What Color Siding Goes with Weathered Wood Shingles?

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The weathered wood style of roofs is gaining fame for its distinct texture. The material has become a popular choice for most houses. How do you match it with a siding color?

Popular siding colors that go with weathered wood roofs are Grey, Beige, White, Brown, Green, Red, and Black. You can use any cool or warm colors as long as it is lighter than the color of your weathered wood roof. For an edgy modern look, you can make your siding darker than your roof.

Because of their appealing character, weathered wood roofs have become well known. It gives your roof extra color texture that other type of roof does not have. The term weathering comes from a scientific process that happens on wood.

Weathering is a natural process that happens in real wood when exposed to different elements. Like the sun, wind, moisture, or other weathering conditions.

As the wood ages, it undergoes physical and chemical changes that are evident on the surface of the wood. Changing its appearance, structure, and texture. It makes the wood more beautiful and has more character in time.

As a roof, real wood shingles would have different shades of colors due to weathering.  The term describes a modern type of artificial roof as well. They used the term weathering wood to imitate the look of weathered real wood shingles.

A modern weathered roof has different shades of the same color. Mixed together to create a particular texture only seen on this type of roof. It creates a rich texture that adds character to the house.   

To date, weathered wood shingles can be real wood or not. Real wood roofs give a cottage and rustic style type of houses. In contrast, modern materials like weathered asphalt shingles give a more contemporary look.

What color siding goes well with weathered wood shingles?


You can pick colors like Grey, Beige, White, Brown, Green, Red, and Black for the external siding of your house. These basic colors work well with the usual colors of weathered roofs, whether made of real wood or not.


Gray is still a popular color to use. It can be a great choice if you want to match the grey undertones of most weathered wood roof shingles today. You can choose to use light or dark grey. Or even add some touch cool colors like blue-grey.

Cape Cod-style houses are an example of a popular house style for weathered wood shingles. You can achieve this look by using only light colors like grey with a light weathered roof.  It creates a brighter version of cottage houses seen in some areas.


Beige has warm undertones that match well with real wooden shingles. Wood’s brown undertones work well for beige siding.

Modern beige also can work with other colors of weathered roofs like gray, black, and brown. Pick beige that has bright white undertones on it.


White siding on a weathered roof is a classic choice that most traditional styles of houses have. You can instantly get a Cape Cod style, Colonial, or Tudor type of house if you paint your siding with white.

If you want to make these styles a little bit modern, you can choose a dark-colored weathered roof like black or dark gray.


Brown with shades of gray can be modern looking and will definitely make your house beautiful and elegant. It can make your house appear cozier and warm. Dark brown siding can create a striking contrast with a light weathered roof.


Green is a nice choice if you want to make your house siding interesting and different. This cool color will match the brown tones of your weathered roof and will blend naturally with the earthy colors all over your house.

You can use either forest green or toned-down sage green.


Red siding on a weathered roof often means reddish brown or any similar tones of red. Any shade of red that looks like red bricks can match weathered wood roofs. Deep Burgundy is also an option if you want to go darker for your house siding.

Black siding can complement a modern house that has other dark colors as well. It usually works with charcoal greys and deep chocolate browns.

Black also works with any standard modern weathered roof colors as well as real wood shingles.

What other colors of siding go well with weathered wood shingles?

Modern weathered wood roofs often have a range of basic colors other than the color of the natural wood.

Tamko has a collection of basic colors for weathered wood shingles. Colors like Rustic Black, Rustic Cedar, Natural Timber, and Thunderstorm Grey.  They all have a deep brown base that resembles the color of the wood.

With options like these colors, you are not limited to the colors mentioned for your siding. Though they may be the best colors to match your weathered roof house style, it does not mean you cannot choose other colors as well.

You can use other colors like Blue and Yellow. Other neutral colors not mentioned like Offwhite, Taupe, Cream, and Greige. You can use these colors on real weathered wood roofs as well if you like.

You can also use a blend of three or more colors in your external house design. Adding some extra texture like bricks and stones also works best with a weathered wood roof.  You can use any colors mentioned here on the color of bricks and stones you might want to use with your siding.

Blue siding is a popular cool color that can look good on a weathered wood roof. Depending on the intensity of the color, it can create a cool, calming effect if you use light blue. Or a dramatic dark effect, if you want to use the deep navy blue.

Adding a cool color siding to your house will complement the warm brown tones of your weathered roof.

Yellow is also a bright alternative for your siding. It is closely similar to the neutral color beige and cream. Yellow will still blend well with either a light brown-toned weathered roof or a gray-toned one.

Offwhite siding works like the color white as well. It will make your house appear brighter without the brightness of full white. You can still make your house look traditional with off-white siding.

Similar to the color beige, cream gives you a bright tone but with a light shade of color. It would match well with other neutral colors as well as the color brown. If you want to play with three different colors for your house, you can start with blending neutral colors.

You can use Taupe siding as a neutral color to match your brown-based roof. Taupe will give you both brown and gray undertones that match well with a weathered wood-style roof.

Greige is another modern type of neutral that you can use. It is a mixture of Beige and Gray that has become trendy for the past decade.

You could use this neutral color as a siding if you wanted to pick a color that blends both Beige and Gray.

Does your siding have to be the same color as your weathered roof?

It actually depends on your chosen color palette for your house. If you want to make your house look cozier and more rustic, you can use the warm colors together.

Some of the best color palettes use the same color for their siding and roof. And then use the color white as an accent color to balance the dark tones. White is often a great color for doors, windows, window trims, gutters, and downspouts.

The dominant and secondary colors can also be a shade darker with each other to make this seamless effect work. Weathered wood roof in black often has a dark brown undertone that works best with a dark brown color siding. Both textures appear in a darker shade and will appear to almost have the same color.

Suppose you want to choose a color palette that can make your house look bright and airy. You can choose a white and a light-colored weathered roof. Or you can include cool colors like blue or green siding with the warm colors of your weathered wood roof.

Should siding be lighter or darker than your roof?

As a styling trick, most people use lighter color siding with their dark roofs. It adds contemporary elegance to your house that everyone loves.

Your roof makes up 40% of your visual exterior. You could use that 40% to make your roof appear more dramatic by using dark colors like dark grey or black. Or you can use it to make your house appear more light and bright with softer colors like white and light grey.

It all depends on what house style you want for your house.

To make your house appear edgy and more modern, you can make your siding darker than your roof. Aside from black, you can use dark brown, dark grey, dark greige, or dark green. Make sure you don’t use white as your accent color if you want to achieve this look.

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