What Color Roof Goes With a Red Brick House?

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Your dream home may be owning a red brick house. But you have not decided what roof color to pick yet to match it.

So, you want to know what color roof goes with a red brick house?

Redbrick houses go well with any neutral colors for the roof. Dark neutrals provide stark contrast like black, dark gray, or dark blue. If you want earthy tones, pick dark brown or dark greens. Light-colored roofs like white, beige, cream, or light gray soften the medium tone of red brick houses.

Redbrick exteriors have that classic charm that everyone adores. They are beautiful and instantly captivating. Everybody may have wanted to live in one at some point.

Redbrick houses have a rich texture and character that displays exceptional craftsmanship. Each brick comes from hardened clay. It gives your house a timeless curb appeal that everyone will admire.

Old houses are often built out of bricks. But it does not mean brick houses are already outdated and out of style. A timeless design like this has its way of coming back as part of contemporary culture and society.

Modern brick houses exist today. Brick design is also popular as an interior style decor.

Picking the right roof color for your red brick house may be confusing at first. There might be lots of colors to choose from. This can be your guide on how to pick the right color for your roof that matches your red brick house.

How do you pick a roof color?


As a general guideline, the roof should always be a darker color than the body of your house. To create contrast and clear separation. If your house is already dark, then you have to go for light-colored roofs.

If your house color falls under the medium tones, then you can go both ways. Creating contrast is always a good design technique to follow. It is true in almost anything style-wise. 

Another quick tip is to check the color pattern of your red brick exterior closely. Aside from the obvious red, it might have some secondary undertones that you can use. Most red brick houses have black or dark brown undertones on them.

Matching your roof with those colors is a great way to determine what can go well with your red brick house specifically. 

What dark-colored roofs go with a red brick house?

Dark colors that go well with a red brick house are Black, Gray,  Blue, Gray, Dark Brown, or Dark Green. Dark-colored roofs are perfect for climates that experience heavy winter and frequent rainfall.

Mixing red with these dark neutral colors mixes a warm color with cool colors. This contrasting effect will create a playful balance. Earthy tones like dark brown or dark green will give you an unconventional choice but still complements the red tones in your brick house.

Black is essentially a mysterious color. It adds elegance, and it is simply sophisticated when mixed with other colors or textures. It blends well with everything.

A black roof is to be one of the best roof colors to choose for red brick houses. Black is the darkest solid color there is. It immediately elevates the appearance of red brick houses. It makes the brick texture of your exterior stand out.

Gray roofs provide the coolest and the lightest color to use among these dark colors. It will complement well with the red undertones of your house, making the red brick house less excessive.

If you do not prefer a black roof, dark gray is the closest alternative for it. You could choose a lighter shade of gray, and it would still work for your red brick house. Other shades combined with gray like blue-gray also work as long as they stay in a neutral hue (dark or light).

Dark brown roofs give you a warmer tone roof for your warm-toned house. This design is often found in traditional red brick houses. Black and Gray roofs often mix modern style with the classic look of red bricks.

Using a darker shade of brown still creates clear contrast with red-brown tones. Make sure you use one or two shades darker than your red-brown brick undertones.

Suppose you want your house to easily be recognizable from afar. Picking a dark green roof with your red brick house is a good idea. This color combination is unusual, but it still works well.

Red and green in the color wheel are complementing colors. The green roof can easily match with a nice green landscape outside your house.

Dark green carries a natural, earthy look which makes the green blend well in your surroundings. It will make your red brick house stand out even more.

What light-colored roofs go with a red brick house?

If you want a lighter neutral roof for your brick house, you can choose from these colors. White, Offwhite, Beige, Cream, Taupe, or Light Gray. These colors also go well with contemporary style red brick houses.

With all the dark roof colors mentioned earlier, there is a corresponding lighter hue for it. Since red brick houses fall under the medium tone category, you can use both darker and light tones for your roofing ideas.

If your personal style often leans on the lighter colors, these colors are perfect for your roof. LIght colored roofs are perfect for warmer climates.

White and Off-white roofs are nice colors for your red brick house. The exterior of your house will appear brighter, especially if you match your trims and gutter with the same white color.

If you do not want a white roof but still want a lighter-colored roof. You can pick Beige or Cream. Colors like these often come with a lot of options. It can easily mix with lighter tones of any color (gray, brown, blue, green, etc.).

Observe the undertones to make sure you choose the right version of beige or cream for you. You still need to achieve contrast (on the lighter side) for your red brick house structure.

Taupe colors come with more variations than the rest of the light neutrals. In choosing your perfect taupe, make sure that it blends well with the undertones of your red brick house.

Light gray also works well with any kind of red brick house. It has both light and dark undertones that mix well with a textured house like a brick house. No matter what style you might want, using gray for your roof offers flexibility.

Is a light or dark roof better?

Aside from their design value, light and dark roofs have their own purpose.

Light-colored roofs are widely popular for warmer climates. Since light color reflects heat, it helps houses in warmer states or tropical countries not to absorb so much heat. Especially during the hottest months of summer.  

Lighter roofs reflect sunlight better than dark roofs. It will deflect more heat and help keep the interior of the house cooler. Choosing a lighter roof for warmer places makes the house more energy efficient.

Dark roofs absorb much heat from the sun. It is more common for places that have a cold climate. The darker the roof, the higher its temperature.

Warmer roofs melt snow and ice build-up easily. This will be perfect during the coldest part of the winter season.

What is the most popular roof color?

The top trending roof colors to date include light and soft greens, which are forest green, moss green, and hunter green. Light and pale blues like blue-green, sky blue, and denim.

Beige and off-white neutrals, which are stone and khaki. And taupe and light brown, which are sand, desert, and taupe gray.

With this information, you can choose what kind of neutral to use and consider them for your red brick house. If you prefer darker tones for your house, then pick its corresponding darker hues.

What other factors to consider when choosing a roof color?

Aside from the climate and location of your home. There are other factors to consider when choosing the right roof color for you. The type of roofing material, the style of your house, and the roof style of other houses in your neighborhood.

Choosing the right type of roofing material is important, much like the climate and the color of your roof. Asphalt shingles are heat absorbers, while metal roofing keeps your house cooler. You can ask for professional advice for more information about this.

If you live in an area with lots of houses, then most often than not, it has its own Housing Association. Before making a big decision like this, you need to check it with them first. Coordinated neighborhood houses have the same kinds of brick houses and the same kinds of roofs for a reason.

These kinds of neighborhoods often have their own strict guidelines in changing the color of your roof. They limit you from changing the external appearances. To preserve the existing external curb appeal of the subdivision.

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