What Color Should a Kitchen Hutch Be?

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A kitchen is where most families spend a lot of time. Besides, when it has the right furniture color, it can provide the style you desire for your home.

With that said, what color should a kitchen hutch be?

A kitchen hutch can be green, grey, blue, white, black, or any other color you desire. Just ensure you match the wall and floor with the shade you decide to work with. Also, when painting, ensure you use the right paint.

If you are building a house and have plans for the kitchen of your dream, this post is for you. I’ll take you through some hutch colors that you can choose from. You will understand how to paint a kitchen hutch without sanding.

What Color Should I Paint My Kitchen Hutch?


There are different colors that you can choose to paint your kitchen hutch. Let’s check them out.


With green, I can recommend emerald green with jewel tones. You can also try a muted olive green which will allow the kitchen to have a unique flair. Olive green hutches are trendy in vintage or even new kitchens.

Emerald green is a great color trend. However, it can make your kitchen look more dynamic and also dramatic. You can match any green shade with a contrasting backsplash and countertop.

And I bet you will love your kitchen even more.


Many homeowners love the color gray. As a neutral hue, it can make your kitchen look bold and contemporary. This is while it remains tidy and also versatile.

You can blend your grey Kitchen hutch using some bold shades on the floor tile or wall. Still, you may have stuff laid back and fully neutral by matching the grey hutch with several things: the beige or white walls, neutral granite countertops, and ceramic or wood flooring.

Always remember that a hutch style will always dictate the exact grey tone you decide to use.


Many blue kitchen hutches are not primarily blue. However, they are instead navy. This makes them extra neutral in kitchens, though a fun shade. The blue color gives the required contrast for the white Kitchens.

Thus, establishing a little darker and more homey feeling. Blue hatches are an amazing look for you if you prefer to have a beachy or relaxed feeling in your house.


This color is best for kitchens which receive sufficient natural light. It is a good shade for an ultra-contemporary look. You will also need a large kitchen for your black hatches to blend well.

Matching the hutches with white walls, flooring, and countertops can give a polished look. One which is durable and will remain trendy. Deep black is also perfect if you do cook a lot or you are likely to be messy.

Also, keep in mind that on your black hatches, you will need a smooth finish. This helps to boost the sleek effect, and you need to go for a hatch door style that is not so detailed.


White is my favorite color. And it’s because it is modern and sleek. It’s also likely to lighten up and open a space that may otherwise appear smaller and also dark. The hue can pair perfectly with a variety of styles like farmhouse kitchen designs.

When you have a white hutch in your kitchen, you will have tons of flexibility with its design. And you can dress it for a fascinating look.

How Do You Paint a Hutch Without Sanding?

You can easily paint a hutch without sanding by opting to work with one of the following stuff;

A Bonding Primer

Getting a good bonding primer is very important as it will glue to a glossy surface such as metal, tile, or glass. Besides, the best primers will cost you extra cash, though it’s worth it. And if you use it before painting with reliable paint, then sanding might not be important.

A Chalk Paint

Using this type of paint is a popular way to do the painting without sanding. You can also argue that this paint is the mainstay of the furniture industry.

A Mineral Paint

This is almost the same as the chalk paint since no prime is needed. It can also stick on anything. And as an added advantage, brands such as Fusion are so amazing.

It does not need a topcoat. It is stain proof and also waterproof.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on a Hutch?

There are a variety of paints that you can use on a hutch. Here are some of them;

Chalk Paint

This is a common option for many since you do not have to use a primer first. Moreover, it also dries faster but then leaves an extra flat finish. Therefore, you are likely to add some kind of wax as time goes by.

Semi-Gloss Latex

I love this paint because of the way it gives a sparkling finish. And if you need to get a modern feel, then it can be a great one for you.

Flat Paint

Flat paint is for concealing flaws, though it is always hard to clean. Moreover, it can make your furniture seem cheap. And thus, it’s normally not preferred by many.

Spray Paint

This paint is suitable for small undertakings. One thing I like about it is how it does dry fast, and no marks are left behind. Though, it’s not advisable to use it on large furniture.

How Do You Paint a Kitchen Hutch?

You can easily paint a hutch even without prior experience. Check out the following steps;

1. Choose a Paint Color You Prefer

I know choosing a color can be tiresome at times. However, you need to first decide whether you desire a neutral shade or any other pop of color. And if you are undecided, you can take some samples and test them.

2. Buy the Right Paint

There are several types of paints you can choose from when painting your hutch. Don’t forget that the kind of paint you opt for will impact the general style, feel and look of the painted hutch. So you can either go with spray paint, flat paint, semi-gloss latex, or chalk paint.

3. Remove All the Handles and Knobs

You need to take off the hardware on your kitchen hutch. You can even proceed to discard the hinges and doors. In case your hutch is heavy and cannot move, or you don’t want to remove the hinges, you can use painter’s tape to cover them.

Moreover, you can leave its drawers, though you need to ensure they’re pulled out a little as you paint.

4. Sand Your Hutch and Wipe It Well

Consider sanding the hutch if it’s unpainted. You can do that by using grit sandpaper. This will prevent you from damaging the wood’s surface.

And if it’s painted and the paint is already flaking off, you may still sand any sections where the paint flakes. If it’s painted but still in perfect condition, you don’t have to sand it. Though, after sanding, you can then wipe it properly using a damp cloth.

5. Apply a Primer

For an unpainted kitchen hutch, consider giving it a primer coat before you start painting. Ensure you choose a good primer such as Zinsser. However, if it’s painted and some parts are bare, the flaked off areas, you can apply primer to the whole hutch.

6. Apply the Paint

First, paint its corners using an angled brush. Make sure you paint all the parts that a roller cannot reach. Also, ensure there aren’t any drips as you do the painting.

Proceed to the flat sections using a foam roller. This works well for the hutch’s shelves and doors. It will also ensure you get a smoother surface than a traditional wall roller can do.

7. Consider Several Coats

Take note that you may need not less than two coats of paint for your kitchen hutch. Consider using several coats until there aren’t any stripes. And if you are in doubt, you can still do some coats.

You should also give it enough time to dry before applying a coat.

8. Give It a Day to Dry and Style It

You can allow the paint to dry for at least a day before you reattach the handles and then style it. Still, if you have no problem waiting, you can give it some days. Test using a variety of dishes and other objects until you get the look you want.

Are Hutches Still In Style?

Hutches are still in style for many people, though for some, their old-fashioned look makes residences look more outdated.

As for the older generations, they still opt to have them displayed in their houses. The younger ones, such as couples who are currently married, prefer a modern style when decorating the kitchen.

If you are in search of a classic and elegant kitchen, you can consider adding a hutch. And in case you want a more modern view of a new house, there are different hutches you can choose from. This also depends on the amount of money you have.

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