What Color House Goes with a Black Roof?

Having a house with a black roof is a great idea. Exploring paint choices for your house’s exterior is a logical next step. What are your choices of house color with a black roof?

A black roof goes well with plenty of colors and texture. The most common choices are White, Cream, Most Bricks or Stone Colors, Beige-based colors, all shades of grey, and blue. It also goes well with matte Warm Reds and earthy Brown and Green Tones.

The color black is the most versatile darkest color you can use in anything. Modern architecture design uses black to create elegance, luxury, and sophistication in any space. You can pair it well with any color.

Throughout the past decade, black is often seen in mansion designs and large houses. Black is a prominent color not just in roofs but in the structure as well as the interior of any rooms in modern-inspired houses.

Using black as your roof makes your house more ultra-modern and traditional friendly. You can easily match your black roof with any type of architectural design, like industrial and transitional. You just need to add more decorative elements to your chosen design for your house.

Modern Industrial styles tend to incorporate metal, black and dark grays in their houses. Even in lighting fixtures and furniture. While transitional, use black as a seamless accent to play with different textures and looks.

Having black as your roof color gives your house a classic metropolitan style no matter what other color you choose for the rest of your house. A black roof makes a clear separation from the external design of your house. It will surely give your house the curb appeal you want.

It also can create a smooth transition if you use a third color to mix and match the exterior of your house. Black is a strong neutral color that you can match well with any color palette. It makes any house more chic and modern.

They say that the roof ideally must be darker than the color of your house. What color can be darker than black? A black roof is the darkest color that blends well with anything. 

What colors work best with a black roof?

As an exterior design for your house, it is most commonly paired with White or Cream, Beige based colors, all shades of grey, and all shades of blue. Brick or stone-style houses also often have black roofs. Warm Reds, Earthy Brown, and Green also work well with it.

A white house with a black roof is a classic option and never goes out of style. In using these 2 colors, it features some Victorian-European influences. But can easily achieve a modern, clean look in today’s architecture.

White is the basic choice to pair with a black roof. It brightens up your house but creates the necessary depth and contrast to it. You can further use black as your trim or siding color, and it will perfectly match your whole house.

Modern white comes with different variations that for sure you will like. Aside from off-white, there are plenty of warm whites available now in your local hardware stores. These colors often mix a little bit of cream, beige, and grays but still have the bright white undertone you may be looking for in white paint.

Beige is a perfect brown-based neutral color to choose for your house if you want to use both black and white for the trims of your house. Beige is making a huge comeback. Modern beige has a less striking appearance and blends well with similar neutral colors.

Different variations of beige include increasing shades of brown, cream, or gray (greige). It is up to you if you want a lighter shade of beige or a darker one. It will still work well with a black roof.

Grey, whether it is cool-toned or warm-toned gray, will always go well with a black roof. Your house will have an elegant monochromatic look with a little grey variation.

Your house can have a cool blue-gray variation that will brighten up your house. Or a dark gray-black roof combination that can add a little flair to the exterior feel of your house.

A black roof gives you more options of blue to use as an external paint color. You can choose from light blue to dark navy blues, and it will not clash with a black roof.

What brick and stone color works best with black roofs?

Black roofs match well with any brick or stone type style of the house. Be it a full brick(stone) or a semi-brick(stone) house. Black complements the full texture of bricks and stones in any color.

Black is also perfect for those houses that have a combination of brick and wood siding.

Bricks with cool stone colors like white, off-white, gray, blue, gray-green will always work best with a black roof—even light pastel-colored bricks.

Popular clay-colored bricks like red, brown, and orange will also match a black roof. Since black, like white, is a universal color. It will always complement any type of color.

What other colors aside from neutrals work best with a black roof?

Aside from neutral colors, a black roof mixes well with warm reds and earthy browns and greens. These are color palettes that work well with modern exterior design. These solid hues still provide a striking contrast with black.

These colors work as an accent color only(doors, trims, and siding) or as a full paint color for the house itself.

Warm reds provide a much-needed splash of color among strong neutrals like black. It creates a texture to your house like red bricks. If you do not want a basic neutral color as the base paint of your house, then this is the color to pick.

Dark browns or earthy browns work well with a black roof. It adds more solid color definitions to your exterior house. To balance both dark shades, you can use white for your gutters, trims (windows and doors), as well as front porches and external columns.

Earthy greens, just like dark brown, blend well with the environment. A black roof will further highlight the character of your house. You can also complement the dark shades of earthy green and black by adding white elements to the exterior.

No matter how dark the colors you choose for your house, black will never clash with it. It will always provide a noticeable contrast with any dark colors.

What color house goes with black windows and shutters?

Similarly, all the colors mentioned above can work well with black windows and shutters. More often than not, black roofs also work best with black windows and shutters—even black doors and siding.

You just need to create a color palette by using 2-3 colors for your exterior design. As a foolproof tip, you can choose one strong color (neutral or not) you like best and then work it with black and white as your roof and trimmings.

What color siding goes with a black roof?

Siding colors can either be the same color as the roof or the opposite of it. A black roof with black vertical siding all over the exterior is reminiscent of European-style houses.

White siding is most common because it creates needed contrast in your house, which gives it more dimension and depth in design.

You can also use a lighter shade of the actual color of your house to complement it. Or the other way around. You can use the darker shade of your chosen color for your house.

Is black a good color for a roof?

A black roof is most common in countries that have cold climates. Black roof naturally absorbs heat more than its lighter-colored counterparts. It makes winters more bearable because it helps your house gather much heat needed during that type of season.

With proper attic insulation, it can generate enough heat to contribute to less build-up of stubborn snow and ice on your roof. And it could give you more heat inside your house aside from your fireplace or an electric heater.

Does a black roof make a house smaller?

Choosing a dark-colored roof like black will make your house appear smaller. Black tends to draw attention to the negative space of your house more than a lighter color like white. It further defines the edges of your roof making small houses appear tinier than it is.

You can always pick a lighter color for the structure of your house to balance out the effects of a black roof. Choosing white will create the distinction it needs from the roof.

Even if you paint your house with a color other than white, you can still create more dimension and depth in your house. Choose white as your accent paint for the external lines of your house. This includes the trims, windows, doors, gutter, and downspout of your house.