What Color House Goes with A Brown Roof?

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You might be thinking of painting your house and wonder what color combination will seem great with your brown roof. Color selection needs to be taken into careful consideration when decorating a house as it decides its appearance.

So, which color house to prefer with a brown roof?

Yellow, white, blue, green, terra cotta, beige, and taupe are the perfect house colors to choose if you have a brown roof. When mixed with a brown roof, these colors will give your house a modern and stylish look.

The reasons for their effectiveness will become clear as you read the further article.

Also, I mentioned siding that could go well with brown roofing. So, keep reading.

What Is the Best Color House for a Brown Roof?


From light to dark brown, brown roofs are available in many shades. In this post, you will look at some regularly seen combinations and explain why they work.

By the end of this article, you will probably be able to tell what the right look for your home is.


It makes sense to pair a green with a brown roof. In many residential landscapes, they are harmoniously blended with the soft tones of a forest and a field.

You can also prefer a medium brown shingled roof and a soft mossy green paint color in your home. Adding brown cedar accents and decorative stone enhances its appeal while staying focused on the colors.

Adding craftsman-like appeal to the house are cedar columns and stone pillars, and cedar shakes. Color combinations like these are prevalent in northwest regions, where tall conifers and redwoods grow together.

Green siding complements brown roofs very well. Their nature-inspired shades work well together because they are both colors found in nature. Keep an eye out for the undertones.

Besides, you can also prefer two siding colors in your home. You can go for brown as the accent color and green as the main color. The colors of siding are usually two-toned in this way.

Choosing a roof with a reddish undertone is another option. A red brick would be an ideal match. The brick beautifully accentuates the red of the roof.

Choose a warmer color or make it more contrasting. Designers often use contrast to attract the eye. A cool, muted green siding adorns the building. You can do the green painting in your home using Hemway Smoked Moss.

Taupes And Beiges

A taupe or a beige color may look good on a medium to dark brown roof. Brown roofs go well with these lighter shades of brown. Roofing and half-walls are both done with brown roofs.

In most cases, beige has a slightly yellow- or orange-tinged hue. It’s more color that has a cool vibe than beige in this taupe home. You can also try an exterior color scheme of taupe and chocolate brown for a stunning home exterior.


Brown roofs do well with blue, as it goes with almost everything. Paint your beautiful home with a rich medium blue color. The dark-colored stone contrasts strikingly with the low gray walls and dark brown shingles.

It is also possible to complement the lighter brown roof with sky-blue paint color with white trim to complete the look.

When you get home from work, it’s great to pull into your driveway and see your home’s fresh and sunny look with the blue and brown combination

Terra Cotta

Southwest US homes often feature terracotta-colored paint as well as a brown roof.

The palette is meant to be warm, reflecting the light of the desert sun using the rosy tone of the paint.

Regardless of what region you’re from, this color combination will work well.


The majority of white houses have black roofs or grey roofs instead of brown roofs. If you’re choosing a brown roof, you just need to pick the right shade of white.

The front porch of some homes is framed by solid wood columns framed in white paint, a brown roof, and brown shingles. You can use the porch roof with a dark brown metal look, contrasting the lighter timber framing.

White shifts into warm tones just a little with a bit of creaminess. Consequently, it complements the roof with rich, deep chocolate color. A dark brown garage door and window frame, as well as a classy exterior, provide good contrast.

The design combines elements from both modern and traditional styles. Over the past hundred years, colonial homes have been covered in white siding and a brown roof.

Conversely, Transitional houses can also have more modern design features. At the moment, it’s a look that’s very fashionable. You can’t go wrong with this option. Choosing the brown roof is pretty easy since white matches nearly everything.

My recommendation is to go with a neutral brown that is natural but try to avoid the undertones. You can achieve a clean line and a fresh look with white and brown colors. Using browns and woods on your home should be as natural and muted as possible.


There are a variety of house colors that work well with yellow, including brown roof colors. An almost monochromatic orange and yellow color with a hint of brown work well with the brown roof.

It creates a pleasing contrast between the two colors when combined. You can use various colors and materials in the body of a house. Consider this idea if you want something to complement a brown roof.

What Color Should the Roof and House Match?

Your roof color is probably the best place to begin. The colors you choose may be determined by the climate where you live. A light roof color will deflect the heat better in hotter climates, while dark colors will reflect the heat better in cooler climates.

To start, ask your homeowner’s association whether its rules do not restrict you. If you’re having trouble deciding which colors you like, I suggest you drive around neighborhoods.

There are, however, some basic rules to keep in mind when selecting colors.

Paint colors with cool undertones go splendidly with gray and black roofs. Brown roofs will work well with warmer colors of paint. You might not want your home to make such a statement, but switching it up can work.

Can You Choose Gray Siding with a Brown Roof?

You might wonder if you can redo the roof on your home if it has gray siding or vice versa. Gray siding with brown roofs is rare, though I have seen some stunning examples.

Based on my research, I can safely conclude that gray siding complements brown roofing. The cedar shakes will look exquisite against the brown shingles if you add them to your home.

This entire home has a charming cottage vibe, made possible by the color scheme. You can use gray siding to complement the brown multi-color roof. Those soft neutrals ensure that this unusual roof shingle will not overwhelm the look.

Another option with a lighter brown roof is the beautiful vinyl siding in the pewter. To get the greatest outcomes, you should prefer white as the trim color. The best results are probably obtained by using this combination.

How to Choose the Right Color House with a Brown Roof?

Depending on the type, latex or oil-based paint is used, and it comes in various sheens. Since polyester paint is easy to clean up and long-lasting, it is the most commonly used type of paint.

Additionally, oil-based paint is less prone to blistering and more fade-resistant than acrylic. When it comes to the majority of your walls and household needs, I recommend latex paint.

On the other hand, oil-based paints are best used when priming real wood moldings and trim since they are more effective at sealing dents and knots.

While it dries faster than latex paint, be prepared for longer drying times. Whenever I paint the trim, I start with a shellac primer and finish with latex paint. My preferred brand of paint is Behr, but there are several others available.

In What Color Do Most Houses Reside?

There has been a revival of white homes in recent years. Whitewash is a common method of covering old bricks and turning them into white. A contemporary farmhouse is often built in an urban setting, often in a white hue.

However, other colors are also popular. Deep blues, but not quite navy blues, are also a popular choice. Natural wood accents and white trim complement this rich color.

Likewise, sometimes deep red trim is used on the windows to create a contemporary contrast. In addition to the cream, yellow and gray are also accepted. For each of these colors, you can choose both paint and siding.

No matter what color you choose, I am sure it will look good against the brown roof. When making decisions regarding your home, you should research to prove that you are true homeowner royalty.

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