What Color Ottoman With Black Couch?

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Although most people may not appreciate the presence of an ottoman in their living spaces, it is one of the tools that save on space but which will help to decorate your living space.

The ottoman could be made of suede, leather, or even tufted fabric. Whichever option you choose, if you select the right color, the ottoman will enhance the visual look of your sofa and add pomp to your living spaces.

With a black couch, the best colors for your ottoman should be pastel and monochromatic. Also, you may buy an ottoman that features any bright and bold color combinations.

So, if you want to repair the gorgeous black coach but you do not know where to start, you have plenty of color combinations that can give you a head start.

However, some colors, such as black, may sound old school, but it is one of the colors you will not want to miss because you cannot get an alternative that can match it.

Read on to find out which ottoman colors will match your dark couch.   

Choosing An Ottoman With A Black Couch


Buying furniture could be exciting, but it is a difficult task if you are doing it for the first time.  It even becomes more daunting if you do not have an idea about how to match the couch and the ottoman.

Also, you have a wide variety of items to select from.

But choosing colors that accentuate and highlight the features of your living room could be the best option for you. So, knowing the best ottoman color to select beforehand can simplify your work.

But if you already have a black couch, you need to ask yourself about the colors that go with black. Some of the options you have to include:

Bright and bold – Bright colors contrast well with the black color.  So orange or red could be the best options for you. They allow the black couch to stand out. The red ottoman, in particular, could also serve as a coffee table, and so when you add a tray to it, you make it classy.


Modway Amour Fabric Upholstered Button-Tufted Round Ottoman in Orange

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Orange is also another good contrast for the black couch. Orange does not just add a sparkle to the room but texture, which will make the room look more dramatic.

You can combine the black couch with an orange ottoman. You have the option of choosing between the geometric-shaped ottoman and the tufted button type. If they are eye-catching, they can make your living spaces look zesty.

If you can get the rusty orange with some white patterns, you will have something visually appealing.


Christopher Knight Home Juliana Fabric Storage Ottoman, Gray

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Black matches well with gray, so choosing a monochrome ottoman with the black couch gives your décor a modern edge.

Depending on the materials you choose, it adds flair to the room.

Soft pastels

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Colors such as gray-blue, mauve, and green combine well with black.

Therefore, if you already have a black couch, nothing will give you better results than any of these soft pastels.


Joveco Fabric Round Ottoman Foot Rest Stool (Yellow)

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A yellow ottoman with a midnight backdrop is a perfect combination with a black coach. The tints are vital since they make it cozy.

If pure yellow does not interest you, you can go for a yellow-green color.


SONGMICS 30 Inches Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman Bench, Storage Chest Footrest Coffee Table Padded Seat, White ULSF106

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If you have a black couch, you may also have other dark-colored items in the room. So going for the white ottoman is something that will give flair to your living room.

Also, having a pure ottoman at the center with a white carpet or rug can spruce up the living room.


Homebeez Tufted Storage Ottoman Bench Faux Leather Footrest Stool with Lift Top & Nailhead Trim (Red)

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It is easier to pump some energy into your living spaces by going for a red ottoman.

This is the way to go if you have a black couch, even though it may be a bit difficult to sell the idea to some people.

Colorful ottoman

Homebeez Velvet Storage Ottoman Bench Rectangular Footrest Stool with Wood Legs (Assorted Blue)

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If you already have a black couch, you can throw in a mix of primary colors such as yellow, blue, and red. If you do it well, you end up with a modern ensemble.


Modway Amour Fabric Upholstered Button-Tufted Round, Ottoman, Beige

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Beige is a great option if you have kids and pests that could ruin your white ottoman.

Beige matches well with a black sofa. It is light and brightens up the room.


Convenience Concepts Designs4Comfort Round Accent Storage Ottoman, Coral Faux Linen

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Another popular combination that works well for someone looking for something modern.

If you can combine it with an emerald green or white pillow, it adds a visual impact to the living room.

What Ottoman Pattern Goes With A Black Couch?

An ottoman should have a pattern that ties with the couch. If combined with a matching pillow, it should form a geometric pattern that makes everything look like they were designed to go together.

An ottoman with shades on legs and upholstery could be the best match for a black couch.

Can One Mix A Leather Sofa With A Fabric Ottoman?

If you have a black leather couch, you may combine it with a zebra print ottoman. It kicks style into the room.

Also, it is easier to find matching pillows that will make your living room attractive.

What About Having An Ottoman With A Coffee Table?

It is possible to have an ottoman with a coffee table in the same room. If the ottoman serves as a coffee table, then you are likely to have a cocktail. However, you need to take care so that you don’t clutter the room.

The best way to go about this is to place the coffee table in front of the ottoman. It allows you to pull the ottoman whenever the need arises.

If the ottoman is smaller than the coffee table, you may keep it underneath the table when not in use. It helps to keep it out of the way.  A cocktail ottoman can therefore come in handy to hold a tray when serving friends with a drink.

Also, some ottomans come with cushions or wooden trays that you can easily convert into a coffee table or a seat. You can therefore use it to entertain your guests.

Should The Ottoman Match With The Couch In Terms Of Material And Color?

Although the ottoman does not need to be of the same color as your furniture, sometimes it can be embarrassing to buy an ottoman that clashes with your furniture. So, if you already have a black couch, you need a complementary ottoman.

One important thing that you need to remember is that the ottoman gives a class and style to your living room. It enables the visitors to put their feet up when sitting on a couch.

So, whenever you select an ottoman, the color of the furniture is critical and should match with the existing furniture.

Just in case you find yourself with an ottoman that does not match the décor, you can use slipcovers to match them.

But the slipcover you choose must match with the furniture in the room.  If you can find one in contrasting colors, they can complement each other well.

Materials- when it gets to materials, the type of couch should determine the material the ottoman should be made of. For instance, if the couch is made of leather, an ottoman made of fabric can be a good match.

It makes a good mix and match and gives the room a feel of variety.

Does The Scale Matter When Selecting An Ottoman?

The scale is an important factor when selecting an ottoman. So, you will need to look at the size of the existing furniture before spending your money on an ottoman. If your apartment is spacious and you have large furniture, a large ottoman may fall in line.

But if the room is small, buying an oversize couch may not be a good idea. Similarly, it may not add value if you buy an oversized ottoman, yet your furniture is small. 

Paring an oversized ottoman with small chairs may upset the living room balance and make the ottoman look out of place.  So, the rule of thumb is that you should only pair oversized furniture with a large ottoman.

Also, consider buying a sizeable ottoman if you have smaller furniture.               

Also, it would be best if you considered the shape of the couch. Typically, a mixture of shapes could be a good idea. So, ensure to mix and match the shapes. It creates a compelling and complementary visual interest.          

When you decide to buy a black couch, it indicates that you already have an idea of how your living space should look.

The dark color is a dreary impression for most people. However, it is a practical choice for people who do not have time to spend on cleanliness.

So, taking advantage of the other colors makes it less boring and will make your living room sparkle.

Therefore, if you can use the color spectrum, you have enough possibilities to bring out the mood and ambiance you want in your living room.

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