What Color Picture Frames Go with Brown Furniture?

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When you start thinking about incorporating your brown furniture into your room, you might start wondering what color picture frames will complement it? It is a big decision, so I have researched and developed a great list of complementary colors. So, what color picture frames will fit well with brown furniture?

Blue, green, distressed wood, white, red, and gold are perfect colors that suit the brown furniture. These color frames will also make your picture look more elegant.

I will discuss why each frame goes so well with brown furniture. I’ve also discussed how to style picture shelves and whether your picture frames should match your furniture. For more details, please continue reading.

What Is the Best Color Picture Frame for Brown Furniture?


In compiling this list, I considered that there are different shades of brown furniture. Some pieces have Scandinavian-styled light browns, and others have mid-century modern styling. Distressed furniture often has greyish or brownish tones.

On the other hand, antique furniture and pieces made out of traditional hardwoods such as oak, mahogany, and cherry can also have rich brown hues. This post will discuss which types of brown furniture go best with these colors.

Red Frames

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You can pair red picture frames with brown when you want fun with your design. The warm tones of gold are present in brown as well.

You can pair it with any brown furniture type, and it’s a great accent color for other pieces as well. The red frame will surely get attention because of the brightness. 

Gold Frames

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With brown furniture, gold is a natural match. It is suitable for every shade of brown. As a result, browns and golds’ final colors are heavily reliant on yellow tones.

They will get along well because they have yellow in common. Adding ornate gilded gold frames to your antique furniture might be a good idea if you have beautiful pieces. Consider gold frames with a less ornate style if you have streamlined and modern furniture.

This elegant frame by Q.Hou has a simple, classic design that will go with any decor. There are two different wood finishes to choose from, including gold and black.

The picture is delivered with a slope (or angled) matte that gives it a professional appearance without going to a framing shop. Various sizes of frames and photo openings are available. You can display this frame either horizontally or vertically on the wall. 

Distressed Wood Frames

If your home is designed in farmhouse style and has many beautiful antique pieces, then why not stick to the same effect with your picture frames? These gorgeous frames are available in so many significant variations.

In addition to natural wood, you can also find them painted white or turquoise then sanded down to reveal the wood underneath. Go to your local thrift store and gather some rustic and distressed frames to decorate your wall.

Match your picture frame color to the color of your wood furniture if you desire a spa feel in your room. It appears that everything was made to work together perfectly, looking to be cohesive.

Matching wood types is also possible. Mahogany picture frames go great with mahogany furniture. The same applies to oak and other types of wood. The matching approach is perfectly fine if it is what you prefer visually.

The EosGlac Rustic collection has a different look than most wood options. This photo frame can contain an 8 x 10 inches photo, and thanks to knotholes and grain erosion, no two are alike.

Due to the rustic feel of these frames, they would be effective for displaying vacation photos taken in dramatic locations, such as mountains or beaches.

Green Frames

Green and brown go well together. The pairing of these two colors is the epitome of nature. My favorite combination is an emerald green frame paired with a beautiful walnut sideboard.

Or maybe the frame can be mossy green and the bench made of teak. A great deal of color and shade choices are available, with numerous combinations to mix and match. 

White Frames

Why not use white for your wood furniture since it is a color that will go with pretty much anything? Especially in rooms with lighter woods such as beech and ash, white frames shine.

 With beautiful white drapes surrounding a wonderful wooden side table, the white frame looks gorgeous. Ikea is known for selling attractive, solid frames at rock bottom prices, so it’s no wonder that the price is so low.

Simple white frames and a 16 x 12-inch size are included in the Ribba line. A lightweight, protective plastic covers the front of the frame, which is beneficial if young children are running around and concerned about shattered glass.

The frames will help you stick to a budget while still giving your room a modern feel if you have many artworks to display.

Blue Frames

There are so many things that this color looks great with, and there are many options to select from. While robin’s egg blue will go well with traditional pieces, the navy will be gorgeous with Scandinavian pieces.

Another option is to spray paint all vintage frames the same shade of blue or a variation. A rug or curtain may contain a shade that you can mimic.

Black and Other Colors Frames

The black and honey color scheme offers a softer look as an alternative to the classic black and white combination. Black and honey tones will contrast with brown furnishings and pieces, highlighting their boldness.

Bring the honey tones into your decor by finding accessories in similar shades. Black pieces, however, should be used with caution so that the dramatic effect remains.

In addition, incorporating black and wood into a room makes a big statement. These shades are more masculine and earthy in appearance, but there are many options for combining them with other accents. This combination of wood and black is highly versatile and pairs well with a lot of different colors.

Perhaps, if your design does not have much wood at first, you could increase the amount of wood with various wooden frames. If, however, your space is abundant in wood, accessorize with black metal frames that have thicker edges.

Should You Center a Picture Over Furniture?

You should mount an eye-catching frame or mirror above a piece of furniture if you intend to hang it there. Although it doesn’t have to be directly centered, especially if it’s part of a grouping, if it isn’t, you may find it annoying.

In general, you’re going to want the piece of art you have as a solo to be big enough not to look like a stamp above it. Consider using two or three smaller pieces.

There is a reason behind the painting not being centered over the sectional in some living rooms. Together, they appear balanced with the sectional because they are hung together.

How to Style a Picture Shelf?

The artwork and photographs look stunning on picture shelves. The shelf has a ledge that allows you to prop things against the wall, such as plants, vases, and small framed pieces.

Instead of using picture hooks, this is an alternative. You can display several color photographs on this picture shelf, all framed in white with matboards that match.

The pottery vases are interspersed throughout, which will give a chic and uncluttered appearance. Using picture shelves allows you to display objects without drilling multiple holes into your wall, which is why you should use them.

Is It a Good Idea to Match Picture Frames with Furniture?

You do not have to match the frames of your pictures with the furniture in your home. A good color scheme should always be related to each other. Maybe your frames pull from the upholstery or rug in your home if they don’t match your furniture.

Using colored frames would also be a great way to create a fun wall of photos and art. Different shapes and colors are present in the frames. A few of them are filled with artwork, while others are empty.

It’s a thoughtful and unique way of styling a hall table. Choosing the right frame for a room is also influenced by the mood you want to create to the environment you want to create.

Creative framing can improve the look of a nursery, children’s bedroom, or playroom. If you want to use our Hanover or Ashford frames in red, blue, or green, these are good locations to do so.

The ornate wood frame Granby in silver or gold is typically used in dining rooms or formal living rooms. Choosing your frame material and color doesn’t necessarily conclude your framing choices.

During the design process, matting can be a helpful tool. A mat draws the eye to the artwork while adding a decorative touch. Even more, depth is created with the addition of another mat. You can mix and match any of the matboard colors available.

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