What Color Siding Goes with Brown Brick?

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From matching shades of brown siding that add natural dimension, to making bold statements with red hues, there are many exciting ways to pair complementary siding colors with brown brick homes.

The endless options, from subdued earthy greens to sleek, modern grays, allow you to tailor the aesthetic to both the architecture and your personal tastes. This article dives into the versatility of brown brick, explaining how varied tones of brown can create depth, how complementary greens always work, and how factors like style and surroundings should inform your creative choice of siding color.

Beyond expected beige, the vibrant options are endless for energetic, elegant combinations that make you view brown brick in a whole new way. With an array of ideas for natural, daring, modern, and traditional looks, this piece shows how thoughtful siding choices can transform brown brick into a customized palette.

5 tips when choosing siding colors for brown brick homes


  1. Consider the exact shade and undertones of your brown brick. Warmer, reddish bricks look best with earth tones like terra cotta or burgundy. Cooler grayish bricks pair well with grays or blues.
  2. White siding provides high contrast and makes the brickwork pop as the focal point. Black accents also create bold definitions.
  3. Green is complementary to brown and connects well with the surrounding landscape and plants. Sage green is subtle while emerald is bold.
  4. Look for colors with warm undertones like beige, taupe, and cream that complement brown without too much contrast.
  5. Factor in the architectural style. Traditional styles look great with beigees and browns. Modern homes can handle bold blacks or dark blues.

Shades of Brown

One easy option is to match brown brick with siding in a similar or slightly darker brown tone. Shades of brown tend to create a natural, cohesive look. A brown exterior color scheme can feel warm and inviting when done right. Go for a brown siding color with gray undertones to brighten up the facade. For contrast, use white trim accents and a light brown front door. The varied brown tones will add dimension while feeling grounded.

Green Siding

Green is a complementary color to brown on the color wheel, making it a foolproof pairing. A soft green-like sage can look beautiful and subtle alongside brown brick. For a bolder look, go for a deep emerald green. Green has a natural, earthy quality that resonates with the organic nature of brick. To tie it all together, bring in green landscaping around the exterior. White or black trim and accents also pop against green.

Blue Siding

From navy to sky blue, varying shades of blue complement brown brick in different ways. For a nautical vibe, try a deep navy blue. Soft powder blue is perfect for a cottage-style home. Go for a gray-blue to keep things relaxed and modern. No matter the specific hue, blue siding helps ground the look while the brown brick adds warmth.

Gray Siding

Gray is a versatile neutral that pairs effortlessly with brown brick. It creates an elegant, sophisticated look. Depending on the undertones of the gray, it can read either cool and modern or warm and traditional. Look for a gray with a brown base for a natural pairing. Trim in white, black, or brown helps define the combination.

Red Siding

For an eye-catching, high-contrast combo, reddish siding with brown brick is bold and dynamic. The vibrant red energizes the brown brick exterior. Consider deep burgundy or terra-cotta hues for rich accent colors befitting a Spanish or Italian villa. Soft pinks work well too. Red makes a statement and should be balanced with neutral trim colors.

Black Siding

Black is a dramatic choice that transforms traditional brown brick into something more slick and modern. It heightens the texture of the brickwork. Black contrasts beautifully with the red undertones of the brick. For balance, add in white or natural wood trim elements. Plants and foliage help soften the dark scheme.

White or Off-White Siding

White siding allows the beauty of the brown brickwork to take center stage. The clean, bright white provides the perfect neutral backdrop. For contrast, go for black trim accents. Off-white siding with beige or tan undertones is slightly less stark but just as versatile. This combo gives off beautiful colonial revival vibes.

Beige Siding

Speaking of colonial styles, beige is another warm neutral worth considering. Paired with brown brick, beige siding exudes traditional charm. Depending on the shade, it can read as a calm, earthy tone or have a more modern, sleek look. Whitewashed brick also creates a similar light and natural aesthetic.

Wood Siding

Unfinished, stained, or painted wood siding adds beautiful texture and dimension to a brown brick home. Natural wood siding enhances the craftsman style of the brick while painted or stained wood siding can provide bold contrast. Go for crisp white paint or opt for an orange-brown stain that picks up the brick’s warm hues.

Choosing Accent Colors

Beyond siding, carefully select accent colors to tie the whole exterior color scheme together. Light neutrals like white, beige, or gray work well for trim, doors, shutters, and other accents alongside most siding choices. Black and brown accents can add definition through contrast. Echo the tones of the brick and siding in landscaping elements for further cohesion.

Consider the Undertones

The specific shade and undertone of your brown brick should inform your siding choice. Warm brown bricks with touches of orange and red pair best with siding in complementary earth tones. Cool brown brick with gray or blue hints looks great with siding in analogous cool-toned colors. Observe how light hits your brick throughout the day to understand how surrounding colors interact with it.

Factor in Architectural Style

Certain siding colors work better with specific architectural styles. For instance, beige siding has a traditional colonial look, while black siding feels sleek and modern. Think about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. A Craftsman bungalow will look best with warm wood siding or natural green tones. Soft blues or whites suit airy cottage styles. Don’t be afraid to go bold if it fits your home’s character.

Consider Your Environment

Take into account the natural surroundings of your home as well when selecting siding colors for brown brick. Green siding complements homes nestled into lush vegetation. Light blue or gray pair nicely with blue skies. White and beige sidings let rural red brick homes seamlessly blend into the landscape. Mimicking nature results in an organic, cohesive look.

Reflect Personal Style

Most importantly, choose siding in a color that you find attractive and reflective of your own personal taste. Some homeowners prefer low-contrast, neutral combos, while others like bold, eye-catching colors. Think about the statement you want your home to make. Coordinate the siding color with interior colors and accents that you love. There are no wrong answers—just find the pairing that excites you.

Brown brick homes offer the perfect versatile canvas to get creative with colorful siding options. Consider all the factors from architectural style to personal preferences when selecting a hue. And don’t be afraid to go beyond basic beige—vibrant siding can take your brown brick facade to the next level while still retaining a classic, inviting look. Use combinations like deep green, navy blue, red, or black to give your home an updated modern edge. The right siding color can breathe new life into your brown brick exterior.

So there you have it – a comprehensive guide combining the key points on how to choose the perfect siding color to pair beautifully with brown brick homes. Let the shade and style of your brickwork, the architectural elements, and your own tastes guide you to a color combo that makes your home truly yours.

What is a good neutral color siding to pair with brown brick?

A light neutral like white, off-white, or beige allows the beauty of the brown brickwork to shine while providing a versatile backdrop. These neutral shades have timeless curb appeal.

How can I make the brown brick pop as a focal point?

Using a high-contrast siding color like black or bright white will make the brown brick stand out as a dramatic focal point with bold curb appeal.

What if I want something darker than a light neutral shade?

Look for neutral shades on the darker end like taupe, gray, or brown that have warm undertones to complement the brown brick color. Darker neutral siding colors can provide an elegant, sophisticated look.

Should I avoid dark colors altogether with brown brick?

Not necessarily. Darker siding colors like black, charcoal gray, or navy blue can look modern and stylish with brown brick. Just balance it with lighter neutral accents.

How important is matching undertones with brown brick?

It’s very important to match undertones. Choose siding in warm earth tones, cool grays, or bold brights depending on the brick’s undertones to create a cohesive, appealing look.

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