What Color Rug Goes With Black Furniture?

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Over the years, black furniture has become popular in most houses, with many people favoring them thanks to the many décor options they can inspire. Black furniture can lend a modern and upscale look to your living room.

Extreme care should be taken when decorating around such pieces of furniture, as it’s quite easy for some elements to clash with each other in such a setting. When choosing the rug for a room with black furniture, things can get confusing.

What are the best color rugs that can be used in conjunction with black furniture?

The best color rugs for black furniture are white, green, purple, gray, yellow, black and gray, red, black and white, tan, and blue.

In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of some of the best color rugs for your room with black furniture. So if this interests you in any way, stay tuned for all this and much more.

This will certainly be an insightful and highly informative article for you!

10 Best Color Rugs That Go Well With a Black Furniture


Black furniture is quite popular as it can bring bold and elegant looks into your room. However, sometimes this powerful color can be menacing and make it difficult to be paired with other colors.

It isn’t uncommon to hear people complaining that their pieces of décor don’t go well with their black furniture.

Sometimes, there can be too much “black” in your room, making your space look smaller or darker than it actually is, but the good news is that there is an easy solution to this problem: Rugs!

Rugs can easily transform your whole room to tie everything together and give it that feel that is missing due to the black furniture.

While black may seem like an easy and natural color in the living room, decorating around it can be quite troublesome. Finding the right color rug that goes well with your black furniture is important; otherwise, your room won’t have any cohesiveness about it.

So, with all that said, it’s time to have a look at some of the best color rugs that go well with black furniture.

1. White

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We all know that black and white are two colors that will always complement each other. There’s truly nothing better than combining black and white because this combination can create a high contrast effect to produce an elegant look in your room.

By incorporating a white rug in your room with black furniture, you create a clear contrast that ties the room together as a whole.

Black on its own is quite dull, so a white rug would be an excellent addition because it will brighten things up and bring a feeling of liveliness. If you would like to create simple and minimalist looks while still making your room look stylish, this is the combination to go for.

The white rug will serve to soften the black color of your furniture while at the same time making them stand out.

2. Green

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If you’d like to add some fresh and natural vibe to your room, you’ll be glad to know that the easiest way to do so would be to incorporate a green rug.

A plain green rug will not do because its green will overpower your space, and it won’t look too good with your black furniture. Instead, we recommend a pale green rug that is one of the best shades of green to work wonders with your black furniture.

Dark shades of green would also work well with your black furniture, so you should consider getting such a colorful rug. Make sure other pieces of décor complement this green to bring out the maximum effect of the rug.

3. Purple

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If you want to achieve a dramatic yet classy look, you can use a purple rug for your black furniture—certain shades of purple pair well with black to create a stunning and sophisticated look that is breathtaking.

Purple is often associated with royalty, and when it’s used with black, the color seems to pop out a bit more.

So, you can get a purple rug (preferably a darker shade of purple) to complement your black furniture. The black will become an accent color to the centerpiece that is your purple rug.

4. Gray

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Most people love a minimalistic feel in their room, so they choose to stick with a monochromatic scheme when choosing the rug for their black furniture. So, if you want to achieve a soft and simple space, you can use any gray shades rug.

Gray and black compliment each other perfectly, and combining these colors can help you attain an elegant look. You can pick any shade of gray based on what your desired overall effect is.

To create a good effect, you can go with a light gray rug, and to create a look of more depth that is flawless, you can go with a dark gray rug.

One downside of a gray rug with black furniture is that it can make your space look boring, especially if you use a plain gray rug. This is why you should consider using any patterned gray rug that comes with two or more gray color combinations.

5. Yellow

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If you’d like to create a warm and inviting feel in your room, then the best combination would be a yellow rug and black furniture. Darker shades of yellow will do this particularly well, but light yellows won’t do so well.

If you decide to go with a yellow rug, consider adding some other accents into the room so that the black isn’t too overbearing.

6. Black and Gray

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You can combine both black and grey in one rug and use it to brighten up and tie together your room with black furniture. This combination will make your rug the centerpiece and make it look absolutely stunning against the black furniture.

This color rug will help to maintain the elegance in your room, bringing a certain tone of sophistication with it.

Make sure you don’t go for a plain black and gray rug and instead opt for one defined by elegant patterns so that it makes a statement. The rug can be black with white patterns or the other way around. Either way, it will still look great with your black furniture.

7. Red

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There aren’t so many colors that go with black. This is because black has a habit of making other colors look glaring and too strong. Luckily, red is one of the colors that go well with black.

If you’d like the rug to stand out and become the focal point of your floor space, then red is a good color choice for a rug.

Incorporating red into your room will make it feel more alive so that it counteracts the dull feel created by the black furniture. However, not all shades of red will go well with your black furniture.

You should avoid using any bright red shades since they can make your space look and feel out of sync. Instead, consider using a dark red shade rug for your black furniture.

8. Black and White

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Another rug color that works well inside a room with black furniture is a black and white rug. It’s actually one of the ideal color combinations for a room with black furniture.

The black and white can create interesting effects.

The rug will look flawless and elegant against the backdrop of black furniture, and the white accent in the rug will add a bit of contrast which will help balance out the space.

You should consider getting a black and white rug that features amazing patterns so as to liven things up a bit. This will ensure your room doesn’t look too dark and glum but instead feel a bit softer and welcoming.

9. Tan

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Most earthy colors, especially brown shades, never go well with black. Fortunately, tan is a shade of brown that can look amazing when it’s paired with black.

If you want to attain a calm, soothing, and smooth look, this color is the best choice you could ever hope for.

The good thing about getting a tan rug for your black furniture is creating an interesting look. These two colors can combine to complement each other while bringing about sufficient contrast that is great to keep your room looking interesting.

Be sure to throw in a couple of accents that mesh well with the tan and black scheme you are going for. This will make sure the room doesn’t look disjointed.

10. Blue

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One of the best colors that will go absolutely well with your black furniture is blue. A blue and black color combination are almost ingenious, and the good news is that you can use any shade of blue. Blue will add vibrancy to your room with black furniture, and you’d be surprised at how well these colors blend.

I recommend a dusty blue rug for your black furniture. The dusty blue rug will help add some needed vibrancy to your room. The natural grayish blue of a dusty blue rug will make the rug blend in well with your black furniture items.

The above color rugs will work well with your black furniture, so why not try any of them out and see the effect?

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