What Color Paint Goes with Black and White Tile?

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Black and white tile have seen a revival in design shows and home decor stores. Choosing a color that matches your room’s mood is just as important as black and white tiles.

So, what color paint should you prefer with the black and white tiles?

Yellow, black, blue, gray, greige, white, and sage green are the recommended colors that look amazing with the black and white tiles. These colors will match the black and white tiles in your room and enhance the overall beauty.

Furthermore, I have also spoken about picking paint for tile. You will also learn about the suitable grout for black and white tiles.

So, keep reading if you want to know about the color paint combination with black and white tiles.

What Is the Best Color Paint for Black and White Tile?


All colors will look good in black and white, and some may appear better than others. For your inspiration, I have added a few of our favorite color options.


Choose a bright, cool white for the grout between your black and white tile if you’re after a clean, crisp appearance. Colors like these allow the tiles to stand out and keep your eye from having to decide how to look at them.

If you plan to match your whites at the paint store, you should take a tile with you. Whites can vary widely from one shop to another. The most obvious and easiest color to choose is white.

Plain white walls, however, can create an uninteresting appearance most of the time. It is possible if you divide your wall into two separate sections using two different types of white paint but the same color. Choosing white marble to cover the bottom of the wall is a great option.

A marble that looks natural and artistic has some staining. In addition, this type of marble is very reflective, making the entire bathroom appear a bit more spacious with its glossy appearance. Any white paint will suffice for the upper section, and most of the time, it’s sufficient.


For a dramatic look, paint your walls black. You can also use deep charcoal as an alternative to black color. Black and white tile flooring, rich charcoal walls, and black trim will make your room look extremely elegant.

You can transform any dark room into a relaxing space with a light rug and pink armchair. By combining the wall color and floor color scheme, you can create a seamless look, and the bathroom will feel completely integrated.

In addition to its beautiful white subway-style tiles, which look elegant and gorgeous, this combination has a black upper portion to create some depth and bold effects.

This combination is generally an aversion for most people since they worry it will darken the bathroom and make it look gloomy. It is essential to balance the darker side of the wall with a lot of reflections.

Moreover, this color would work well if you have sufficient natural or artificial lighting in the bathroom. With a black and white tile floor and charcoal walls, Altrobene Accent Chair Ottoman pink armchair would be unique.


If you mix black and white paint, what will you get? Grey comes to you. The black and white tiles, therefore, go well with grey paint. With the black and white checkerboard tiles, a soft light grey looks fabulous.

When paired with this color combination, the red pouf is great as an accent. Gray makes it possible to paint a bathroom wall in one color and blend in with black and white floor tiles.

In addition, grey can add a sense of comfort and coziness and let the black and white flooring take center stage without looking overpowering.

It doesn’t matter what shade of grey you use for this job. You can choose a light tone if you want a more calming, cozy ambiance or a darker tone for a bolder and more dramatic look.


Yellow is an intense color, so it is only reasonable to look fantastic with black and white tiles. In a small bathroom with a clawfoot tub in black and white, a small black and white tile blends with white wainscoting and a sunflower yellow color.

Color combinations of black and white and yellow are timeless and have broad appeal. From lemony warmth to golden mustard, yellows look great with black and white floors.

Yellow contrasts with black and white floors more strongly the brighter it is. If your wall is white, you can also add wallpaper having yellow stencil flowers.

Yellow curtains and bath linens are a great alternative to yellow walls if you’re not ready to put yellow accents on the walls.

Green and Blue

You can paint the black and white tiles with blue and green colors as they will surely give an elegant appearance. If the wainscotting in your bathroom is bright, you can also use an uplifting sky blue.

You can use this color to accent different items in the bathroom, much like our sage green option. You can add soothing green walls with the black and white tiled floor. With the black and white tiles, the green walls will look great.

The best color for a small bathroom is a light, bright green. Bathrooms with dark green walls are elegant and dramatic. You can liven up a half-bath with a pastoral green mural and black and white tile floor by adding a large floral mural.

Using combinations of blue-green colors such as sage, teal, and turquoise has a more subtle effect. Unlike modern homes, mid-century modern bathrooms used two colors of tile.

A common color choice for walls and tub surrounds was pink or baby blue. Consider using dark blue linens or accessories in a home with blue tile if you’re remodeling an older home.

You can also use black and white checkerboard square tiles as they will look classic. Some homeowners prefer sage green instead of classic white paint for the wainscoting, which also looks soothing.

If you choose a color like this, you can accessorize with towels and bath mats of the same color. In this bathroom, hanging a towel set like the one from Amrapur Overseas would look beautiful.

Which Color Grout Will Look Good with Black and White Tile?

Tile installation often overlooks the importance of grout. You should consider the color of the grout you select when deciding on your product.

If you choose black and white tiles, you have a lot of options. In contrast to the white grout, the black grout makes the white pop. The black grout has the opposite effect.

If you use white grout, you will get white lines, and if you use black grout, you will get black lines. The majority of it will blend in with the rest. A grey grout is the safest choice if you want to color in your tile.

Nevertheless, please consider that you will lose your two-color flooring for three. It would be great to paint your bathroom a specific color, but make sure it fits your style before you do that. You can remove and change the grout, but it’s a bit arduous.

Is There Any Colour That Does Not Match Black?

Black is the most common color, but you may hesitate to consider another dark color before choosing it. Various colors go well with black. Some people try matching black with dark color, which is not a good idea.

I would suggest not to use another darker color with the black.

While they don’t clash, dark browns and greys will create a heavy and overpowering atmosphere that’s maybe a bit depressing.

Another good thing that is perhaps a little too much is burgundy.

How Popular Is Black and White Tile?

Tiles in black and white have become increasingly popular lately. Bathroom backsplashes or flooring often feature these bold geometrics. For now, picking one such as this is a worthwhile investment.

The smaller black and white tile designs are classic and can be found in bathrooms. Black and white square flooring will surely make the room look different and beautiful.

Both have stood the test of time, even if the former is an evergreen, more so than the latter. In the 20th century, black and white were always a popular combination in home décor, and they continue to be so today.

Stylish, contemporary schemes blend well with retro, nostalgic, and traditional styles and cottage décor. The minimalist trends of today are all about simplicity and black and white.

Also, that pattern and texture are the focal points since other colors are absent. It’s a great addition to your décor if you like nostalgia and retro looks or if you enjoy putting a new spin on an old favorite.

With easy-to-install pre-assembled mosaics on a mesh that is new, improved, and reminiscent of a 1920s bathroom or kitchen, this style is like something you’d see in a bathroom or kitchen of that era.

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