What Color Roof Goes With a Red Brick House?

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The roof of your home makes up a sizeable portion of its exterior visibility, so the color you choose can dramatically impact its look and feel. But deciding on the right shade for your red brick house goes far beyond aesthetics.

The optimal roof color varies based on climate, house style, and even resale value. Bolder hues like azure blue and maroon red can make a bold, beautiful statement and create the illusion of extra space. At the same time, careless color selection involving metallic or pastel palettes could undermine the classic appeal of your brickwork.

With all these factors in mind, it’s important to educate yourself on the roof colors that work in harmony with red brick versus those that clash. Read on to discover the best practices for picking the perfect roof color to complement your home’s timeless red brick exterior.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof Color


Several key factors go into selecting a roof color for a red brick house:

Brick Color Variations

Not all red bricks are created equal. The brick on your home likely has subtle undertones that range from orange, brown, tan, purple, black, or gray. Examine your brick color up close and from the curb to identify the main color. The roof should complement the overall color you see from the street.

Roof Visibility

The amount of roof you see affects how much the color scheme matters. On homes with a steep pitch, the roof accounts for up to 60% of the visible exterior. Flat roofs are far less noticeable. If the roof is a major part of the home’s look, devote more thought to color selection.

House Style

Some roof materials and colors are better suited to certain architectural styles. For example, clay tiles fit Spanish-style homes, while slate suits Tudor designs. Always pick a roof color and material that enhances your home’s look.

Climate Conditions

Darker roofs absorb heat, while lighter colors deflect it. In hot climates, lighter roofs help keep homes cooler. In colder areas, dark roofs can reduce heating costs. Consider energy efficiency when selecting a roof color.

Resale Value

An attractive roof can boost your home’s resale potential. When in doubt, choose classic color combinations that appeal to the widest range of buyers.

HOA Rules

If your home falls under HOA purview, make sure your paint selection adheres to any color guidelines. Failing to comply could result in fines.

Best Roof Colors for a Red Brick House

From traditional black to eye-catching greens, red brick homes look great with diverse roof hues. Consider these top picks:

1. Black

Nothing beats classic black when it comes to roof colors for red brick homes. The high-contrast look has timeless appeal. Black asphalt shingles come in various hues from jet black to charcoal with gray undertones. Their dark color absorbs heat, making them a good option for cold climates. Black metal roofs are also dramatic and modern. This striking combo suits contemporary homes best.

2. Gray

Cool gray roofing shingles complement any red brick without overpowering it. Gray roofs have mass appeal and work on homes from sleek modern to stately traditional. Consider hues from light silvery grays to darker blue-gray. Wood-look composite shingles in gray-brown natural tones are also popular. Much like black roofs, gray absorbs sunlight and heat.

3. Blue

For a more unique look, consider a blue roof. Soft blue-gray to brighter navy blue hues pop against red brick. The cool tones of blue contrast with the brick’s warmth. Blue roofs stand out in the best way on homes with interesting architectural details. Try blue on ranch homes to make the roof recede and draw the eye to other features.

4. Green

Green roofs are bold and eye-catching on red brick homes. The lush roof color complements the brick and reflects the surrounding trees and shrubs. Green looks especially vivid on homes with white trim. Go for lighter sage greens or deep emeralds depending on your taste. Use green metal roofing as an accent for a more eclectic look.

5. Brown

Brown roofing has a natural, earthy feel that flatters red brick. Composite shingles in warm cedar browns strongly resemble wood shake. For a multi-tone look, try brown-gray combination shingles. Use brown metal roofing to cap sections or transitions between materials. Brown complements brick while adding rustic character.

6. Tan

Understated tan is a foolproof neutral roof color for any home. Lighter shades keep the focus on the vibrant red brick facade. Darker tan verging on brown adds subtle contrast. The versatility of tan makes it a great choice if you plan to sell soon. It fits any style from contemporary to colonial.

7. Maroon

For a flashy twist, go bold with a maroon roof. These roofing shades contain more red and look dazzling against brick. The vibrant colors make small homes appear larger than life. Use maroon as an accent or focal point on elements like dormers. Also, consider maroon shingles on vertical surfaces.

8. Reddish-Orange

Reddish-orange roofs boost the warmth of red-brick homes. The hefty dose of color energizes home exteriors. It also complements autumn hues in trees and flowers. Red-orange looks best on homes with white or neutral trim to balance the boldness. Limit high-intensity orange roofs to sections instead of covering the entire surface.

Things to Avoid

Some roof colors clash with red brick or appear gaudy and dated. Steer clear of:

  • Light pastels like pink, yellow, and baby blue
  • White or off-white
  • Metallic gold, silver, or copper
  • Multicolor variegated shingles

These can distract from classic red brick instead of working harmoniously. They often read as tacky instead of tasteful. If you love a lighter or bolder color, use it sparingly on elements like dormers rather than the entire roof.

Roofing Materials for Red Brick Homes

Along with color, material choice impacts the roof’s look and performance. Consider these top options for red brick houses:

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles come in the widest color range and combine affordability with durability. Modern laminated architectural shingles mimic the shape of wood shakes or slate. Heavier-duty versions rated for high winds are ideal for coastal areas. Asphalt absorbs heat so it works best in colder climates.

Metal Roofing

Metal is a sturdy, eco-friendly roofing material available in many colors. It’s common to see a combination of metal and shingles. Metal caps elements like dormers for visual interest. It reflects sunlight, making it great for hot areas. The sleek look of metal also suits contemporary home styles.

Wood Shakes

Natural wood and synthetic wood shake shingles provide rustic appeal on brick homes. Wood-look materials like composite shakes offer the charm of real cedar or pine with added longevity and fire resistance. Wood brings out the warmth of red brick facades.

Clay and Concrete Tiles

Clay and concrete barrel tiles are hallmarks of Mediterranean, Spanish revival and Southwest architecture. TheirTERRA cotta red and earthy colors beautifully complement red brick. Look for lightweight composite concrete tiles that replicate the look without the structural demands of clay.


Natural quarried slate stone roofing conveys elegance and luxury. It comes in various shades from black to green to purple-gray. Synthetic slate replicates the appearance while weighing less. The multi-hued character of the slate adds visual interest to a red brick home.

Best Practices for Picking Roof Color

Follow these tips to choose the ideal roof color for your red brick house:

  • Gather actual material samples and view them outside with the brickwork. Photos don’t show true colors.
  • Look at neighborhood homes to see if any color schemes stand out.
  • Drive by the property at various times as sunlight shifts to observe color interactions.
  • Select contrasting rather than matching tones for more definition.
  • Use accent colors on specific elements rather than the whole roof.
  • Ask an architect or exterior painter for advice.
  • Install a new roof before laying new brickwork to easily match colors.

The roof color you select for your red brick home makes a major impact both visually and functionally. Taking the time to find the right shade and material ensures your home has standout curb appeal and protection. With so many options available, you can find the perfect fit for your space and style.

Use these tips to guide your roof color selection. Partner with experienced roofers and contractors to bring your ideal design to life. With a roof and brick color combination that works in harmony, you’ll love coming home to your red brick house.

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