What Color Should Bathroom Cabinets Be

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When it comes to renovating an outdated or boring bathroom, painting the cabinets can be the cheapest and simplest way to go about it. And when coupled with the right color, you can have a great look even without changing any other stuff in the room.

Therefore, what color should bathroom cabinets be?

Bathroom cabinets can be any color of your choice as there are a variety of hues you can choose from. Among them are blue, black, white, green, brown, and grey. And when you do the painting as required, you will always appreciate your space.

In this article, I’ll explore the different types of colors for bathroom cabinets, the most popular shade, and many more. This will help you choose the best color that you can work with. So, keep reading to find out more

What Color Should Bathroom Cabinets Be


There are a variety of colors that bathroom cabinets can be. You can choose to work with one you like. Here are some of the common colors you can choose from;


This color has been prevalent for many years, and it is preferred as the first option for leveling up the washrooms. The best thing about white is, it hardly fails to make a small space feel extra spacious. And even if a room is so compressed, a completely white bathroom can feel so wide if it is constructed well.

Crisp lines do give a white washroom enough modern appeal. The color provokes a clear feeling that’s ideal in a bathroom environment. And having white cabinets integrated with a white subway tile or modern aspects promotes a modern aesthetic.

One that is simultaneously logical and fashionable.


Interior design is drifting its focus on the other neutral hues. This follows years of the majority opting for white-colored cabinets. This shade is loved for its intrinsic versatility. And this enables it to blend with nearly any hue.

For this reason, it can be applied in adventurous washrooms, those that are far from boring. Grey is also a diversified color, and many people aren’t aware. It can go well with different undertones, mostly those that impact the environment it creates.

Some shades fringe on beige, as others infuse a cool blue to an amazing effect. Moreover, a suitable shade for the bathroom cabinets is widely based on your best undertones. A warm shade can go well with brass, while a cool one is best with silver.


This color is versatile and also distinctive. Moreover, it can change your washroom to a natural haven with its relaxing vibes. It can even lead to you feeling at peace with yourself.

Currently, it holds a true attraction for its trendsetting reputation. Its intense shades like navy are nowadays making waves within the design community.


It has been used for many years for washroom backsplash and incorporated in the floor tile. Thus, it is a more popular choice for cabinets. Earthy green is suitable for those who would want to recreate a spa setting in their residences.

Tons of its shades veer into a neutral habitat and make them an excellent option for anybody unwilling to use a bright color. Besides, vibrant green does give an instant pop without having to feel extremely brash. You can consider two tones to be able to get an appealing effect.


Brown can be a good option if you need to have a washroom with an earthlike and calm look. It can create a comfortable spa-like setting in any shade. Furthermore, dark chocolate brown produces a more impressive feel and seems very shiny when you combine it with a metallic gold accent.

A moderate tone is quite soothing and can blend well with elements in the lighter tones. A soft light color functions well just as the neutral backdrop to emphasize accent hues such as soft blue, beige, and cream, among others.


Black does look great for those who need to send some message. This kind of bathroom cabinet can give an edgy aesthetic, contemporary appeal, and sophistication. This only depends on the way you combine the color.

Also, you appreciate exploring using accessories. You may consider having black as the final base. This hue enables you to have an intriguing design aspect that may even vanish in the shuffle.

Even though a lot of people concentrate on flooring and counters, black also works marvels when ingrained in cabinets.

With trendy cabinets, black can give a clear and straightforward look which is required to attain a new transitional style.

Should Bathroom Cabinets Be Lighter Than Walls?

A bathroom cabinet shouldn’t be lighter than the wall since they are not at the same level as the eyes. Therefore, a darker color can expose a color pop in the room without overwhelming it. Consider making it classic by using one or two darker shades than your wall.

Furthermore, a lighter bathroom cabinet can give an edgier and dramatic look. And thus, it is suitable for getting a warm feeling in the bathroom. If you have a window in your washroom, you can choose to have a dark cabinet.

The light from the window can blend well with the dark shade for a contrasting style appearance. Dark cabinetry always does very well in bathrooms with windows bathed in the sun.

What Is the Most Popular Color for Bathroom Cabinets?

The most popular color for bathroom cabinets is white, and it’s followed by gray. White is always a definitive option, and it has never been out of style. Moreover, it does have some advantages that encourage people to choose it.

A light color can make your room feel larger and spacious as it bounces light. If your bathroom is small or is dark, you can opt for white cabinets since they offset the negatives and make a space look bigger. Consider creating contrast and blend color with a smaller component like accessory and backsplash.

Another benefit is you can easily change the decor. And it’s because you can introduce any decor or color you love into your bathroom. When you keep large components neutral, just as the cabinets, you often have the liberty of changing the decor anytime.

With the gray color, it is preferred by many since it doesn’t make a room seem heavy or dark. And even though dark cabinets are slowly becoming common, they are not the perfect option you can choose. In case you are too much into black, you can consider the gray color.

Gray on the cabinets can allow versatility. Though many may think the shade is neutral and even boring, it has a variety of shades you can opt for. For instance, French grey, which has a warm tone and can pair with warmer colors. On the other hand, blue-gray is best for rooms with cool tones.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use for Bathroom Cabinets?

You can use semi-gloss and oil-based enamel paint for your bathroom cabinets. And it’s due to the moisture in your bathroom plus frequent use and cleaning.

Make sure you take note of the oil-based paint as you proceed with your work.

Its flow should be a smooth one and not running from the brush you’re using. It can still be thin, just as mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual. This has an additional benefit.

The paint you’re using will take a longer duration to get dry, and hence you’ll have an extra smooth finish.

Is It Better to Stain or Paint Bathroom Cabinets?

It’s better to paint bathroom cabinets since there are a variety of painting colors that you can choose from. With that said, you will always get the color you are looking for, and renovation will also be easier. A bathroom is normally among a residence’s most visited areas, and you can use oil-based paint.

A water-based one is also great since it has an acrylic enamel formula. Hence you get the durability you need. You also need to ensure the paint is waterproof to prevent steam from the water from peeling it.

However, if you want an extra classic and natural look, you can stain the cabinets.

This will highlight the wood’s natural grain and provide a more conventional aesthetic. Therefore, if you decide to stain the cabinets, ensure the wood it’s made of is in perfect shape. This is because stains can accent the grain.

Still, whatever you decide to go with for your cabinets, just know there are several kinds of stain and paint you can opt for. And you will get tons of options.

Even though paints come in many colors, there are still several stain finishes, so ensure you choose one that suits you.

And with the lifespan of the two, keep in mind that stains can last for more than 10 years while paints can go for roughly ten years.

This is the case since paint can easily crack and chip than a stain. Moreover, painted bathroom cabinets are very hard to clean and maintain.

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