What Color Kitchen Cabinets with Grey Floors?

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Since you have a grey kitchen floor, it is high time you started thinking about the best matching colors of your cabinet.

Of course, you need shunning colors that are likely to a backlash to make your kitchen look fresh and amazing.

The best colors to match your grey kitchen floor are white, black, lighter-toned greys, and darker-toned greys. You can also ensure good results by pairing a grey kitchen floor with green or blue-painted cabinets. Wood tones or browns like orange or better with warm-colored grey floors too.

What colors are suitable – lighter or darker floors concerning the kitchen cabinets? Must your cabinets and floors match, or is it possible for you to sometimes contrast these colors?

Or are your grey floors getting outdated?

Read on to uncover solutions to all these questions, as well as tips to settling for the most appropriate cabinet color that is a perfect match for your grey floorings.

What Color Cabinets Look Best with Grey Floors?


After highlighting the most appropriate colors for your grey flooring, let’s take a look at each one of them to see how they match. Here we go:

Lighter or Darker Greys – Want to make things safer for you? – Go for the lighter or darker grey shades to match your floor.  For a glossy contemporary appearance, opt for the lighter grey or darker grey color.

Note that the light grey is a good light reflector, thus delivering an airier sense of feeling. On its side, the darker grey soaks up light and offers a friendlier vibe. 

Black – Being a universal color, black does perfectly well with nearly everything. It offers visual distinction with a grey floor while creating a daring statement.

Considering that black is a neutral color, you can adjust the remaining décor throughout the year once you feel tired with a particular scheme of colors.

Add more beauty to your kitchenette by simply opting for satin black color paint. The rather more reflective floor looks shiner and contemporary while at the same time uncovering fingerprints or dirt akin to matte finishes. 

White – If you are looking forward to a brighter and highly illuminated kitchen, choosing white cabinets is ideal. The grey flooring of your kitchen overshadows the furniture, making it look like it is not floating off around the room.

Like black cabinets and grey, it provides a secure alternative as it looks better with any given grey shade.

White and Black – The fact that grey is the resultant color obtained by combining white and black, it looks more sensible to apply both on your kitchen cabinets. Apply black on the islands and white on cabinets.

Or you can still use one on the cabinet top and the other on the bottom. This choice offers the required depth to the kitchen and faultlessly brings together the grey flooring.

Also, it makes it easier for you to decide whether to apply white or black on the cabinets in your pantry.

Do Brown Cabinets Go with Grey Floors?

Like brown concrete or wood floorings, warm-toned floorings (grey) look more appealing with wood and brown tones. If you wish for a more rustic vibe, particularly those living in a cabin or within the mountains, this stands out as the best scheme of color for your pantry.

It combines wood, stone, and gravel, which are available around the outdoors. Thus, it feels akin to a countryside oasis.

A home with an industrial design can benefit greatly from a grey wood and concrete tone cabinet blend. It works exceptionally better if the brick within the kitchen or the dining area remains exposed.

As a final touch, include a few industrial hanging lights above your island; it allows for a more united industrial pantry style.

What Other Colors Go with Grey Floors?

Other great colors that combine perfectly well with grey floorings are green and blue. These two have one thing in common; they represent nature in various ways.

For instance, blue looks calmer and more nonviolent, while green is a reflection of mother earth. They can go exceptionally well with every activity in your kitchen.

If you have grey flooring containing cool undertones, choosing a blue-painted cabinet offers it a new look. Blue is calm, and it provides a stress-free sense of feeling.

If you like preparing food for the family, there is heavy traffic around the kitchen, or you only wish for more space, blue color allows for a more serene kitchen environment.

In a similar spirit, green is a reflection of nature and offers a sense of fresh air. The green-toned cabinets provide a more natural feeling color design by matching it with calm grey flooring.

Amplify this rather innate sense of feeling further by acquiring an indoor herbal garden for the windowsill

What Paint Colors Should You Choose with Grey Floors?

For your kitchen to look livelier and more appealing, the floor, walls, the furniture therein must complement each other.

Choosing colors that correspond to your grey flooring is a great way to achieve that.

In recent times grey floorings have become increasingly on-demand with the home décor industry. You can establish your grey floors using stained wood, stone, laminate, or carpet, among others.

In addition, you can also use various types of rugs or floor mats. One good thing with grey is that it is neutral, and thus, easier to coordinate.

Opting for neutral colors for your kitchen floor provides space for design, furniture, and painting to grab the attention and create multiple colors.

Grey flooring is universal; thus, they are applicable in quite many different settings; such as bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, to name a few.

Hence, it is essential to establish the type of flooring you have before choosing the color to complement it. Whether you have a warm or cool tone of grey, you will need to find something that coordinates better with it.

Neutrals: These are universal colors that work with nearly any space, particularly grey flooring. Applying a lighter or darker tone of grey than your flooring helps to establish dimension around the area.

Adding some whites and blacks incorporates a natural pop within the space in case the floor is grey.

When you incorporate a light design in the room, it spices it up yet still maintaining the décor appealing to everyone utilizing the space. Combining grey floors with grey walls offers a light and soft feel to the room.

Lighter neutrals provide a milder, more peaceful feeling, while the darker provides a more stylish and cooler look.

Applying browns and beiges is not recommended, particularly if your floor is of a cooler grey tone. However, you can opt for greiges and warmer greys. These are a perfect match for brown and beige colors.

The colors are applicable in lights and darks, provided you pair them with warmer grey tones. It also includes combining stones and wood for a friendlier appearance.

Cool tones: The cool greys interlock perfectly with cooler tones once you have established grey tones. Purples, blues, and greens (plus other related shades) are cool colors, which coordinate better with grey-tone flooring.

Combining these colors with grey offers an extremely cooler ambiance and keeps your spirit high. Cool shades match best with various metal types for any given non-fabric finish.

The kitchen consists of a blend of neutral shades and calmer tones within its interior décor. White pantry cabinets compliment grey tile floors with green-toned island bottom cabinets and beige-colored islands. 

Warm tones: Orange, red and yellow are all warm colors, which combine well with the warmer grey flooring. While it is often the case, you will find it more appealing when you add a sense of contrast in some instances.

You will need to use cool-toned floorings paired with soft, warm -voice tones to achieve this. Orange, in this case, does the trick as a contrast to the blue color, which is naturally a basis of a calmer grey undertone.

Warm tones pair well with wood-like tile and natural wood for all non-clothing finishes. The colors are combined with warm grey tones and woods to provide a homely and vibrant feeling in the room.

What Are the Best Wall Suggestions for Grey Color Floors?

In essence, grey is neutral, and you can easily blend it with all other colors. However, it is fairly different for flooring. Finding the perfect color match for your grey floors is quite challenging.

It is easier to select a wall paint color for another kind of floor. If you have grey floors in your house, then you know what we are talking about.

Changing the entire floor of your house or kitchen is not wise as it is expensive and ineffective. The only better and viable thing to do is finding the correct match for your grey floorings.

In this case, here is a list of ten best match colors for your grey floors:

  • White
  • Light Gray
  • Taupe
  • Misty
  • Pale Yellow
  • Sage Green
  • Smoky Blue
  • Dusty Pink
  • Brown
  • Yellow

Using the colors above will bring your kitchen back to life, provided you consider your needs. Everything you do here should culminate into happiness and not agony.

A point to note here is that it goes with any color, and therefore you don’t have to struggle a lot. Just get in place the design you want, and you are all set!

That said and done, you now have an idea of how to match your grey flooring with other colors to deliver a friendlier environment in your kitchen.

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