What Color Kitchen Table Goes With White Cabinets?

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When you keenly look around, you will realize that many households have embraced the white cabinet systems in their kitchens. Most argue that the white-painted cabinets are clean, crisp, and adequately fashionable to warrant the “timeless” title.

Yet, it tends to be extremely tricky working with them, especially choosing a matching kitchen table. Thus, if choosing the best color that matches your white kitchen cabinet is the issue, relax.

We have sampled quite a good number of the ones we believe are a great pick for the kitchen.

The most popular colors that can perfectly match the white cabinets in your kitchen include black, light yellow, white, light, and dark (shady) wood stains). One thing you need to bear in mind is that white falls into the neutral colors category. Hence, it can match any given color.

 Thus, it doesn’t matter the color of the kitchen table.  Any color will go along with the white cabinets.

It can sometimes be tricky to find the correct match between your colored cabinets and the kitchen table, particularly if a perfect kitchen is your main agenda.

In this post, we have highlighted some ideas to help you find the best matching colors for the table and the cabinet in your kitchen.

What Is The Best Color For A Kitchen Furnished With White-Painted Cabinets?


Although white virtually corresponds with all rainbow colors, certain colors are much more common or somewhat more visual than others. The ones below are the most appropriate selections:

White – White is universal; it goes particularly well with white. Ensuring a match between your table and cabinet offers you a stunning, cohesive appearance that renders your house a fresh, open atmosphere.

If your kitchen is small-sized, giving it a blend of white will make it seem bigger and spacious. If you detest a wood-stained finish for your table, painting it white will do the trick.

Light Wood colors – Are you fond of the Scandinavian pine and white birch finishes? Hopefully, you aren’t solo. Shiny wooden stains such as pine, birch, and a soft white-grey shade are gorgeous when blended with white-painted wood.

We recommend finding a few stain strips or simply choosing a dining stand that corresponds to your style.

Dark Wooden Stains – Finding a table containing a darker, enriched wooden stain for your pantry could be an excellent idea if you want to include a calm contrast element.

Dark wooden colors such as mahogany, maple, and ebony work best in homes looking for a knock of contrast. It is a stunning selection for those who wish for a more stylish and customary appearance around their homes. 

Black – The painted stainless translation of the dark wood color is what we refer to as black. Like white, black stands out as a daring universal color that brings about a particular mood in your kitchen.

It matches perfectly with almost all kitchen table coloring options while offering your kitchenette a richly deserved distinction; hence, making your table a central focal point.

Black is a great selection, and it does better in more spacious kitchens than in those with limited spacing. Besides, it seems the main focal point in the present setups.

Is It Necessary For The Dining Table To Match With Kitchen Cabinets?

As such, when you are thinking of kitchen décor, it may not be clear to you if the dining table and cabinets in your kitchen should match.

According to our research, various options, obviously, and amazing design selections will go along with any given style. Let’s have a look at what we discovered.

Like cabinet colors and styles in your kitchen, dining tables vary as well. For this reason, you don’t require finding a precise match.

Yet, if you want to put up things together in your room, there is a need for a general style, colors, and weight to combine.\

Our main focus is on specific amazing kitchen cabinet and dining table combos, the argument of why they are a good match, and how you can better coordinate your table and your kitchen cabinets.

Here, space is critically important in this respect. There are different styles for both the large and more spacious, and one that will go well with a small-sized kitchen with limited space.

Whenever you opine about home design, it means less about making things match exactly than incorporating the style and feel.

So, what do you understand by this?

Well, it is all about selecting modern cabinets alongside modern tables and traditional tables for more or less the same conventional cabinets. For a small-sized kitchen, you will need to go for fresh, simple lines.

It would be wise to opt for a dining table covering the space proportionally for the large and more spacious kitchen.

Why Should My Kitchen Table Match With The Cabinets?

As it were, making things look more precisely isn’t necessary here; the best way to go is doing things concerning style instead. The best way to view the type of dining table compared to the cabinets in your kitchen should emphasize class.

Thinking of a general proportion is a key aspect to consider when deciding on a kitchen dining table that will combine with your cabinets. For a small room, no matter the type of cabinet, you will also need a small table. In this case, you will find the white color blending faultlessly.

Aside, a large and more spacious kitchen with wooden cabinets will go well with a white pedestal dining table – both in style and proportionally. Espresso-colored cabinets are considered the trendiest. This rather dark color looks more imposing; hence, it is vital to ensure that you don’t overdo it.

You may also try to incorporate metal and glass in your kitchen furniture. For your pantry to be classier and more elegant, choosing a metal-framed dining table with a glass top can be a great idea as it doesn’t occupy more space in the room. This choice works perfectly with the more common cabinet styles. 

In any case, the design you choose for your kitchenette should suit your individual needs. Whether you opt for the exact match between your cabinets and dining table or choose one based on your favorite style, bear in mind what suits your individual needs.

Proportion, style, and color are all key aspects of a stunning kitchen and dining room.

What Do You Look For When Choosing The Right Dining Table?

In the current open floor planning versions, a kitchen renovation design often involves adding a brand-new dining table in the room – regardless of whether there exists an official dining space or not.

In most cases, you will realize that a freshly looking kitchen remodel outshines the dining area, making it look outdated or dull; hence, you need a facelift to match the two.

When it reaches this end, then you can tell what excites you, right? You need to select a dining table based on size, shape, and proportion.

Unless you want to go fully traditional, there are four basic shapes to pick from – oval, square, rectangle, and round.

  • Oval – This one is considered a softer alternative to the rectangle, which may offer a great way to distinguish the linear design. They are perfect for their accommodative nature—no disturbances for the late arrival guests.
  • Rectangle – it is more or less of a traditional choice. It works better for those expecting large crowds of guests. But it is always good to go for the narrow, not the wider, since it offers a friendlier feel. Typically, 28-inch or wider can be ok.
  • Square – This category is considered more exclusive but increasingly common. Including a leaf is bound to turn the table into one big rectangle when the need arises. Take into account the cool difference of your square dining table bearing a relaxing swing in the center.
  • Round – Yet another cool choice. As the kitchen continues to embrace socialism more, we will see more of this table design in our dining rooms. This trend indicates that round tables look friendlier and offer an even ground for your visitors to hear or see each other. Get one that measures 48-inches (diameter) for four or smaller models with extension parts in case of need. 

Generally, it will be more appealing if the shape of your table corresponds with that of your kitchen area, where it suits you best. For rectangular rooms, opt for the rectangular tables as well or oval instead.

For the square rooms, go for the square tables or round. 

Making things look great in your kitchen will entirely depend on your taste. Whatever you choose to do should bring out the inner feeling of your heart – happiness! If you are fond of a certain particular color or shape, make sure it is proportional to the size of your dining space.

In other words, it is easier for you to choose your favorite color for your cabinets once you determine your flooring type.

You can decide to cool or heat it with not just the paint of your cabinet but your appliances, area rugs, countertops, and stools too.

I hope that is it, but if you want more of these kitchen remodel designs, we are here to help!

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