What Color Shower Curtain with Blue Walls?

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Blue has a calming and soothing effect, due to which many homeowners paint their bathroom walls blue. Once your favorite soothing blue color is on the walls, it is now time to decorate.

So, now the question arises: which color should you choose with the shower curtain if you have blue walls?

Brown, orange, purple, white, and gray are the color options you should choose with the shower curtain. All these colors will surely complement the blue walls of your bathroom. You will be able to customize your space much more effectively with these color schemes.

After you’ve picked your color, read on for advice on how to complete the whole palette. What’s the best color that belongs together?

Should you use too many or too few colors?

All of these issues are discussed in this article.

What Is the Best Color Shower Curtain for Blue Walls?


Most people prefer fabric shower curtains because they are of higher quality than plastic or vinyl options. Generally, they can be washed in a washing machine, so cleaning them won’t be a problem.

The use of a liner is usually required with fabric shower curtains. By doing so, mildew won’t form on the floor, and the floor will be dry. Alternatively, you may not need to use an additional liner with water-repellent shower curtains.

Besides, you can choose any of the following colors as per your preference. It’s up to you to choose which you like best based on your taste.

If the space is large and has good lighting, you can pull off a darker color with light colors. Taking into account what colors you already have in your bathroom can help you determine the right decorating scheme.


In addition to having a warm undertone, brown goes well with warm-finished bathroom fixtures. A warm finish can be gold, copper, or brass.

You can mix soft beige with bold or dark blues to hint at a tropical paradise or use sandy brown and ocean blue. 


Orange makes a perfect choice to warm up a room with cool blue walls. Playful and bright, the orange color is vibrant.

Its opposite appeal magnifies its eye-catching potential when combined with blue. People seeking something different will find orange an excellent choice.


There is something romantic about purple. You can also make a statement with boldness, elegance, and daring because of purple.

Purple will draw attention to a shower when compared to blue walls. The bath will become a great focal point since purple is less traditional.


White creates an environment that is calm, crisp, and relaxing. Moreover, it won’t detract from other colors or focus away from the rest of your decor.

White doesn’t have to blend in. In contrast, a bright pop of white is certain to catch the eye. Not to mention, the room will appear brighter. If you want white curtains for your home, try the Dikarts Shower Curtain Waffle.

Dikarts Shower Curtain Waffle White Fabric White Bathroom Curtain Waterproof 72 X 72 INCH (White)

A white curtain is the best choice when you have navy blue walls. They provide a more sophisticated feel to the space, contrasting nicely with the navy blue of the walls.

In addition to the white curtains, the white-painted window frame gives the room a fresh look, creating the perfect backdrop for modern furniture.


Gray works with anything since it’s a neutral color. Pick a cool gray to set the mood if you want to match blue walls and white or silver finishes.

A warm gray with brown undertones will work well with bronze, gold, or other warm finishes. A sky-blue wall and grey curtains can’t be any better.

Sky blue and grey look so good together, adding effortless chic to this design.

 This grey curtain’s mottled pattern adds to its texture and depth, making it a focal point in its own right in this space. For a gray curtain, I would suggest you choose the Lush Decor curtain.

Lush Decor, Gray & White Linen Button Shower Curtain, 72" x 72"

What Should You Do with Your Shower Curtain?

The curtain can be left open or closed as you like. Having the shower curtain closed conceals the shower and accentuates the pattern of the shower curtain.

People with tiny bathrooms usually think that a closed shower curtain makes the room seem narrow or smaller.

Nevertheless, if you just used the shower, you might want to leave it closed until the curtain has dried. When the surface is exposed, moisture can be removed faster, which prevents mold growth.

What Causes My Shower Curtain to Turn Yellow?

It is usually caused by soap scum or mildew if the discoloration of your shower curtain is not due to an incident. A good cleaning will restore your shower curtains to their former glory. It is usually possible to wash fabric curtains in a washing machine.

Additionally, you can make a baking soda paste or use stain remover first to remove the stain. If you’re careful, you can clean the plastic curtains in a washing machine. Using baking soda or bleach first can boost the cleaning power of a plastic curtain.

Should You Match the Bath Mat with Shower Curtain?

It doesn’t matter if the bath mat and shower curtain match; they should coordinate. A coordinated item has the same color palette and other characteristics that link it to another item.

Choosing and including items designed to fit into a color scheme makes a choice and inclusion more deliberate. Creating a sense of belonging and unity in the bathroom is the result of this.

Be consistent with your color choices, using analogous or complementary shade designs. I recommend choosing a color scheme that includes any neutral colors such as white or black.

Don’t use anything other than items that fall into that predetermined set. It is common practice for decorators to use a rule known as 60-30-10. It refers to a color combination with one primary color and two accent colors.

Around 60% of the time is spent on the main color. You can use the two remaining colors in 30% and 10% of the interior. Thus, the colors are balanced between each other.

How To Pick a Shower Curtain?

Bathrooms cannot be complete without a shower curtain. Furthermore, it accents a dull space with a decorative touch and serves a functional purpose.

Decorating a bathroom can be challenging. When you design a space such as this, choosing the right shower curtain makes a big difference.

Important factors to consider when choosing a shower curtain are its dimensions, style, and fabric. I have put together some vital factors to help you select the ideal shower curtain for your bathroom.

Curtain Size

An average shower curtain measures 72 inches by 72 inches. The size of standard shower curtain panels may not be ideal for the custom shower.

Of course, if you have a long shower curtain, it goes all the way to the floor. Take out a measuring tape to determine the size of your shower if you are unsure whether a standard shower curtain will fit your bathroom.

When fitting a standard shower curtain, you should also allow for rod height and rings that hang down from the rod. Water shouldn’t leak from the edges of your shower curtain if the width extends about 12 inches beyond the width of the shower.


The most common types of fabric for curtains are polyester, microfiber, and cotton. A shower curtain’s fabric can have a significant influence on the overall appearance of your bathroom. However, vinyl and cotton are two of the most common materials available.

Soft cotton fabric curtains are a great way to dress up any bathroom decor. These curtains come with a vinyl lining that makes them UV resistant, versatile, and easy to maintain.

In addition to being made in different colors and styles, these curtains are also easily customized in no time at all. You can use the shower curtain that has fancier fabric if you prefer a more elegant look.

Shower curtains like these are best used for showers that don’t see heavy use. Another very popular option is vinyl shower curtains. Vinyl curtains are easy to maintain and inexpensive, so opting for them rather than cloth curtains make sense.

Natural water repellent properties make these decorative pieces less susceptible to mildew and mold. It is less comfortable and less elegant than cloth, but vinyl costs the least and is easier to maintain. In addition, mold and mildew prevention is a great benefit.


There are solid and patterned shower curtains. Shower curtains in solid colors are ideal for a subtle appearance. Patterned shower curtains will make your bathroom the focal point.

Make sure that the print complements the rest of the design in your home. You must purchase shower curtain rings to hang the top of shower curtains onto the shower rod since they typically have buttonholes.

Alternatively, you can do without rings and hooks on your shower curtain. The grommet holes on some shower curtains allow you to attach them immediately to your shower rod.

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