What Color Siding Goes with Red Brick?

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Siding and red bricks are a great combination for the exterior of your house. It may be difficult to choose the right color combination for them.

So, what color siding goes well with red bricks?

Red bricks look good with siding colors like White, Taupe, Warm Sienna, Gray (Charcoal, Light, or Pale Gray), Greige, Blue-Gray, Deep Burgundy, Red, Sage Green, Muted Forest Green, Bright Green, Dark Blue Green, or Brown. You can also use Black or other Light Neutrals like Cream and Beige.

There are many different variations of a red brick and siding house. Both structural design elements complement each other. The smooth horizontal lines of a siding soften the rough exterior of red bricks.

Depending on your color preferences, there are plenty of exciting new colors to use for your exterior siding. You should try these trendy modern colors and update the look of your house at least once. This is a wonderful way to enhance the curb appeal of your home.

There are some classic color choices as well if you have not tried them yet for your house. Some siding colors would allow you to stick to a Colonial or Traditional style for your house.

Other colors can make your house a little bit modern and contemporary.

What are the best options for color siding to match red bricks?


Your brick may have specific undertones based on its color. You can choose if you want to go with cool tones or warm tones to match it. You can choose whatever color you may like.

Just take note that if you have light red bricks and if you choose cool colors, your house will appear lighter and brighter. And if you choose warm colors on a deep red-brown brick, then you will create a rich warm tone all over your exterior.

Or you can mix both of them in either way so that you will get a well-balanced look at your house.

What cool tones siding looks good with red bricks?

Colors like Blue-Gray, Sage Green, Muted Forest Green, Bright Green, and Dark Blue Green will look good with red brick. These colors are super trendy right now. These are the colors to pick if you want to mix rich deep cool colors with your red brick house.

Blue-Gray looks good with red bricks no matter how light or dark it is. Choosing lIght blue-gray will make your house appear a little brighter. While a solid dark Blue-Gray will make your red bricks stand out.

Blue is a classic choice when it comes to matching red bricks. The best kind of blue to work with redbricks are those with gray undertones on them. Dark Navy blue also works with red bricks.

Sage Green or Moss Green is another cool color that you can pick for your siding. With its obvious gray tones, this shade of green will keep the rich red-brown tones of your brick from overpowering the look of your whole house. It will blend so well in a nice earthy environment filled with green grass, plants, and trees.

Muted Forest Green is a faded green color that works well with light red bricks. Both have cool tones that perfectly match together. This color is a pale version of bright green that has gray undertones as well.

Bright Green with gray undertones also works well with red bricks. The colors red and green are complementary thus they can be very effective together. A bright green house with red bricks will stand out from other houses because it emulates the cool colors of nature.

Dark Blue Green is an amazing blend of 2 cool colors. Making it darker is a nice way to include a striking effect on your siding. This is the darkest color you can choose for cool colors. It will definitely be a vibrant mix of colors and textures with red bricks.

If you worry about having too much cool colors in your house, using white as a trim color will always even out the dark shades of these colors. Or paint it black to create a more dark contrast in your house.

What warm tones siding looks good with red bricks?

Colors like Deep Burgundy, Red, and Brown look good with red brick. Since red bricks mostly have red and brown tones, similar colors with different shades work best with them. It makes the red tones of your bricks so distinctive and appealing.

Deep burgundy that has a rich brown undertone looks good with red brick. It plays with the bricks’ brown undertone as well. Making them resemble each other properly. No matter how light or dark the red bricks in your house are. 

Red siding with red bricks is another classic choice that can be difficult to pull off. Bright red may not be a popular choice for most modern houses but it can still work with the right undertones. A matte version of red can tone down the brightness making it quite similar to the shade of your red bricks.

Brown will give you a warm cohesive look that will match your brick. You can go lighter brown or darker like chocolate brown. This will give your house a traditional style that will blend in with the environment but will stand out if other houses nearby have other colors.

To create a subtle balance by using two warm colors in your house. It is always a nice idea to paint your doors and windows white. You can also paint it black for more dark contrast in your house.

What neutral tones siding looks good with red bricks?

For a neutral look, you can choose White, Taupe, Warm Sienna, Gray (Charcoal, Light, or Pale), Greige, or Black. You can also pick other classic light neutrals like Cream and Beige.

Adding neutral color siding with red bricks creates a subtle change of color. It would still perfectly blend with the red, brown, and orange tones of your bricks.

White can be the simplest choice when it comes to matching red bricks. It is the most popular classic combination reminiscent of the old-fashioned colonial style of houses. It can also be modern looking with the right accent colors for roofs and trims.

White siding will add more texture to the brick house while it brightens everything on it. It will make your house clearly visible day or night.

Taupe is a lighter and neutral version of brown that you can use with red bricks. If brown or dark brown is too dark for you, you can choose the color taupe. Taupe can bring out the beautiful red undertones of your house.

Warm Sienna is a pastel color that is best to pair with dark red bricks. It gives the house a light contrast if you will use black as trim and roof color. Its’ color is similar to cream and beige which blends well with the red, brown, and orange tones.

Charcoal Grey is a modern trendy color that works a little like black. This dark grey is a great alternative if you do not want to use black. Charcoal grey is also popular as a transition color for tri-color exterior designs.

Contemporary houses use charcoal grey to easily blend in with white and red bricks. This complex blend of different textures and colors creates interesting modern combinations. Layering many design elements together is now on-trend.

Light or Pale gray, similar to blue-gray, works well with red bricks. Gray is the best neutral color to pair with red bricks. It works as a great contrast with all the warm tones of red bricks without getting too bright or too dark.

Greige, is a modern term for Gray and Beige together. It both blends well with the gray and brown undertones of red brick. People came up with the name greige, in an attempt to name a trendy combination of the colors gray and beige.

Black is always the color to choose if you want to add a touch of modern design to virtually anything. Black siding with a red brick exterior is a striking contemporary look that most cool buildings today choose. It makes commercial stores and buildings look hip, stylish, and eye-catching.

The most convenient thing about having neutral colors for your siding is you get to choose how light or how dark you want the color for your siding. There are lots of possible options for neutral colors. Cream and Beige are classic choices yet becomes modernly interesting because of their many possible variations and combinations.

Modern Cream and Beige colors can have a wide range of undertones. It can range from light colors like white, off-white to warm tones of yellow, gray, brown, pink, and purple. Even cool tones of blue and green.

Since neutral colors have become so popular, possible shades of light neutrals can also be numerous in the modern color palette. With the choices available in your local hardware, you can get a neutral color combination that you particularly like.

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