What Color Picture Frames Go with Grey Walls?

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It can be confusing to find out what color picture frames go best with your design after you have painted your walls. Fortunately, you have a wide variety of color options to choose from.

So, what color picture frames will be suitable for grey walls?

Blue, black, grey, white, red, and yellow are popular color options when choosing the picture frame with grey walls. Not only grey walls but most of these colors will look great with walls having a different color.

You probably have a few ideas now about what color to pick for your picture frame, but I will give you more examples so that you can make the right decision. You may have further questions about picture frames that I will address as I describe why each color goes well.

What Is the Best Color Picture Frame for Grey Walls?


Interior designers often choose grey as their color of choice. Almost any design style can be complemented by its shades, which come in chic and modern choices.

Grey’s neutrality makes it a great accent color or a base color for monochromatic spaces. You, therefore, have many options when choosing the color of a picture frame.


The color white creates a sense of space. It is possible to make your photo or image stand out by choosing a white frame combined with white matting. It’s a good idea to paint the frame white if you want the focus to be on what’s inside rather than the outside design.

Most color schemes will also look good with this color. Instead of painting your walls white, how about adding some color? You can have fun with colored frames, even with grey walls.

The white frame and grey wall create a simple, clean, and crisp look. If your decor style is minimalist or contemporary, this color is perfect for you.

This color frame makes a lovely contrast against the walls, which makes the photo or image stand out even more, making it easy to capture everyone’s attention. In whatever shade of grey you choose for your room, white creates a bright, open atmosphere.

White couches, pillows, and other accessories are the best choices if you want the room to be all white and grey. If you want a simple white frame that will fit your grey walls, choose the Americanflat Wall Picture Frame.


Among the most common colors for frames, choices are black and white. Considering black goes well with almost everything, this is no surprise. You can still achieve an interesting effect by using black against a grey wall if you are hesitant to use a bold paint color.

Grey walls and black picture frames go great together. With black frames, grey of all shades looks good, but lighter shades have better contrast.

There is no question that black picture frames are trendy since they can go with any wall color, including grey. It is not just an easy and safe option; black also offers many advantages over the other options.

When it comes to an elegant look, black frames are the way to go. You can also make your photos more noticeable by using a black frame around them.


I know that pairing grey walls with grey picture frames might seem strange, but grey comes in numerous shades, and some of the shades surely seem good with the grey wall.

It always makes a difference in contrast in shades because the more different the shades, the more prominent they appear, but not everyone aspires to their frames to stand out.

You may prefer a more subtle shade similar to your wall color. You should use grey for the frame of the artwork if you want it to appear seamless. However, too similar tones can result in a rather awkward and monotonous result.

Alternatively, you can use an elegant grey frame with a darker finish than the wall paint to avoid this problem. It’s possible to blend while having enough contrast to distinguish.

A lighter grey is also an option. The monochromatic style of this frame will complement any decor. You can also create a fun vibe with the frame by keeping it soft.


Colors like yellow and blue are warming and revitalizing, while grey is a cool color. Since neither of them is a warm color, they pair well together. You can feel calm and tranquil after adding these colors.

Make sure the photo frames you choose match the blues you find elsewhere in the room. A fun craft project is always possible if you cannot find the frame of your choice.

You can paint frames you find at thrift stores. Remember that choosing navy blue as one of the wall colors is a good idea, especially if there’s another navy-blue feature in the room as well, like a navy couch or a navy area rug.

Besides having the same cool tone, grey and navy complemented each other well. Additionally, this frame often evokes tranquility and calmness, making it the perfect option if you want to accompany it with a special photo. For a navy-blue picture frame, try the Rustic Wooden Picture Frame.


With yellow picture frames, you can liven up your grey walls. These look great paired with yellow cushions. Light grey can be made livelier by adding yellow, while dark grey can become softer.

To summarize, there can be no wrong choice when it comes to yellow, no matter how dark your grey maybe. The yellow color will fit the grey walls and give an eye-catching view of the whole room.

Which Frame Should You Choose Depending on Your Wall Color?

Frames don’t just let you hang your pictures on the wall. It’s essential to prefer the right picture frame for your artwork to complement your interior décor. In terms of making the perfect frame, there are many factors to consider, and they can be overwhelming.

You can access a wide variety of styles, colors, shapes, and sizes of frames when you shop for your frames. I understand that these options can make choosing that much harder.

You should take into consideration the frame’s material before choosing the perfect frame to complement your piece. In addition, you can choose from a variety of metal and wood frames that vary in color, thickness, and style.

Choosing a wood or metal frame should also depend on the picture you are framing. Frames made from different materials work with different styles and pieces.

The simplicity of a metal frame is complemented by modern art pieces, such as abstract pieces or black-and-white images. By adding a minimal touch of crispness to the display, metal frames draw attention to the picture rather than distracting it.

The traditional appearance of wooden frames is more rugged and common. The warmth and elegance of wooden frames complement paintings, wholesome photographs, or art pieces.

Suppose you want to accent a particular feature of your artwork or complement a certain interior design style. In that case, there are a variety of options for choosing the color of your frame.

Don’t be afraid while choosing a frame’s color, especially when customizing it. After all, it’s you who will display it. You should also select a frame color that accentuates the colors in your artwork or photo so that the display will look cohesive.

It is possible to choose a color from the piece that is widespread or minuscule. Choose a frame in the same color as the piece if it is predominantly one color.

However, it will draw attention to a particular shade in the artwork if the frame complements it. By using this method, your picture will truly stand out while also catching the eye.

Are Frame Colors Mixable in a Room?

Perhaps you might have a question about if you need to match all the frames for your pictures. Yes, you do not need to use the same frames. You can decorate A room with a variety of frame colors.

Red frames go well with white, blue, and yellow frames. Yellow frames go well with white frames. By choosing frame colors that match your room’s decor or furniture, you will achieve the best results.

Keep your color scheme consistent for best results. In addition, hanging picture frames are once again quite popular. There has been a recent trend of people hanging empty picture frames.

Therefore, you may hang empty picture frames. You can create a composition using an empty picture frame. These frames are transformed into a new piece of art.

Combining different sizes and overlapping empty frames can create a visually stunning geometric wall art piece. It’s possible to have frames that are more ornate or prettier than the contents they house.

Therefore, you can display your collection by hanging empty frames. Keeping a display of your antiques or collectible frames will bring attention to them. Using such frames will add depth to a room’s design by bringing different textures into it.

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