What Color Stucco Goes With Black Roof?

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Stucco makes a great exterior texture for your house. A black roof will make it look more modern.

What color stucco can you use that goes with a black roof?

Basic colors like White, Grey, Blue, and Black works well with stucco and a black roof. You can also choose earthy and rustic colors like Green, Brown, Red, Rustic Yellow, Bright Pink, and Dusty Light Pink. Any neutral color will also be perfect for it. Like Cream, Beige, Taupe, Greige, and others.

A stucco house exterior has a classic and beautiful visual appeal. It is reminiscent of the way old houses are in the past. Having a stucco exterior wall will give your house an attractive texture that everybody will adore.

Stucco is exceptional craftsmanship that uses simple tools and intricate handiwork. It uses tools like trowels or model floats to make different patterns and finishes on walls. Stucco patterns and finishes are works of art that you can have in your house.

Old-fashioned Stucco lasts for 100 years. Modern Stucco has a similar construction technique to old houses. There are fewer steps, but the result looks the same.

Unlike old stucco, it may only last for 10-20 years, but you will still get the same texture results. You can easily buy a one-coat process stucco as a finish coat to get the look for less money and effort.

Most modern stucco products usually include color dyes in the final coat. You can ask for a customized color for your walls. But you can use special external paint on stucco as well.

Stucco is characteristically porous and will not adhere to ordinary wall paint. You can have a professional do it for you, or you can consult an expert first before painting it yourself to do it properly.

What color stucco goes well with a black roof?


Stucco on the black roof makes a modern blend of old-style Mediterranean houses and Spanish Colonial houses. Stucco is usually paired with the roof of similar earthy colors like brown and red. Modern architecture has found innovative ways to make stucco easier to make.

It also made them look good on modern houses as well. Basic colors like White, Grey, Blue,  and Black makes stucco look ultra-modern.

As a stucco color, white is simple and classic. It brightens and balances the character texture of stucco. Making it work with any type of house.

Bright white stucco is mostly seen on exotic vacation resorts and houses. It has a timeless Mediterranean, and Coastal vibe fit for relaxation and travel feels. You can also use cool white or warm white to lessen its brightness and would still have the same vibes.

The simple color of white makes the stylish look of a modern and contemporary home. It brings the distinct style of stucco to the 21st century.

Grey still makes stucco houses look contemporary and in style. It adds a monochromatic look on black roofs, which is a nice theme itself. Grey is a basic color that you can use to add different shades of black and white to your house.

You can use pale gray to still make the house light and bright. Or you can use a darker shade of grey to add warmth and character to your house. Grey allows you to go darker without using black.

Depending on the shade of blue, you can turn your house to light and airy or dramatic and edgy. LIght blue stucco will create calming energy in your house. Dark Navy Blue will make it stand out with its’ stylish modern vibe

Black homes stand out from the rest. Black stucco on a black roof is a nice way to add texture and depth to the exterior of the house. To add more interesting textures, consider using bricks and stones in the exterior of your houses.

You can also use it only as a trim or siding color for your house. As well as windows and doors to create an accent color that matches your roof. 

What earthy and rustic stucco colors go well with a black roof?

To match the Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial feel of stucco, you can use earthy and rustic colors. Like Green, Brown, Red, Rustic Yellow, Bright Pink, and Dusty Light Pink.

Any color you choose will not make the stucco exterior too outdated since you have a black roof. These colors will give your house an interesting pop of color while still looking modern.

Black Stucco

Black stucco is a wonderful color choice if you want to create a dramatic effect. The contrast between the black and the rest of the house makes this look very unique.

The best thing about using black stucco is that it does not need much maintenance.

It looks dramatic and rich without being overwhelming.

If you’re going for a more subtle look, then try mixing different shades of black into your stucco.

Green Stucco

Dark-colored stucco creates visual depth and drama to any house exterior. Earth tone colors like green can make your house stand out. It will make a striking impression that will complement your outdoor landscape.

Whether bright tones of green like forest green or warm tones like sage green. It will add rich color to the stucco texture of your house walls. It will match your black roof well.

You can also add green as accents in your stucco house. You can make your windows, window shutters, and doors green. As a trim color, it can add a natural pop of color to the house’s exterior.

Brown Stucco

Just like Dark Green, Dark Brown pairs well with a black roof as well. It creates a dark rich exterior that can give you a cozy vibe.

Medium brown stucco houses are famous colors for Desert-style houses.

Red Stucco

Red stucco also works well with a black roof. You can mix stucco texture with other textures like stones and red bricks. Contemporary design often mixes 2-3 types of textures in one house.

It also uses at least 2-3 colors on the exterior. You can use red as an accent color of one area of your house and white and gray all over. Deep red stucco paired with a black roof can be super modern.

Yellow Stucco

Yellow may not be a popular choice for a black roof. It depends on how you creatively use the color. Just like red, you can use it as an accent color with other textures like light stones and bricks.

Rustic yellow is often seen on the dash or smooth textured types of stucco. These are interesting textures to add to your traditional or contemporary homes.

Pink Stucco

Bright Pink is an interesting stucco paint to make. It is often a common choice as a bright house color in desert areas. Pink blends well with the brown colors of their desert surroundings.

Bright pink works well with wooden doors and windows. Use pink paint that has brown and grey undertones on it. To match it well with the earthy colors of your environment.

Dusty Light Pink is a lighter version of Bright Pink. It has a grey undertone that works well with black roofs.

You can go as light as you can. Mixing pink with a beigey color is also an interesting, almost neutral color to go for.

What neutral stucco colors go well with a black roof?

You can get a neutral color that can have a mixture of your favorite colors if you do not want a monochromatic color for your stucco house. Neutral colors mix 2-3 standard colors like brown, white, and gray.

You can choose neutral colors like Cream, Beige, Taupe, Greige, and other similar neutral shades. They may come with different names now. But they will still have muted shades variations of colors

Modern neutral colors feature a wide array of undertones that you will love. It can have a bright undertone without the excessive intensity of white. Any neutral color you pick will definitely create a striking contrast with your black roof.

Cream is a pastel color from the color yellow. By adding just enough yellow to white, it creates a color that is closely similar to warm white. If you do not want white or grey as your stucco color, you can choose a light neutral like cream instead.

Beige stucco is a popular neutral choice for black roofs. It provides an elegant contrast with the black roof if you do not want to pick a vibrant color for your house.

It makes your house still appear light and bright because of the muted colors on it. It can work well with a stucco exterior. It is also a nice base color to use to mix with bright accent hues.

Taupe can be a muted version of brown and grey combined. If you do not want a dark brown stucco, you can choose neutral options or taupe instead. It will create a lighter version of it, making your house appear brighter.

Neutral Taupe can feel a little warm and cozy like dark brown at the same time will feel light and airy. Taupe exterior walls are perfect for the dark brown accent color on garage doors and exterior trims.

Greige is another favorite neutral that mixes colors like grey and beige. It is a nice color to go to if you do not feel like using brown or taupe. It has the same warm or cool tone, depending on what intensity shade you pick, that you can love.

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