What Color to Paint a Sloped Ceiling?

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A sloped ceiling is an inventive and artistic piece. It makes a room more animated and cozy. The slope is an art on its own. But it brings the question.

What color to paint a sloped ceiling?

Light colors like white and beige are good for a sloped ceiling. Light color helps to create a lighted room and makes it look spacier. Dark colors like black and brown can also be used to paint a sloped ceiling.

There is so much that can be achieved with a room with a sloped ceiling. In many cases, the room feels small and choking. But with the right painting and decoration, it is a lovely place to be.

Here are the paint colors that will make a sloped ceiling come out great to behold.

And there are extra tips on how to make the whole room appealing and cozy.

What is Sloped Ceiling Called?


There are new trends in ceiling finishings. A sloped ceiling may be due to the roofing type or the architecture of the house. A sloped ceiling can also be called a vaulted ceiling.

It is also called a cathedral ceiling if it has two equally sloped sides.

Sloped ceilings can be made of wood or concrete. It is more common to see vaulted ceilings made with wood. The name cathedral comes from the church cathedral ceiling designs.

The main difference between a cathedral and a vaulted ceiling is the equal sloping sides parallel to the roof pitch found in the former design.

The sloped ceiling brings some advantages. One of these is the chance to incorporate an extra window. Sloped ceilings can have a ceiling window that allows a more natural breeze to come into a room.

It also gives room for skylight and stars at night.

What colors do you Paint a Sloped Ceiling?

Color remains a great element in home decoration. A sloped ceiling brings a lot of details already, and the color of paint means a lot to that. For a short sloping gradient, it is best to use white and the company of neutral colors.

For a vaulted ceiling that is high, a dark color like black or grey can make it feel cozy. A high cathedral or vaulted ceiling may appear so far from the floor.

But with a dark color, it brings the room together and feels warmer.

Bright colors like blue and yellow can also be used to create a bold look. These colors make the room charged and energetic. They can be balanced with light-colored walls.

The easiest thing to do is to simply opt for a single color for the sloped ceiling and the walls. But the daring will get on to try some bright colors for fun.


The most common color for any type of ceiling for me is white. The reason is quite obvious, white is friendly with every other color.

It brings a great amount of brightness and contrast into any room.

For a sloped ceiling, white is one of the best options. For me, it is the best for a cool look for a conservative room.

White looks excellent when the whole wall and the ceiling are painted in the same color.


Light shades of grey are good to have an off-white feel. This is usually perfect for slanted ceilings that are not high. For a high ceiling, darker shades are good to create a cozy feeling.

It makes the high ceiling closer than it actually is.

Either with the dark or light grey shades, both the ceiling and walls can be painted the same color.

This increases the warmth and the classy touch of the grey color. Grey for the sloped ceiling against a white wall is also an exotic pick.


Black is bold and elegant. It is best suited for a high, sloping ceiling to create a cozy feeling. In a small space, black can feel choking.

But the opposite is the case in a large and spacious room. Painting the wall white with a black sloped ceiling is just magnificent.


To get a contemporary look and a warm feeling, beige is a good color. A sloped ceiling can be painted with beige. It is less bright than white, but it gives a cool appearance.

Beige is somewhere between yellow and white. The color gives a sand-like look that is warm and accomodating.


Many sloped ceilings are made of wood, usually oak and other wood types. The golden-brown hue of wood is alluring in itself.

If the sloped ceiling is made of oak, it is beautiful to have it with that sparkling brownish-gold.

Brown paint is a worthy option for a sloped ceiling. Even if the ceiling is not wooden, it can be painted brown.

The color creates a contemporary environment that is stylish and luxurious at the same time.


Navy blue is a good option to paint a slanted ceiling that is high. It helps to make it closer and warm. Brighter shades can also be used, especially for shorter ceilings.

Blue is a warm color that is attractive and inviting.


For a lively and energetic feel, yellow is the lost piece of the puzzle. Sloped ceilings can be treated to a lively look with yellow paint.

The room is bright and mood-lifting, with yellow on the ceiling. It is a warm and friendly color.

How do I paint a Sloped Ceiling?

Once the choice of color to paint a sloped ceiling is made, then how can the painting be done. Because of the slope, a vaulted ceiling is not painted like a regular flat ceiling.

The gradient has to be considered.

For a high, sloping ceiling, use an 18-inch roller for the painting. A paintbrush extender and an extending pole are needed for the height. A ladder can be used for very high spots along with the ceiling.

A step ladder is good since it doesn’t need to lean against the wall.

The 18-inch roller is best to use because of the size. The bigger the roller, the bigger the space covered at a time. Time is saved, and so is energy. It also gives the chance to easily use an extending pole for the painting.

With the roller, make long, even strokes on the ceiling in one direction. The corners and perimeters are to be painted first. You can do this with a painting brush rather than a roller.

Ensure to spread a drop cloth over the floor before the painting proceeds.

The ceiling should be wiped with a soapy clean cloth first. This will get rid of dirt before the paint primer is added to the sloped ceiling surface.

Arrangement to keep the floor of any drops is important. Some paint drops may escape the drop cloth.

How to Hide a Sloped Ceiling

A sloped ceiling can be made to appear like it is not slanted. There are few things that can be done to achieve this. The first thing is to paint the whole room the same color.

Light colors like white, cream, and beige are good options for this.

The main goal is to conceal the edges of the ceiling where it meets the walls. The even color is perfect.

The paint should be with a flat coat, a glossy surface can help reflect more light.

How do I make the room look bigger and taller?

A sloped ceiling can sometimes make a room look smaller than it really is. But this can be sorted with the right painting and decoration.

The room can be made to look bigger and even taller with the right setting in place.

Color does a lot in this way, it will help remove the feel of the room being small. The ceiling and the walls should be painted the same color.

This will remove the edges where the sloped ceiling meets the wall. It is best achieved with light colors like white.

The room is well illuminated, and it feels bigger and comfortable. Another thing is to make use of low furniture in a room with a slanted ceiling.

A low bed and table will make the room look taller. Minimal furniture should be placed on the floor.

Bookshelves are better hung on the wall rather than staying on the floor. It is the same with a minimal amount of hangings on the wall.

Few pictures and arts will help keep the wall unbusy and make the room bigger.

Lighting is a very important factor for a room with a sloped ceiling. Use light curtains that allow enough natural light into the room.

Mirrors are good for light reflections around the room. Install lights to make the room brighter.

Crown moldings can be used to make a room with a sloping ceiling taller. Adding vertical stripes on the wall also creates a visual impression of increased height.

Lastly, hanging lights should be installed as they help make the room appear taller as well.

Finally, on Sloped Ceiling

It doesn’t matter if the ceiling is sloped in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or dining room. There are enough colors to make it a source of vibe and fun.

The best and safest color choice still remains the neutrals, with white leading the charge.

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