What Color Siding Goes with Brown Brick?

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Having a pleasing curb appeal or a good first impression of your house’s exterior is indicative of your interior as well. Consequently, repainting your siding, for instance, can transform the appearance of your entire home.

But you might question what color siding will suit the brown bricks?

White, green, black, blue, gray, red, and neutral are the ideal colors siding with brown bricks. These color siding will make the exterior of your appearance classy.

Apart from choosing a color to paint your siding, other questions may also arise during the construction process. Is brown brick a good match for brown trim? What are some ways to improve the appearance of brown brick?

You can keep reading to learn more about these topics as well as others related to them.

What Is the Best Color Siding for Brown Brick?


It is best to use white, green, black, blue, gray, red, and neutral colors with brown brick. Colorful siding will add an elegant touch to the exterior of your house.

Read further to know more about these color combinations.

Green Siding

Choosing any shade of green will make your warm brown bricks stand out in a cool way. You can pair it with your brown brick for a wonderful color combination with a calm, serene green color.

A bluish-green shade contrasts stunningly with the bricks’ deep chocolate color. Similarly, the greenery and plants surrounding the porch help make the siding harmonious with the color scheme.

The combination of a faded green siding with red brick gives a classic appearance, and there is no better combination than fading green siding with faded red. White trim keeps the house from becoming overly dark, giving it a classic appeal.

As well as complementing the brick, the red front door brings the entire design together in a cohesive fashion. Moreover, the mid-century elements in the house also go well with these colors so that the entire property can have curb appeal.

As a side note, gray has been the dominant house color for several years now, but green, just a shade shy of gray, is the new big thing for siding.

Plus, this color is a perfect match to red brick. These muted colors, combined with the cream-colored trim, give the home an understated and subtle appearance.

Even though red and green sit opposite one another on the color wheel and are typically designed to create a more dramatic impact, you get a more dynamic yet still understated appearance instead by shifting both shades slightly towards yellow.

White Siding

As a backdrop for brown brick, use a light neutral color to enhance the warmth of the material. Colors surrounding a white base are allowed to dominate the scheme since it is a natural color.

With the warm-colored brown brick, white creates a contrast that is crisp and clean. You can keep a coordinating color on the roof and the bricks for a personal appearance.

Neutral Siding

Consider a neutral color to achieve a warmer neutral shade. The neutral shades of your brown brick are not boring, even though some may think they are.

You can create a rich and dimensional appearance using a neutral color palette. You can add warm, unassuming accent colors to most color palettes with neutral shades. When it comes to brick, a light gray is an excellent choice if you’re not keen on a bold color that complements it.

Besides being neutral, which contrasts with the warm brick, gray can also match the mortar color, making the whole area cohesive. It makes the brick stand out, attracting attention, ideal for decorative bricks such as these pillars.

Using a white trim throughout the facade softens the transition to the blue roof, adding a sense of balance. Blue on top and red brick on the bottom allows gray to act as the true neutral in the middle of the design, tying everything together.

Grey Siding

Interior and exterior paint colors in grey have become popular in recent years. The cool and steady color of grey is a great alternative to brown brick color.

You can use trim paint in a bright white, which breaks up the dark palette of grey and brown. With the brown brick and stained wood shutters, the look is warm and cozy.

Blue Siding

The color blue denotes calmness and serenity in nature. Your home can look stylish and sophisticated by choosing a blue exterior color.

This color scheme, which features a cool, tranquil shade of blue siding paired with brown brick, is elegant and tranquil. As a result of the dark chocolate stain on the front door, the bricks look much browner than they usually would.

Consider a deeper blue or green siding if you wish to add more contrast to your red brick accents. In stark contrast to the cool tones, the siding will draw attention to the brick.

The roof over the porch and the side door uses the brick color to highlight that even more in your property. The black shutters and white trim contribute some additional interest and set the balance between brick and siding.

Red Siding

It may seem strange to choose red as the color of the exterior. Nonetheless, it can be a strikingly vibrant and powerful color choice that will enhance any associated hue.

A house with red siding will instantly look fresh and vibrant. A red siding and brown brick combination can make for an eye-catching color combination. You can create a warm, energetic exterior look with red siding and natural stained wood.

What Color Trim to Choose with Brown Brick?

Though warm and cozy, the color brown brick can mask other dark colors, such as siding. Your home’s exterior can be defined and enhanced with accent colors used as secondary accents.

White trim and siding brighten the overall color scheme and help break up the dark brick. Light or neutral siding colors, on the other hand, can look polished and finished with stained wood trim or darker colored trim.

Are There Any Ways To Make A Brown Brick House Look Better?

Enhancing a brown brick house’s appearance can be accomplished by adding natural or painted accents around the brown bricks.

Natural green colors can enhance the look of the exterior of your home by planting bushes, shrubs, and flowers alongside the color scheme.

Adding colorful pillows to furniture, or strategically placed outdoor furniture, can improve the shape of your home. Adding a bright, modern accent to your brown brick can also dramatically change the look of your home.

How to Select Siding Colors that Suit Brown Bricks?

Exterior siding is an essential component of any home. Adding updated siding to your home can increase curb appeal and resale value, as well as add character and charm.

The siding of a home can be difficult to determine both from a color and style perspective. Select a color that pleases the eye, as well as a color that compliments the rest of the house’s exterior design.

The color you choose will make a huge difference, whether installing new siding or simply repainting what you already have. First, I recommend taking a drive around your neighborhood and checking out other houses.

What are the most common color combinations? What is your favorite color?

It’s important to pick siding colors that are appropriate to your location and not just unique ones. Take special note of this if you intend to sell your home shortly after updating your siding.

Standing out from the others in your neighborhood may lower the value of your home at the sale, so you should be careful.

Consider homes that have an architectural style that is similar to yours. A similar color palette might be a good idea if your colonial home is similar to most nearby colonials’ colors, such as cream and gray.

In a neighborhood with more diversity, your choices are more varied. Besides, to achieve a unique look, use shutters that are contrasting in color.

What’s the Best Way to Freshen Exterior Bricks?

Having your exterior bricks cleaned thoroughly can make your home look much more appealing. Cleaning the surface of your exterior brick with a brick cleaner can refresh the brick’s appearance.

You can also whitewash your brick to lighten and freshen the color of your exterior bricks by simply applying diluted white paint. You can also paint your brick to give it a fresh look rather than simply repainting it.

MasonrySaver Safer Brick & Masonry Cleaner gal

Further, you can use MasonrySaver Safer cleaner gel to make the exterior brick new. You can enhance your home’s curb appeal and aesthetic appearance by painting your siding, which is an easy, inexpensive method of updating your home’s exterior.

You should choose siding colors that complement your brown brick and match your family’s style and taste. Siding colors can be overwhelming to choose to complement brown brick.

Hopefully, after reading the color descriptions above to go with your brown brick, I could facilitate your decision-making process.

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