What Color Nightstand Goes With a Black Bed

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When selecting nightstands to pair with a black bedframe, consider complementary colors like black, wood tones, grey, red, or white, and choose a style (modern, traditional, etc.) that fits the room’s aesthetic. Make sure to measure the space to ensure the nightstands fit flush against the bed with enough surface area for lamps and decor.

While matching sets create a cohesive look, mixing styles, and colors can add visual interest. Focus on finding the right proportions, color, and functional features like storage drawers or charging stations to create the perfect bedside accessory that works with your existing decor. Taking the time to properly measure, browse inspiration photos, and test options will help you find nightstands that complete the look of your black bedframe.

Tips for choosing nightstands to pair with a black bedframe:


  1. Select a complementary color like black, wood tones, grey, white, or pops of color that will look good next to the dark bedframe.
  2. Consider the style (modern, traditional, etc.) of the room and choose a nightstand that aligns with that aesthetic through its design details.
  3. Measure the space carefully to ensure the nightstands will fit flush against the bed and provide enough surface area.
  4. Mixing nightstand styles and colors can add visual interest, just be sure they coordinate with the overall color scheme.
  5. Look for functional features like drawers for storage, charging stations, and hidden outlets to maximize usefulness.
  6. Browse inspiration photos and test out options in furniture stores to find the perfect style and proportions for your space.

Black Nightstand

I suppose the first obvious choice is going with a classic black nightstand. It’s a strong color choice but not too overpowering, so it will work perfectly with almost every type of decor. The best thing about this style is how versatile they are. 

I don’t think it’s too overpowering, and the fact that it goes with just about everything means you won’t have trouble matching it with anything else in your home. They look good on their own or paired together with another piece. 

A nice sleek finish makes these nightstands easy to clean and maintain. And while they may seem like a bit much for smaller spaces, they do offer plenty of storage space. So whether you choose them for their looks or practicality, they’ll definitely fit into your budget!

Natural Wood Nightstand

If you prefer natural wood over metal, then there are plenty of beautiful wood nightstand options for you. Some provide a mix of finishes, such as oak and walnut or dark and light woods.

Then there are those with clean lines, smooth planes, and tulip or inverted pyramid bases.

Some USB outlets are hidden in the tops of some nightstands — handy for charging smartphones — making the nightstands even more than just functional.

Grey Nightstands

Adding grey to a room adds depth and dimension without being overwhelming.

Grey has been associated with elegance and sophistication as well as adding visual interest.

When you want to add a little extra personality to your bedroom, grey nightstands are perfect.

The bedroom looks really extravagant with the black bed, but the dark charcoal nightstands help balance it out. The grey dresser and bedding help tie everything together.

Red Nightstands

Red and black have been a favorite color combination for centuries. Red is often used in bedrooms due to its association with passion and love.

This pair of nightstands would certainly get noticed by anyone who walked through the door. 

It’s not for everyone, but if you like to be bold, you might consider this combo. I’m sure you could find other combinations that would make sense for your home.

But when it comes down to it, red and black always work.

White Nightstands

Even if you don’t really like red, a good white might be a pleasant alternative.

Using white nightstands goes well with black beds and headboards because it helps bring out all the details in both pieces.

You can also go lighter with whites, which creates an airier feel.

White can feel relaxing and calming, which is perfect for a bedroom.

White nightstands can also create a more spacious feel, which is ideal for smaller bedrooms.

If you’re looking for something soothing, white might be what you need.

Yellow Nightstand

Yellow Nightstand

Yellow is an interesting color that can bring some life to any room. It’s bright enough to stand out from most colors yet soft enough to blend in with others. Yellow nightstands work especially well with darker shades since they complement each other nicely.

A yellow nightstand can give your bedroom a fresh new look. I didn’t really think this would work until I saw the image above, which really shows off how great it looks.

Green Nightstand

Ameriwood Home Franklin Accent 2 Drawers, Emerald Table, Green

This green nightstand on Amazon works well

If the option for green is available, combining these two color schemes, black and green, is worth considering. 

I think a darker green will work better here than a brighter one. Green nightstands can be very elegant, so pairing them with a simple black bed makes them seem much classier.

It’s another interesting choice that adds a pop of color. There are many different ways to combine black and green, including using a green accent pillow on top of a black bed frame.

Considered Color Schemes

You could consider adding a variety of neutral colors to give that classic country vibe.

Or maybe you’d rather keep things simple and stick with one main color scheme. Either way, you should know how each element will work within the overall design before you shop.

For example, if you plan to paint the walls a bright shade of blue, you probably wouldn’t want to put up any sort of patterned wallpaper.

That said, some patterns lend themselves better to certain rooms than others.

Drawers for storage

Most modern designs nightstands will have drawers for storage. This can be really handy for keeping small items such as jewelry or makeup close at hand.

Drawer pulls are usually included with the purchase of a nightstand.

They come in various styles and finishes, making it easy to match them with whatever style you choose.

Should You Match A Nightstand To A Bed?

When you have decided on a bedroom color palette, there are several factors to take into consideration when choosing a matching set of furniture.

First, you’ll want to decide whether you prefer matching everything together or mixing and matching. Then, you’ll want to determine where exactly you want to place your nightstand.

It needs to have a practical function, it needs to fit in the space, and it needs to be the right height.

It should be at the same level as your mattress but ideally higher by 1 inch.

The first thing you should do is measure the distance between the floor and the bottom edge of your mattress. Make sure that the nightstand has clearance underneath it.

Next, make a note of the width of your bed. Measure across both sides of the headboard and footboard.

Tips on Picking a Good Nightstand?

 Do you prefer modern design? Maybe you like the minimalistic design?

The first thing you need to think about is the overall mood you want in your bedroom. If it’s modern, then go for a minimalist design. If it’s contemporary, try out an eclectic look. If you want it for storage, then opt for a nightstand with a drawer.

The best ones offer ample storage options while also being stylish enough to complement any décor. Here’s a list of tips to help you find the perfect nightstand for your home!

If you’re going to have lamps make sure you have enough room.

Should the Nightstand Match the Headboard?

It’s an option to have them matching and change something later down the road. The other choice would have them separate, so they don’t clash.

You have the choice to have furniture pieces that are abstract, antique, and even bold. However, these choices may not always suit every person.

Some people like design appeal while others will simply be practical and to be practical means everything is marching that is absolutely fine. 

Visit some stores to see what nightstands are available. Some places sell only one type of nightstand. Others carry different nightstands.

Do a little research online to get ideas and inspiration from pictures. Look around your house and ask friends if they know anyone who owns a similar piece.

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