What Color Mirror Goes With a Brown Vanity?

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If you want to add a bit of style to your bathroom, then you might want to consider adding a vanity to your bathroom. Vanities are a great way to add storage space and a place to display your favorite items.

They also provide a nice spot to sit while you brush your teeth or get ready for the day.

Vanities are typically freestanding and can be placed almost anywhere in your home. If you are looking for a vanity that will match your existing décor, then you might want a vanity that has a similar finish.

For example, if you have a dark wood vanity, then you might want the mirror to match. Or, if you have a light wood vanity, then you could choose a darker wood for the mirror.

There are many different types of vanities available, including pedestal, wall mount, and even pull out.

Some vanities are designed to be used as a sink, while others are designed to be used without a sink.

Does the Bathroom Mirror Frame Have to Match the Vanity?


Vanities are often sold along with accessories. They come with mirrors, drawers, shelves, etc. You may not always know exactly how these pieces will look when combined, but there are some things you can do to make sure it looks good.

Accessories should be painted the same and have mirrors that coordinate well. The best thing to do would be to buy all the parts separately, so you don’t have to worry about matching them up later. This will save time and money because you won’t have to repaint everything after installing the new furniture.

When Accessories are identical and match, it can feel like an extension of the room’s design. It makes sense to use the same paint color throughout the entire area. However, this doesn’t mean you must stick to one shade.

A variety of shades work well within any decorating scheme.

A vanity serves a particular purpose. It’s more than just storage. It’s about personality and character. A vanity needs to reflect who you are and where you’re at right now. That means choosing something unique and personal.

Vanity cabinets offer these qualities :

Storage – There’s no better place to store toiletries, cosmetics, jewelry, and other small necessities.

Personality – Your vanity cabinet reflects your taste and lifestyle.

A vanity and mirror are designed to function together to help create a beautiful focal point in your bathroom. When selecting a vanity, think about its size, shape, material, hardware, and overall appearance. 

A uniform look offers lots of consistency with a brown vanity and a mirror. But, you can have other colors and patterns in the rest of the room. Just keep the two elements consistent.

Brown to Match

Keeping the vanity and mirror frame the same color helps tie the space together.

Brown is a classic neutral color that works great with nearly anything else. In fact, it pairs beautifully with white, black, gray, tan, cream, and rustic finishes. Brown also complements almost every type of flooring.

Brown Vanity and White Mirror

A white mirror offers a clean, fresh feeling. If you love the idea of having a large mirror, consider using a larger-than-normal mirror. These days, people tend to prefer bigger mirrors.

They give off a modern vibe and add visual interest to the room. White can go with practically anything. It’s versatile enough for bathrooms or bedrooms.

Brown Vanity and Red Mirror

The boldness of red adds energy to a space. It’s perfect for brightening up dark spaces. It brings out the natural beauty of wood, so it will look amazing with a brown vanity.

Red is very eye-catching and draws attention. A bright red will bring life into even the darkest areas. A darker red offers a softer effect.

Brown Vanity and Blue Mirror

Blue mirrors fit perfectly with brown vanities. They complement each other by adding depth and dimensionality.

A bright blue will make a statement in any setting. Darker blues provide a soft contrast against a light background. The best part? You’ll find plenty of options when shopping around. You’ll find a great selection online, and in-store and will likely see many different styles available.

Brown Vanity and Black Mirror

Black mirrors are elegant and sophisticated. They draw attention away from themselves but still stand out as they do not blend in easily. Black offers you an opportunity to express yourself through design.

If you want to use black, choose one that has some texture, like brushed metal or leather. This way, it won’t feel cold and sterile.

Brown Vanity and Grey Mirror

Grey offers you the chance to play with textures while keeping things simple. It’s easy to match because grey tends to work well with everything.

It looks good with both warm and cool tones. Warm greys are more earthy and cozy than cooler ones which are more crisp and contemporary.

Brown Vanity and Green Mirror

Green mirrors work well with brown vanities. It’s another popular choice among homeowners who enjoy nature. It provides a refreshing change from all those boring neutrals.

You can get green in several shades, including mint, lime, forest, moss, grass, and kelly green. So, you won’t have any problems getting it to match whatsoever.

How large should the bathroom mirror be in relation to the vanity

Generally, you want the mirror to be a little smaller than the vanity. It’s nice to have a bit of separation between them. But don’t worry; there are ways to keep this ratio down without sacrificing style.

It should measure two inches less than the vanity counter. It can also be the same size as the vanity as this will allow you to place items such as towels and toiletries directly below the mirror.

Framed vs. Frameless Bathroom Mirror

An unframed mirror will have the exact same impact on the room, whether it’s framed or not. However, framing does add value to the overall appearance of the mirror. If you’re looking at buying a new mirror, consider how important the frame is to you before making your final decision.

Color conflicts are no longer an issue that could cause be a good reason for choosing a particular shade. There are now hundreds of choices to pick from.

Should you avoid, wooden frames is another thing to think about. Wood is beautiful and timeless. However, it may look outdated after a few years. Wooden frames tend to darken over time and become dull. In addition, wood absorbs moisture and warps over time.

This could be an issue in a humid climate where mold growth might occur.

The most common type of mirror frame is made out of metal. Metal frames are durable and can last for many years. They also come in different styles and colors.


Vanity units offer great style and fashion. They can make a big difference in the décor of your home. The right combination of furniture pieces can create a harmonious space.

Take time to look around at the different styles and designs available today. You’ll find something perfect for your needs and budget.

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