a yellow light will add a yellow glow to the color and affect its color. Red is indeed red because you’re looking at it through the white light. If you looked at it through a different light, it wouldn’t be red.

Therefore, if you have slight variations in the room, choose a color that resonates with the grey you have when the lights are on. Also, you may need to consider how much natural light is coming into the room because it will also affect how the colors match during the day.

3. Your Personality

Grey lovers tend to have a much-reserved personality and love keeping things feeling cool. However, there are some colors you can pair with your grey, and they tend to bring out a different character other than the perceived one.

Colors like white are bold and spell out a strong personality with a clean and refreshing feeling. Others like dusty blue and green are less powerful and maintain a cool feeling.

At the end of the day, the colors you choose will say a lot about your personality and preferences. Therefore, choose what completes you.

4. Other Colors in the room

Other things in the room, like furniture, may affect your overall wall color choice. For example, if you have a green couch, you must consider a color that goes well with the grey carpet and the green couch.

If you are yet to bring in other furniture, you can consider painting a color that will go well with the choice of furniture you’ll have in the future. All the colors should come together properly so that the room can look great.

What Wall Colors Go With Grey Carpet?

There are many colors that pair well with grey depending on their different shades and concentrations. Some of them include:


White is almost everyone’s favorite when it comes to walls. You can see it in nearly every wall you look at. This is because white is neutral and extremely versatile. You can pair it comfortably with any color on the color wheel.

With a white background, you don’t have to worry about what other colors you have in the room because they will all blend incorrectly. White walls are a great way to increase the room’s brightness and allow different colors to glow.


Blue is generally cool and combines wonderfully with grey to bring in a cool accent into the room. There are different shades of blue as it is with grey, so you should choose which shade goes well with the grey you have.

Some examples of blue shades for your grey carpet are dusty blue, navy blue, and light blue. A lighter shade will go well with a brighter shade of grey.


Yellow is a perfect choice for someone who loves color and warmth. Different yellow shades bring a sunny and shine feeling into the room, therefore taking away any monotony. Yellow shades range from the thick golden yellow tone to bright lemony yellows.

If your carpet is a deep grey closer to black, a thick yellow will do the trick. Brighter shades go well when combined with other brighter shades.

Grey tones down the yellow brightness to ensure that it’s not too loud or showy.


Green comes with a powerful connection with nature so making the room feel homely and warm. It’s a great alternative to blue, and you can use it effectively to match your grey carpet. Different green shades exhibit some hints of yellow and blue, thus promoting positive energy and a relaxed mood.

Using a green wall allows you to bring in other colors on throw blankets, pillows, and lampshades in order to balance the mood of the room. However, you’ll have to consider the different shades so that you can match the ones that resonate well.

For example, if your grey carpet has a light charcoal shade, sage green will complement it well for a natural feel. You can then add a few accents of white or any other neutral color so as to complete the overall look in the room.


Purple is a blend of blue and red, exuding a creative feel in the room. Since both red and blue go with grey, purple is an excellent combination that combines excellently with grey.

For example, if you have a patterned grey carpet, a deep eggplant purple can do a good job complementing it. Purple can be a little dramatic, so you have to choose the shade you want carefully to not become too showy.


Red is an overly bold and energetic color that adds a glow to your room. It’s a great choice for someone with a strong personality and enjoys the sharp contrast that it will have with the grey carpet.

You can then balance out the room by adding a few white and black accessories.

Also, remember to choose a shade of red that goes well with the shade of grey that you have. Otherwise, the contrast might be too cringe and distasteful.

For example, if you have a tan-grey carpet, you can consider pairing it with a deep tomato-red on the background.


Grey on grey always looks great and creates a grey color theme for the room. However, you have to choose different shades so that it doesn’t appear too monotonous.

Remember that the wall is a large space, so color can look overdone if you match everything with it.

A suitable approach would be to match a darker grey with a lighter grey then bring in accessories of different colors for a colorful touch.

Try a rich gold-yellow color on this one.

Depending on the room you want to paint, you could place it on the throw pillows or the bedsheets.


Brown is earthy and adds some warmth to the room. It will also match with some furniture in the room so it will not appear too tacky.

The earth-toned wall will blend well with the grey carpet to give a cozy warm feel inside the room.


There are no ground rules on what colors to match your grey carpet with so that your room feels homely enough. Whichever way you choose, ensure that it gives you the best feeling for you and your family.

However, if you need ideas to get started, you can consider the colors discussed in this article.

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