What Color Hinges and Knobs Are for White Cabinets?

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Painting all cabinets white in your house is a great idea. After getting white cabinets for your house, you might ask yourself. What color hinges and knobs work best for white cabinets?

White cabinets work best on most designs of color hardware (hinges, knobs, and handles). You can use black (matte or flat finish), Brass (gold tone), Bronze, Copper (brown patina), Brown, Pewter (grey tone), Silver, and White. Exposed hinges should match the knobs to create a cohesive look.

White may be the most common color you might choose for your cabinets. But it is the most versatile as well. Modern and contemporary house design gives every house simplicity and practical functionality.

White can be a great base color in any room’s design. Small spaces appear larger when painted with white walls. White and shiny furniture often blend well with any type of flooring.

White cabinets tend to look cleaner and brighter in any room in your house. It is often a safe choice for kitchen and bedroom cabinetry if you do not want to experiment with other colors.

Choosing white as your primary color in a color palette will give you more room for other colors or textures for your secondary and accent tones.

A white environment is a perfect place for accessory furniture or decorations of any kind. It will still appear stylish. It will give your house a trendy look. 

Color hardware on a white cabinet can elevate the look of your cabinets. You can achieve a contemporary look in your house with a change of your cabinet hardware.

There are different types of cabinet hardware. These are hinges, knobs, handles, and pulls. Depending on what you need(and want) for your cabinets, it is useful to know the difference between each. It will help you to know what kinds to use in each room of your house.

What color hinges or knobs works best for white cabinets?


These are the metal colors(or finish) that work best for white cabinets. Black, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Brown, Pewter, Silver, and White.

It is fun to mix the aesthetic of white wooden cabinets with a little bit of metal as your accent color (texture).

These options are trendy and stylish, which works well with any type of interior design.


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Black, Matte Black, or Flat Black Finish, provides a sleek contrast with white cabinets. It instantly gives your kitchen cabinets an elegant design.

Especially if you only use one type of handle on each of the cabinets in your whole kitchen.


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Brass, especially gold tones, gives a classic look on white cabinets and drawers. It works well with light wood furniture like dining tables, kitchen counters, or a bedframe.

Using brass complements with traditional, contemporary, and farmhouse homes.


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Bronze-like rich bronze finishes work well with a kitchen that wants a little industrial or vintage look. It pairs well if you have existing industrial elements in your kitchen hanging lights or in your kitchen faucet and sink.

It even goes well if you have brass kitchen appliances.


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Copper, as well as a brown patina finish, gives your kitchen a rustic or cottage-style type of vibe. It goes well with other antique dark-styled wooden furniture or wall treatment around the house. You can try and search for handles and knobs with a matte finish rather than bright, glossy paint.  


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Brown hardware also works for white-painted cabinets. If you want to stick to wooden elements in your kitchen, you want to play with different colors of wood like chestnut, light wood, or dark taupes.

It will immediately stand out.


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Pewter in gray tones can be easily mistaken for stainless steel, but it has a matte finish. It will also give you the rustic metal antique look in your cabinets.

Pewter gray will make your kitchen cabinets have a clean and modern look.


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Silverworks well with a kitchen that has a cool tone theme all over. Suppose you have a stainless steel stove, appliances, and kitchen faucets. Silver color hardware for your cabinets will complete the look.

Among all these options, white cabinet hardware may be the most classic. It gives a vintage and antique feel.

Most kitchens in the ’90s must have these classic shiny white knobs with some kind of design on it. Modern white knobs feature a simple matte look that can still work with white cabinets.

All these options are available for both hinges and knobs. Also, for hardware like handles and pulls. You need to find a retail hardware store(online or physical) to buy any kind you want.

You can experiment with different types of design by changing all the hardware of your cabinets, whether it is in the kitchen, bedroom, closets, or bathroom.

What are types of cabinet hinges?

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Hinges are the mechanical piece of hardware that holds the cabinet door in place. Its mechanism also allows the cabinet door to open and close effortlessly. There are a lot of different types of hinges.

Different hinges types are Decorative (exposed), Demountable, Heavy Duty, Hidden, Self-closing, and Soft-closing.

Exposed hinges are both functional and decorative. It adds an extra accent in your cabinets aside from the actual knobs. Keeping the cabinet door in place. 

Demountable hinges make it possible to detach the cabinet door from the frame if you want to. Kitchen cabinets can be detachable if they have demountable hinges.

It is easier to clean or repair cabinets with this type of hinge. It comes in single and double demountable versions.

Heavy-duty hinges carry more weight than regular hinges. It has an industrial look and purpose on them. It is mostly used in military and medical facilities. Heavy artisan wood or metal-based doors often have heavy-duty hinges.

It can still be useful in residential environments. Especially for custom-made cabinets that are heavier than most cabinets. Pivot and barrel hinges are the most common heavy-duty hinges.

Hidden hinges are the opposite of exposed hinges and are the most used in today’s cabinet design. It features a seamless, floating, and cleaner outline for kitchen cabinets. Hidden hinges attach to the inside of the cabinet door and the frame together.

Self-closing hinges are an innovative invention of the modern century. It helps the cabinet door to close on its own. It is also called spring-loaded hinges, but some use hydraulic design instead of springs to automatically close.

Soft-closing hinges are like self-closing hinges. But unlike self-closing hinges, a soft-closing cabinet will close the door. But it will not make a sound. It is a further variation of the technology of self-closing cabinets.

Self-closing hinges close on their own but usually make a sound when they do the same.

Soft-closing hinges use hydraulics that would softly close the door with a little push.

Depending on your cabinet needs, you can choose a type of hinge that will work for you. The most popular choices today are the self-closing and soft-closing ones because it has a dual purpose. Exposed hinges are perfect if you want to be a little adventurous (old school) in your kitchen design.

Should all hinges and knobs in white cabinets match?

Cabinet hinges do not have to match the knobs. Most hinges on modern cabinets hide inside the cabinet door anyways.

Unless you have exposed hinges, the color of your exposed hinges should match or at least complement the doorknobs or handles that you will use if you want a cohesive and polished look, especially in kitchen cabinets.

Exposed hinges available today have different colors and finishes to choose from. Companies that make them may already have an existing matching pair for you to buy (more or less).

Suppose you are not a fan of heavily uniformed cabinet hardware. Then you can mix and match them however you like.  

Can you paint cabinet hinges?

You can paint cabinet hinges white. If you really want to or need to. Especially if it already looks a little old, chipped (in color), or tattered but still fully working.

But you have to make sure you are doing it correctly. You can consult your local hardware on how to paint hinges properly.

For a quick tip, the first thing to remember is to remove the hinges from the cabinet to prepare it for painting. Prepping the hinges for paint may include many steps. But you have to do everything right to protect the hinges from rust

Use a rust-inhibiting metal primer, not an all-purpose primer. Ensure that the paint you will put later will adhere to the kind of hinge you have. Make sure to choose top-quality paint to give the hinges a professional finish.

Most modern hinges come in varieties of basic colors like black, silver, gold, and brass. If you wish to paint new hinges, you might alter the existing finish it already has.

It is best to leave painting them out if there is nothing wrong with them. You can find matching knobs and handles to match the hinge colors mentioned.

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