What Color Siding Goes with a Brown Roof?

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A large brown roofed house makes me feel at home. Almost any exterior style can look good with brown roofs. However, when choosing the color siding with a brown roof, most people get confused.

So, which color to prefer with the brown roof?

White, brown, yellow, green, beige, and off-white are the best colors that look great with the brown roof. All these color sidings will pair well with the brown roof and make your house seem elegant.

You can have a difficult time choosing the siding color for your home. For your convenience, I have researched and developed this guide so you would have some style advice.

Explore the color pairings below for more information.

What Color Siding Is Best for a Brown Roof?


The question of what siding looks best with brown roofs isn’t sufficient. It is much more essential to be detailed than that. It is because brown roofing is so variegated in color. There are several shades of brown roofing materials.

Moreover, it can come in all kinds of color undertones, including red or gold. In contrast, some shingles are manufactured so that they appear gray from the very beginning.

When selecting a roofing material, it is imperative to think about how it will appear in a few years or even a decade or two. Clay tiles are a solid color, similar to some brown roofs.

Some materials are available in a wide variety of colors, such as real cedar and asphalt. Make sure you look at other colors besides brown if your roof shingles have different colors.

Also, make sure you take note of the color undertones. Siding colors are heavily affected by these factors. It is easier to match neutral brown roofs with different siding colors.

There is a lot of influence that undertones have on siding colors. The siding has to match the orange roofing, for example, if you have brown roofing with a dark orange undertone.

Remember, any color that looks good with paint will also look good with siding when picking a house color. Here are the best picks for brown-roofed homes.


It is almost iconic when talking about Tudor houses; this combination is ideal for homeowners who prefer a more traditional look.

I think it goes great with just about any architecture that has a European feel. A creamy off-white color looks great on exteriors of Spanish, Mediterranean, or Eastern-style homes.

Those who want a traditional look but love white are popular with this option. As well as people who love the “New American” style, this design will appeal to those who love a forest look.

Generally known as Transitional homes, I love them. Colonial-style homes have been constructed with white siding and brown roofs for over a century.

The modern architectural lines and details of a Transitional home add depth to the color scheme. The look is beautiful and very trendy right now, making it a safe choice.

When it comes to picking the roof, you can choose any color you want, from white to brown. If you must choose a brown, go for a natural, neutral shade.

Keep undertones to a minimum. A clean, fresh look is intended for this style. The browns and wood you use on the home should be as natural and muted as possible.


When your siding matches your roof color, your home will have a modern vibe similar to a Swiss chalet. If you have faux wood siding on your house, this is the best way to give it a rustic look and turn it into a major home feature.

It is a great way to remain timeless since log siding lasts so long. Brown siding matches well with brown roofs. Moreover, you can create this look without using any outside colors, stains, or paint.

A cedar shingle roof and cedar shake siding have been used for decades. As time passes, the colors change depending on the type of wood used. There are many ways to achieve that.

This color scheme is also timeless and won’t date anytime soon. Every price point can benefit from it. Almost all the large homes on the Jersey Shore and in the Hamptons are like this.

You can always count on a color scheme to look good no matter what your home’s price point is. Use white railings, columns, and trim to give the design the Hamptons look.

Maintaining the bright white does require some work, but the results are impressive. When it comes to composite materials, Azek is an excellent option if you do not like to paint. There’s no need to paint it white, just because it’s not as bright.


Bright, fun, and bold, yellow houses are hard to hate. Colors with a Mediterranean flair are known to give your home a unique look.

Having a swimming pool at home can add an elegant feel to your home; however, it can be a hassle with certain HOA restrictions.


New homeowners may not be as fond of greenhouses as they are browns, off-whites, and whites. Brown roofing can be played off with light green colors such as grey-green moss or mint green. It adds a subtle touch of rustic yet Victorian charm to your home.


A color beige is a good option for a wide range of applications, particularly with yellowish undertones.

In the mid-century modern era, pairing a dark brown roof with a dark brown siding was one of the most popular combinations. This retro look is warm, friendly, and stylish; it’s the kind of retro look when it’s done right.

Questions To Ask Before Selecting Your Siding

Finding out which sidings look best with a brown roof is essential. The siding will serve as the basis for your choice of home color, but there are many other factors to consider.

You can start by answering these questions below to choose siding and roofing colors correctly. By answering these questions, it will get easier for you to pick the right color siding for your brown roof.

How Do I Choose the Best Roof Color for Resale?

In terms of roof colors, there is no “perfect resale.” Your home’s appearance is more important than the product itself. Furthermore, a little insight into your location can greatly help you choose the best roof.

Deserts, coastal towns, and Spanish towns tend to feature orange roofs most commonly. In the meantime, a brown roof looks perfect on a mountainside home.

You’re generally better off sticking with gray, black, or brown roofing if your house is in a suburban cul-de-sac. Colors that are neutral match nearly any home style.

Does the Color of the Roof and the House Have to Match?

It is most often not the case. Even with a black roof, people would be quite shocked to see a black house. You might be able to make a little bit of contrast visually appealing on a brown or terracotta roof.

Pick a color that compliments your siding instead of trying to make your roof match the siding. Therefore, many homeowners try to find siding colors that match their roof color before replacing their house’s siding.

Which Siding Is Better for a Small House?

If you want to paint a room, follow the same principles you would for siding colors. A white or light shade can broaden the look of a room in the same way as a light-colored kitchen.

Those with smaller houses are most likely to want to make their houses appear bigger, so the light-colored siding is often the best option. Darker siding comes with its own set of advantages, to put it differently.

The dark siding can absorb more heat and light than the lighter siding. Darker siding can help you save money on heating bills if you live in a difficult-to-heat region. The decision is yours if it’s worthwhile.

Is There a Color That Sells the Fastest?

Several studies suggest that warm colors are more likely to sell than cool colors, such as white. Therefore, if you wish to sell your house quickly, you should choose taupe, brown, yellow, or warm creams as your paint colors.

Choosing siding colors with blue undertones is a much more difficult task if you keep this in mind. In terms of psychology, blue and cool shades tend to be uninviting.

The atmosphere may be foreboding or even sterile, as they lack warmth. In the end, getting a cool color could turn out to be a bad idea if you are looking to sell your house fast.

The issue has the potential to be a deal-breaker in some cases. Rooftops in brown are popular everywhere in the world, and it’s pretty obvious why.

They make it easy to fall in love with a house because they look so warm and inviting. There can be no denying that it offers individuals the most versatility when

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