What Color Should the Screen Door Be?

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The right color on the screen door can make the overall house seem superbly stylish. The screen door is never about being flamboyant or flashy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Most homeowners do not know the right color for the screen door.

So, what color to choose for the screen door?

Black, brown, gray, white, and beige are some suitable colors for screen doors. These colors will surely suit your screen door and give it a pleasant appearance. Remember that there shouldn’t be any competition between your house’s main door and screen doors while choosing the color.

Selecting the perfect color for your screen door can be an expensive process. Choosing the right color for your home makes a big difference, which is why you should do your research.

Keep reading to see how these colors will match the front door.

What Is the Best Color for Screen Door?


Storm doors aren’t required to match your door or trim color, contrary to other unwritten rules in home design. The final decision lies with you as to which color you want on your screen door.

Yet, you still want to avoid choosing a color that reflects light much more than your door. Most people stick to one or two shades lighter or darker.


This brown storm door adds a rustic feel to homes with a naturally rustic look and is great for cabins and mountain homes. Any home with a natural wood look will look good with a brown storm door. It’s even better if your main door is green.

Green and brown make for a classic door combination. Brown screen doors go well with cream or beige exteriors, along with their typical cottage look. So, it’s no wonder that homeowners with Tudor houses are attracted to the look.


It’s old school to have a white screen door, and it’s a classic. A white screen door will work with virtually any home color and adds a pristine, clean appearance to your house.

The solutions work best with white, brick, and white-trimmed houses. You can also match the door to the main door if you wish.

Despite being a favorite color of many homeowners, white is still a favorite. The fact is, it’s one of the safest choices, and recoloring it is also simple.


In homes with large front doors, black storm doors are an excellent choice. If your home’s color scheme is neutral, this dark color will enhance it. White and brick homes look great with black storm doors.

Additionally, they are also a good option for gray homes. It is common for black screen doors to be paired with white front doors. Any home with this contrast will have a classic New England touch. It is an excellent option for homeowners in Colonial or Cape Cod homes.


While beige storm doors are less common than white or black ones, they are still available. You can easily and unexpectedly add style to a home with neutral but welcoming touch.

This color of screen door costs more but enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home. A beige storm door will look great on both a coastal home and a cottage-style home. The beige or darker color is appropriate for a cabin.

Do You Have to Match Your Screen Door with Your Front Door?

The screen color doesn’t need to match that of the front door. It is possible to choose colors that are either traditional or experimental. It is possible to combine many colors.

You can opt for subtle or bold colors like white and neutrals, among the colors you can choose. To make sure the colors match, you can match the colors of your screen door to the house trim.

You will always choose the color based on your personal preferences, no matter what the color is. Metal and neutral screen doors go well with many front door colors so that you can purchase them in either of these colors.

In this case, matching the color of the doors is not necessary. Consider adding some contrast or following the same color scheme as your front door. Also, you can paint your screen doors to show off your artistic abilities.

Furthermore, you do not have to match the exterior door colors all the time. Besides your garage and backyard, you may also have patio doors and storm doors.

Choosing complementary colors for your front door and the rest is a great design idea. Color coordination is entirely up to you, no matter which way you choose.

Does a Screen Door Need to Be Painted?

Would you like to make your screen door more exotic? Whether you buy wood or metal screen doors, you can get the color you want by painting them.

You must have both primer and regular paint on hand when you are painting your screen door. Make sure the color is glossy, ideally enamel-based, and regardless of the shade.

Almost any wood-friendly stain or paint should work on a wood screen door. If you’re into experiments, don’t be afraid to try some new colors.

Is It Necessary to Seal a Screen Door?

When it comes to screen doors, wooden ones are often the best option. The screen door does not necessarily need to be sealed after painting or staining, however.

Sealing your screen door is an excellent way to protect stains and paint against UV radiation. It is good to seal the wood to keep it in good shape for a long period.

The same holds for screen doors as well. Always use an outdoor sealant when securing your screen door and apply a minimum of two coats.

Do Paints or Stains Last Longer?

There is always the option of staining your wooden screen door if it has a wooden screen. In a pinch, staining can add a pop of color quickly and easily.

Nevertheless, stains have a disadvantage: they do not last as long as paint. It is possible for thick stains to last ten years or longer. Unfortunately, it is not as durable as it could be.

Seven years is often closer to the average. The average stain lasts about five years. A properly maintained outdoor paint should last between 10 and 12 years. The result is that they are by far the most rugged option.

Many people find that staining is a better option than painting because of how the wood grain is visible when this method is used. The natural appearance of the wood is more appealing with staining, as opposed to painting, which completely covers the wood design.

Depending on what you want, the stain may also be a good option for you. It generally takes less time to stain a surface than to paint it.

A staining job might be the best option if you don’t have time to cover and prepare your deck. With stain, you are less likely to see a paint chip, whereas, with paint, it stands out much more readily.

Furthermore, paint’s ease of cleaning is another reason to choose it. Paint applied with proper care will wash off dirt more easily than paint that is soiled or rough.

Would a Screen Door Work Inside the House?

You may still be able to get the ventilation you crave without having to put up with the aesthetic of screen doors if you are one of the many people who dislike the look.

If you prefer to have a screen door inside your home’s door frame rather than an exterior door, it can be done, even if it is not always easy.

Would Painting a Screen Door Be a Good Idea?

Generally, yes, it is a good idea if you plan to paint your screen door. Giving your screen door a facelift is a great way to freshen up your home, especially if it has been through a lot.

Further, it can help make a screen door last longer. Most homeowner associations accept it as long as the paint color you choose is approved. A screen door is typically used for ventilation and bug protection, but this does not mean you should ignore the design.

You should look at all the color options you have rather than just assuming there are only one or two choices. Although it’s a good idea, there is no need to match your screen door’s trim to the house’s trim.

Prefabricated door colors should not hold you back when picking the color of your screen door. Your door can look great with just a little bit of paint or stain. Think about the big picture as you step back. Your imagination will be your only limitation when it comes to creating your door design.

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