What Color Quartz Countertops Go with Maple Cabinets?

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Maple cabinets’ warm tones and versatility probably appeal to you if you have selected them for your kitchen remodel. Now, you might be thinking of the right color quartz countertops you should choose with the maple cabinets.

So, what are the suitable color quartz countertops that suit the maple cabinet?

Red, green, black, white, and brown will perfectly match the maple cabinets. All these colors give a different yet fantastic feel when matched with the maple cabinet.

Further, you will find out what colors work with maple cabinets and why they do. This article also offers color recommendations for backsplashes and flooring.

This article will help you make an ideal color combination in your kitchen.

What Is the Best Color Quartz Countertops for Maple Cabinet?


Following are some best color quartz countertops that will suit the maple cabinet.


The white countertops can show off your maple’s natural glow. White kitchens are light and airy, feeling refreshing and open. The color of the countertop is often neutral in smaller kitchens.

Warm maple cabinets go well with light colors like white. In addition, light colors make the kitchen appear larger and more spacious because they cast light around it.

To make white countertops appear less stark, choose veined stone. Pure white countertops can seem too stark or overpowering in small or dim kitchens, so it’s best to choose a veined white to soften their appearance.

Further, when it comes to color-related home improvement projects, white is a universal option. As a countertop for cabinets paired with maple, it’s no surprise that white is the best color to use. Furthermore, white also gives the impression of space in the kitchen.

You can choose white countertops if you like a crisp, clean look. Laminate, marble, white granite, or quartz can all be used for a white counter—countertops made from quartz or quartzite work well because a lot of these materials are whiter than granite.


Do you want a color that stands out on your countertop? Black granite and black marble are great choices. Depending on how dark your wood stain is, black will look great with wood cabinetry.

Consequently, it can be used as a countertop on a wide range of types of wood. Black makes maple appear much darker, similar to dark grey. A bold, edge-effect looks good in a kitchen or a bathroom.

Dark maples can benefit from the addition of this edge. With dark maple cabinets and black countertops, your kitchen can have an elegant and sophisticated feel. Black countertops are not appropriate for every kitchen, however.

If your kitchen is small, black may make it look cluttered. In a mini-kitchen, pick a counter that suits your style. Try black countertops with maple cabinets for a very classic look.

An elegant kitchen needs a smooth, sleek style like this. The contrast between dark countertops and light maple cabinets is stunning. A modern kitchen benefits from a black countertop.

To soften the look, it also compliments stainless appliances. Black countertops tend to work best in smaller kitchens with dark flooring. Therefore, black countertops are best when maple cabinets are light colors, such as reddish-brown or cream.

The contrast between black granite and maple cabinets may be too much for some people. You can soften the appearance of veined granite if this is your concern. You can also use Abyssaly Black Wood Wallpaper for countertops as it will surely look great.  


With a relatively monochromatic color scheme, brown countertops can work well. The combination of brown cabinets and brown countertops is not inspiring, but it can be easily coordinated.

A dark brown countertop will highlight the beauty of the maple and create a simple, unified look. Brown granite countertops look good with light brown maple cabinets.

Nonetheless, unveiled granite countertops in brown colors are the best option. It is also important to choose the right stone finish.

You may wish to use a mixture of muted beige shades if you wish to avoid design clashes. By doing so, you can ensure that your maple cabinets do not look out of place with brown countertops.


Red contrasts naturally with green. Green countertops look great against the reddish tones of maple wood. Choose an emerald green that’s bold or one that’s softer and muted.

It can be refreshing to color your traditional kitchen with colors inspired by nature. A green cabinet will complement both dark and light maple cabinets beautifully, as it comes in many shades.

Consider adding a few potted plants to your kitchen to create a vibrant, cheery look with the green theme. Dark green granite countertops are a perfect choice if you wish to create stunning contrast. The light maple cabinets often accompany these.


With a red-toned countertop, you can bring out the red in the wood. Red is a common accent color on quartz countertops, but it still adds enough to the wood even when blended with black or brown.

Red granite countertops go well with maple cabinets that are neutrally colored. The reason is that red countertops look like reddish maple, so they complement each other.

Maple cabinetry with red granite countertops is often found in more traditional kitchens. You can use the same bold color against dark cabinets if your kitchen is spacious and open.

Dark red granite offers an inviting atmosphere, especially when paired with maple cabinets and when the cabinets are red. Besides, you can also choose Tanone Red Wallpaper for your countertop.

Other Bold Colors

Various bold colors are available that you can choose with the maple Cabinets. Some of these bold colors are orange, yellow, and purple countertops that compliment maple cabinets. To pair any of these colors with maple, you can either pick dark or light maple.

Due to the rich tones of yellow or orange, most homeowners use the color palette for their modern kitchen designs. Combining such bold colors with maple will give an otherwise contemporary kitchen an old-fashioned and elegant appearance.

Look no further than stainless steel for a modern touch to your home. An alternative countertop material to gray granite offers extra textures that are not found in other counter materials.

In addition to painted stainless steel, brushed stainless steel is popular, like on the refrigerator. When choosing your appliances, make sure they match your countertops.

For anyone looking to set up a professional-grade kitchen, stainless steel is a great option. For food preparation, stainless steel offers safety advantages over concrete and is easy to maintain.

The combination of light beige granite countertops with maple is also a bit of a risk, but it can still work well if you want to compliment the rosy undertones of darker maple washes.

Beige has the drawback of making your kitchen look downright red when the color is chosen incorrectly. You will need a neutral beige to achieve the best results.

The color cannot lean too heavily towards yellow or red. There should be an almost sand-like texture to it. In some cases, poured concrete will give you the same look. You may be able to control the color of a concrete countertop better in some circumstances.

Can Maple Cabinets and a Maple Island Go Together?

It is important to decide whether the island will match the cabinetry or stand-alone when picking a color. Kitchen islands do not have to look like the rest of the kitchen.

Making the island stand out in the kitchen with a unique finish makes it a distinct area. By adding variety, it adds visual interest. Because of this, you may find that your best color islands are white, gray, pink, orange, blue, or green.

Neither white nor gray are monochromatic colors, so they complement maple without needing to look boring. Green and blue stand out against maple’s warm red tones, offering contrast. Reddish maples blend perfectly with pink, orange, and yellow, making the island a visually pleasing space.

Would Maple Cabinets Look Good with a White Backsplash?

A lot of homes still have maple cabinets from the ’90s. Yes, a maple cabinet looks good with a white backsplash but try to add contrast with a soft green backsplash to make the room feel fresh and different.

Yellow and orange backsplashes can also work, as they highlight the red in the wood. A neutral color will always look good if you don’t like bold color statements.

However, if your cabinets are brown, you need to avoid beige or tan – these colors make the space feel too cluttered. Additionally, it’s been done over and over again.

Rather than using a bright color scheme, use gray or white. Choose a color scheme for your kitchen that consists of three primary colors if possible.

Neutral colors such as browns, whites, and black that coordinate well with maple cabinets make a great countertop choice. Red and green countertops will give your kitchen a bolder look. It is red that highlights the wood’s natural red color, while green contrasts it.

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