What Color of Countertops Go With Maple Cabinets?

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Maple cabinets are one of the most used kinds of cabinets because of their stain resistance and high-level durability. Even when left unadorned, these maple cabinets do not spoil the reputation of your room; maple’s universality is top shelf.

However, maple cabinets do not go well with quite a few countertops, creating color clashes when used indiscriminately.

This brings to mind a few questions on which colors of countertops go best with maple cabinets in a kitchen setup.

Although maple cabinets go well with many countertop colors, their use depends primarily on the tone of maple present.

From observations, natural and light-stained cabinets prefer to be used with black, slate-gray, medium gray, white, and brown countertops. However, darker-stained cabinets go for the more spicy colors such as Green, red, aqua blue, tan, brown, white, and cream.

Maple cabinets describe the natural woody feel that your room direly needs. However, picking the perfect countertop might be a problem. It is common for people to get indecisive when it comes to issues of choosing home materials.

Nevertheless, the basis of color is compatibility, and there’s always a perfect color to go with another color.

Picking out the color to go with your maple cabinets should not be an activity that wears you out. Understandably, some people may be bad at color choices or insensitive to them.

However, there’s always a guide to walk you through every painstaking process, so you should not fret.

Read on as I will take you through some awesome countertop color options you’ll need to augment the beauty of your maple cabinets.

What Colors of Countertop Go Best With My Dark-stained Maple Cabinets?


Dark-stained maple cabinets present themselves for use with a certain range of classily-colored countertops, which expose the beauty of maple.

In essence, maple countertops in their natural, unadulterated woody color exist as one of the best colors you’d use for your furniture.

However, the key lies in picking other colors to go with it to produce a beautiful balance in the system. Nevertheless, such opportunities become available when you get to pick the color of your Countertops.

There are just a few colors that go pretty well with dark-stained maple countertops producing the required effect.

These colors would include aqua blue, white and cream, tan, brown, and some others. They’ll be expatiated upon in a moment.

1. Aqua Blue Produces a Classy Effect When Used on Countertops Together With Maple Cabinets.

Aqua blue, a dusty soft hue with a green undertone, creates a slight contrast with the golden wood touch of maple cabinets.

This color is inch-perfect when used with these darker-stained maple cabinets, as it blends in very awesomely with it. Aqua blue gives your countertops a natural scent and creates a feeling of ocean comfort all in your home.

In addition, aqua blue stands perfectly even if used with some other colors to create some form of magnificence.

Cool gray, bronze, or copper, if mixed in little proportions with aqua blue on a countertop, gives a warm desirable outlook.

When it comes to dark-stained maple cabinets, aqua blue should be what first comes to your mind.

2. White and Cream Countertops Provide Contrast With the Warm Wood Tones of Maple Cabinets.

Neutral Colors such as white and cream are often put to use in smaller kitchens, and there may be a reason. These neutral and light colors, such as white and cream, produce an effect that gives a sense of space.

This effect is done when the light countertop color reflects light around the kitchen, thus making it feel more open. However, when you pick neutral colors, you should always find something with a stony look to distort the plainness of white.

In addition, these white and cream countertops produce a natural feel when put to use together with a maple countertop. These maple countertops possessing a natural outlook always require something to accentuate the beauty which lies therein.

Therefore, white and cream countertops perform these functions, and the results from them are utterly excellent.

This color pair is one of the most elegant pairs of colors which get used in kitchens with maple cabinets.

The reflective surface it provides for the kitchen setup alone is enough to make a first-time visitor go wow.

If you want a great contrasting look for your kitchen, go with white and cream countertops for your maple cabinets.

3. White Countertops Create an Exceptional Contrast Against Maple Cabinets in Your Kitchen.

White countertops against darker cabinets may be just what you need to establish class in your kitchen environment. Well, if your cabinets do not possess an extremely dark hue, white still goes pretty well with it.

However, a pure white countertop may produce an intense harshness which would not be ideal to the sight, avoid its use.

These countertops produce a top-notch, excellent contrast and expand the outlook of a room, also brightening it up. However, white countertops may make it look larger for rooms that are already large, therefore causing a problem.

Note that an off-white color will do the job better, so you should go for colors close to white, deviating from an original.

In respect, you should avoid using a screaming color on your countertops, resort to color mixes when very necessary.

4. Light Gray Countertops Works Excellently With Maple Cabinets in Varying Surroundings.

Light gray is a very versatile color for your countertops, works in contemporary, rustic, and traditional kitchen designs. These countertops stand so well with dark-stained maple cabinets because of their capacity to offset the dark effects of these maple cabinets.

In addition, this light shade of gray opens up space in your kitchen and makes it feel cozier.

In essence, light gray countertops neutralize the effect and create some normalcy even if your kitchen space is seemingly too large.

Nevertheless, it would help if you were wary of the undertone of gray stones you use to avoid color clashes. The reason is that dark-stained maple cabinets do not stand well with some form of gray if the maple is stained to a certain degree.

Different shades of gray differ in their undertones. Therefore, you should strongly avoid clashes while you’re picking your countertops.

Also, you should make sure to compare your countertops to your maple cabinets even before you make a purchase.

Finally, understand that the right warmth of gray makes all the difference as you pick something nice for your maple cabinets.

What Colors of Countertop Go Best With My Light-stained Maple Cabinets?

When it comes to light-stained maple cabinets, you will need to pay more attention to the color of countertops you pick.

This is because light-stained maple cabinets exhibit a high degree of sensitivity to the colors of kitchen countertops.

In addition, light-stained maple cabinets a dark color provides the needed contrast with the natural woody color being wielded.

Because of its natural attributes, light-stained maple countertops do not patronize artificial outlooks to a certain extent.

Therefore quite a few colors of countertops would go excellently with light-stained maple cabinets.

1. A Black Countertop Pairing With Maple Cabinets Give Your Room the Modern Look You Desire.

A light-stained maple cabinet is given a nice contrast by introducing black countertops; this, in turn, creates a modern outlook. In addition, black countertops merge well with stainless electrical appliances placed in the kitchen.

However, white appliances may not have a great effect on black countertops in most circumstances.

Also, the use of black appliances with black countertops may give the room an undesired heavy feel.

It would be best if you avoided these.

Nevertheless, for some people, black countertops with maple cabinets may prove to produce an excessive contrast. If this is the case with you, you shouldn’t think twice about considering lighter shades of Gray, granite, or soapstone.

2. If You Would Prefer Something Close to Black But Softer and Less Contrasting, Slate Gray is Ideal for You.

Slate gray spans from a lighter to a variant hue of black. However, it gives a similar effect to black.

Slate gray countertops create an extra-modern look when paired with maple cabinets in your kitchen. Although, with certain touches of design, slate gray also does well with traditional kitchens.

Unlike black countertops, it works better with white appliances, although it still carries a heavy feel.

However, some people are uncomfortable using it with their maple cabinets because of its dark tones.

3. Brown Countertops Enhances the Traditional Look of Your Kitchen When Paired With Maple Cabinets.

Brown countertops work better with maple cabinets if you’d rather prefer a rustic look attached to your room.

As is known, brown countertops give great effects with light-stained maple cabinets in contrast with dark-stained maple cabinets.

Unfortunately, these make a room appear smaller than it is, therefore not ideal for use in small Kitchens.

Are Maple Cabinets Out of Date?

Many people love the tone of maple cabinets yet refuse to install them because of the notion that they are outdated. However, maple cabinets are not outdated.

They are resilient to prolonged use, universal, and work with almost any kitchen design and layout.

Most designers would advise that you use them because of their adaptability and durability.

You could change a few things on them when you begin to feel that they’re no longer in vogue.

Maybe repainting or changing the doors to give it a completely new and fresh look.

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