What Color Rug Goes With Hardwood Floors

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If you have a darker wood floor, then you should stick with a darker shade of the same color. Darker colors bring out the wood grain and make it appear larger.

You can also use a lighter color if you want to add a pop of color to the room. Just remember that the rug should complement the rest of the room.

In this article, we will see what color of rug goes best with your home’s interior design style. We are going to look at some examples from different styles so we can get an idea of how they work together.

Dark Wood Floors


Beige Rugs 

Beige is a neutral color and breaks up all those boring neutrals. This means that it works perfectly with most rooms.

It’s not too bold, nor does it overwhelm the room. In fact, it looks good when paired with just about anything.

Because beige is a neutral color, it goes with any theme or décor. You can think about adding other colors as they won’t clash. Beige is versatile enough to fit in anywhere.

Neutral colors enhance the grains in dark wood floors. So, if you’re looking for something to compliment your wooden floors, consider using a beige rug.

Black Rugs 

You can match black rugs with almost any other color. But there’s something about having a black rug and hardwood floors that really brings everything together. Black has such depth and richness that it stands alone.

When combined with other colors in the room, it creates a very dramatic effect.

Blue Rugs 

Blue rugs look great with darker floors. They break up the monotony of black and brown. They also help brighten up any space. The sky-blue shades are perfect because they match almost every other color on earth.

The contrast of a lighter rug against dark floors is eye-catching and makes the entire area feel more open. It gives off a feeling of spaciousness.

Solid blue rugs are certainly fine, but there are many patterns available as well. Some people like them while others don’t.

Match the rug style to the theme and décor of your room. They can be casual or formal depending on the setting and décor of the room. For example, blue rugs look great in homes with casual furniture. A blue rug can bring out the colors in the furniture and give a more relaxing atmosphere.

Brown Rugs 

The variety of shades in brown rugs is almost endless. They can be light and dark, solid or patterned, and with or without designs. Solid brown rugs are very versatile and match almost every décor. They are very popular because they can be used in almost any room.

On a hardwood floor, brown adds warmth and character. Brown rugs create a cozy environment where everyone feels comfortable. It is a color that can be combined with almost any other color. It is visually appealing and can make a room appear larger by adding light and definition. Brown rugs can bring out the earth tones of stone, wood, and leather furniture.

They can draw attention away from other flaws in a room. A stain on a brown rug often blends in and is less obvious than it would be on a light or dark rug.

Green Rugs 

Dark green rugs look stunning with light-colored floors. Green brings out the natural beauty of the woods and helps accentuate their texture. Darker greens work best with darker floors. Light greens work better with lighter ones.

A green rug can add an element of nature to a home. It can complement the outdoors and provide a sense of calm. When placed near windows, it provides privacy and lets sunlight filter through.

If you’ve got a lot of greenery around your house, then this could be a delightful addition.

A rug with a leafy pattern looks good when paired with the neutral wall color. This works especially well if you’re looking for a subtle way to incorporate some foliage into your living spaces.

Green provides a sense of freshness and makes wood floors appear polished and shiny. Green is a brilliant color for any room. It’s associated with growth, nature, and healthy living.

Grey Rugs 

Grey is an incredibly versatile color. It has been called “the new black” because it complements so many different styles. In fact, grey is one of the most common interior design trends today.

Grey is not just for walls anymore!

A grey rug is ideal for rooms with lots of gray furnishings. The soft tone creates a calming effect and allows the space to breathe. It works well with hardwood flooring since it makes the floor seem softer and smoother. 

It is easy to see why grey is such a popular trend right now. It gives off a feeling of sophistication and elegance.

Lavender Rugs 

The color scheme can define how we feel about our surroundings. Lavender is a beautiful shade that evokes feelings of peace and tranquility. It also offers a soothing contrast against bright hues like yellow and pink.

Purples go with light or dark wooden floors and work well as accents in bedrooms. Purple is a classic color that never seems dated. It’s timeless and elegant.

The rich colors of purple give off a warm glow. It is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Hardwood grains are more visible when they are contrasted with a solid-colored carpet. They become much harder to notice once there is another layer between them.

The splash of color adds life to otherwise dull areas. For example, a small area rug in front of a sofa or chair can help liven up a drab seating arrangement.

Orange Rugs 

I love orange rugs with hardwood floors as I think they really bring out the warmth of the wood. An orange rug is very eye-catching and draws people towards where ever it is located.

Orange is a vibrant color that always catches my eyes. Bright orange rugs or creamier pastel oranges will look amazing on a dark wood floor.

Orange can bring out the red tones in a room. Orange is a bold color but still maintains its own personality.

It adds a little pizazz to a living space without being too overpowering.

Purple Rugs 

Purple on a wooden floor brings out all the richness of the wood grain. It is a striking combination that is sure to catch attention wherever it is displayed.

This color combo is extremely trendy at present. It looks stunning in any home and works great with color options like green, brown, and tan.

Light hardwood floors need something extra special to stand out from their natural appearance. This means adding a colorful accent rug.

Dark hardwood floors need some sort of visual relief. Adding a brightly colored rug helps make this happen. The rug can be plain or have a design incorporated into it. Either way, it should complement your décor style.

Red Rugs 

Dark wood flooring and red works together beautifully. Red has an energizing quality that contrasts nicely with darker shades.

Red is the color of passion and love. It represents energy and excitement. When combined with other colors, it becomes a powerful statement.

Red works great in the bedroom because it creates a sense of romance. Dark colors need that touch of brightness to create drama.

A red rug makes a dramatic impact in a room. It stands out among the rest of the furniture and provides a focal point.

I suppose unique design elements can really show how versatile a certain color is. That’s why we’ve included so many examples here!

White Rugs 

A white rug on a dark surface looks clean and fresh. A dark floor makes it stand out. White is one of those neutral colors that doesn’t clash with anything else. It’s a solid color that won’t distract anyone who walks through the door.

If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish addition to your décor, then consider using a white rug. It’ll add elegance and sophistication to any room.

White is a popular choice but maybe a little harder to keep clean. This is where you have to balance between keeping it clean and making it visually appealing.

You don’t need to use pure white if you’d rather not. There are plenty of variations available such as ivory, off-white, cream, etc.

Yellow Rugs 

Yellow is a brilliant color for a room. It’s warm and bright. It also complements most types of decorating styles. The best thing about yellow is that it never gets old. It’s a classic color that never seems dated.

Yellow is a cheerful color.

Its mood-boosting hue has been used by artists since ancient times. Yellow was once thought to promote good health and happiness.

Today, people associate it with sunshine and warmth, and on a wooden floor, it adds cheerfulness.

It’s easy to see why yellow is a favorite color. It’s cheerful and uplifting.

In Closing

Rug shopping should never be stressful. There are many options available when choosing a rug for your home. Use this guide as a starting point to find what works best for you.

Remember, there’s no right answer; each person has their own preferences. Just remember to shop smart and enjoy yourself along the way!

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