What Color Should You Paint a Vaulted Ceiling?

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You get the best value for your money when it comes to property value if your home has vaulted ceilings. Most homeowners with the valued ceiling usually remain confused about the right color paint for vaulted ceilings.

So, what color paint will go well with a vaulted ceiling? 

Neutral beige, white and light eggshell is the ideal color paint to try with a vaulted ceiling. Besides, you can also choose other bright and simple colors options to paint your vaulted ceiling. 

Having a ceiling that speaks for itself is one of the best things about it. Here I have shared a few of our favorite colors in this post. You will also know more about vaulted ceilings via this article. 

What Is the Best Color Paint for Vaulted Ceiling?


The vaulted ceiling is a self-supporting design made up of arched sections supported by wooden beams. They have a grand appearance and are also referred to as cathedral-style ceilings.

Generally, vaulting flat ceilings is possible if the ceilings are at least eight feet high and there is enough space above the ceilings, such as an attic to cut into.

The value of existing homes can be increased by adding vaulted ceilings. Your vaulted ceilings should be white or light colors, so the lighting and decor don’t take away from them.

Your ceiling color needs to complement the color of your walls, so it shouldn’t compete for attention. Having a vaulted ceiling doesn’t mean they will be all the same color, so you should choose a softer color scheme.

Neutral Beige

For a little color in the ceiling space, tan or beige paint would be a good choice. Just a touch of beige paint on a vaulted ceiling can impart a rustic farmhouse appeal to a room that will look great.

It is an excellent example of using matching moldings around the room. Micro blend Store offers a beige color that will keep the vaulted ceilings looking magnificent.


If your vaulted ceilings are a soft white, you could brighten them up by painting them. Having a modern and elegant look to our home is especially appealing to many people.

String lights are another option you can use to draw attention to the kitchen, and you don’t have to compete against the vaulted ceilings.

KILZ offers softer white paint in a bright and inviting color that is great for your ceilings. It covers 400 square feet per gallon and has a matte finish.

Light Eggshell

Adding color to a vaulted ceiling without adding too much color is possible with a light eggshell. With its yellowish-white look, eggshell is ideal for bright, airy dining or kitchen spaces.

You can also enhance the vaulted ceiling of your room with a rustic chandelier and cutouts for skylights. If you want soft eggshell paint for your vaulted ceiling, you can choose Prestige Interiors Ceiling Paint. It covers between 250 and 400 square feet of floor space and has a cure time of four hours.

Is It True That Dark Paint Makes Ceilings Look Lower?

If the color is darker, the eye perceives a lower ceiling. A darker color scheme is becoming increasingly popular in new home designs, even making your ceiling look smaller.

Generally, any color darker than a chocolate brown makes a room seem smaller and unappealing. Warmer and more intimate colors make sense for those looking for a den vibe, but black may create a different look entirely.

There are ways to add drama to your home without making it completely dark if you prefer a darker aesthetic. The darker areas of your ceiling or room give your home a sophisticated look and make it feel inviting.

The slightest change in surroundings can transform your vaulted ceilings into something trendy and brand new. If your ceiling is white painted with a vaulted ceiling, try using black accented beams.

If you paint your ceiling white, you can have a bold color while keeping a dark feature in your space. Consider painting one of the walls in your space with a brighter hue to create a dramatic effect.

Your vaulted ceiling will look dramatic and spacious if you incorporate a dark accent wall, keeping the room bright but without it feeling cramped.

What Is the Future of Vaulted Ceilings?

Ceilings with vaults have remained popular for centuries, and they appear to be here to stay. In addition to its timeless feel, this style of design is structurally sound.

A modern farmhouse with vaulted ceilings is an example of how you can reinvent this ceiling. You know how popular farmhouse design is now if you’ve opened up a recent home magazine.

Vaulted ceilings play an extremely important role in this design. If you don’t have a few tips, choosing the paint color for your vaulted ceilings will be a difficult task.

Whatever style you choose for your vaulted ceilings, it will be the center of attention in your house. Choosing the right paint color and lighting for your ceilings in this architecture style is crucial because it has a timeless look and feels.

Whether you have a small budget or a large budget, there are endless options when it comes to painting or designing your vaulted ceiling space. Have fun with your new design, and remember to prefer unique lighting.

How to Improve the Appearance of Vaulted Ceilings?

A unique light fixture should be added to your vaulted ceiling when planning and designing your space. If you include a chandelier or hanging light in the vaulted ceiling design, the area will feel framed and will have much-needed light.

Regardless of the theme, the fixture should have a distinct look that reflects the theme. Also, you can use GIORDIR rustic six-light chandeliers that are ideal for high vaulted ceilings.

An iron and metal design grace this light fixture, which hangs from a chain of 44.9 inches long. Also, Maxax has a beautiful lighting idea that you can select for vaulted ceilings that will make guests talk.

5.7 feet in length and features a modern raindrop crystal design. Furthermore, LynPon’s Sputnik Light Fixture is an option to illuminate your ceilings with a stylish design. With this pendant light, you can choose from a few different brushed metal finishes.

How to Paint a Vaulted Ceiling?

It can be overwhelming to paint a vaulted ceiling, even if you have painted other parts of your home before. A structured approach and proper preparation will ease the task, however.

Before and during painting, some steps need to be taken. Evaluation of the project scope and gathering of equipment are two of these. You must remove furniture, move fixtures, and cover the area before you can begin.

The ceiling and edges are painted at the end. A vaulted ceiling requires a lot of attention, so you should consider the project’s scope before getting started. If you paint, you need to consider the extent of your skillset before preparing for the project.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take on such a project. The possibility of painting a vaulted ceiling is realistic, regardless of your painting skills or experience.

In an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings that reach two stories or more should be reconsidered. To paint a vaulted ceiling, prepare all the necessary tools and equipment.

Ideally, you should do this right at the beginning. If you are short of paint or don’t have an extension device, then having to pause all the way through can be very frustrating.

To maximize your amount of natural sunlight, you should plan your painting project around days that aren’t too humid where you live. Paint will cure and dry more quickly on days when it’s dry and receiving a lot of natural sunlight.

Cleaning the surface is essential, and you should also get rid of dust and dirt before painting for better results. Dust and dirt accumulate over time on ceilings.

As a result of this accumulation, corner spaces and spaces exposed to support beams are more likely to accumulate debris. After you have prepared the paint for painting, you can begin. It is necessary to open the paint can to do so. Afterward, stir it well.

A hand drill with a stirring attachment is the best way to accomplish this. You can also choose hand drills as they provide the fastest and most consistent way of mixing paint.

Hand-stirring the paint with a wooden rod is a manual method. After stirring the paint for a few minutes, you should see no visible clumps or watery spots.

It can be very time-consuming when painting a large ceiling like a vaulted ceiling. It would be best to allow the paint to dry after painting the vaulted ceiling surfaces and edges.

Depending on the temperature and humidity, you’ll need to allow extra time for the paint. Make sure you read the instructions on the paint can to determine the best time for drying, which will make things better for you.

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