What Color Gutters to Choose

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Choosing the perfect gutter color for your home’s exterior can seem daunting with so many options. But proper color selection can makeover your home’s curb appeal and better integrate your gutters into the overall aesthetic.

Before picking any hue, be sure to check your HOA’s rules on approved colors. Matching your gutters to existing siding or trim helps them discretely blend into your home’s facade while contrasting colors make them pop.

Or go bold with a complementary color scheme, like blue siding with orange gutters, for a vibrant style. And with custom color-matching services, the possibilities for your dream gutter color are endless.

Follow these guidelines to pick the ideal shade that creates a cohesive, eye-catching exterior that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Consider Any HOA Rules or Regulations


Before deciding on a gutter color, check if your homeowners association or local ordinances have any rules about gutter colors. Some neighborhoods prohibit certain gutter colors or require gutters to match the home’s siding or shingles.

Don’t risk having to redo your lovely new gutters later. Know the rules upfront so you can pick a color that aligns with any requirements.

Match Your Home’s Siding

One popular gutter color option is to match your gutters to your home’s siding. Tone-matching your gutters to your siding creates a cohesive, seamless look.

Blending your gutters into your siding helps them fade into the background. The gutters seamlessly become part of your home’s exterior while still serving their functional purpose.

This strategy works best if your siding is a common color that’s easy to match. Common siding colors like white, beige, gray, and blue are readily available gutter color options from most manufacturers. Custom siding colors can be harder to directly match to a gutter color.

But as long as you choose a gutter hue that closely resembles your custom siding color, your gutters will still subtly blend with your home’s exterior.

Match Your Home’s Trim

What if perfectly matching your uncommon siding color proves tricky? Consider matching your new gutters to the color of your home’s trim instead.

Since gutters install near the trim around doors, windows, and corners, matching the trim color helps them blend in. The gutters disguise themselves by aligning with the trim color rather than starkly contrasting against your siding.

This strategy works best if your trim is white, black, or another commonly available gutter color. Custom trim hues can be hard to directly match.

Match Your Roof Color

If your home lacks trim or you want your gutters to stand out a bit more, consider matching them to your roof color.

Matching your shingle or tile roof color is another way to make your gutters feel like a natural extension of your roofline. The gutters seamlessly blend in as part of the roof.

Like matching your siding, this works best for common roof colors like black, gray, brown, or terracotta. Custom roof hues can be tricky to directly match.

Contrast Your Siding or Trim

Sometimes matching your siding or trim color isn’t the right vibe. What if you want your gutters to pop?

Choosing a gutter color that contrasts your siding or trim color can make your gutters stand out while still complementing your home’s color scheme.

For example, white gutters beautifully contrast against the dark blue, green, red, or brown siding. Black gutters pop against the light siding. Copper gutters stand out against white siding.

Like choosing a bold front door color, contrasting gutter colors add eye-catching curb appeal to your home’s exterior.

Consider a Complementary Color Scheme

If matching or contrasting your existing colors isn’t quite right, consider a complementary color scheme. Complementary colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel, creating a vibrant, harmonious contrast.

Some examples of complementary color pairings that work for gutters include:

  • Blue siding with orange gutters
  • Green siding with red gutters
  • Yellow siding with purple gutters
  • Red brick with green gutters

Complementary colors make your gutters stand out while adding bold, beautiful contrast.

Choose Copper Gutters for a Unique Look

Want your new gutters to really get attention? Consider installing copper gutters.

Copper gutters provide a unique, upscale look. As copper ages, it develops an eye-catching, verdigris patina. The patina’s greenish hue contrasts beautifully against any home exterior.

Copper is durable and requires little maintenance other than occasional cleaning. The only downside is the higher cost. But if your budget allows, few materials can match copper’s timeless, luxe aesthetic.

Follow the Crowd with White or Off-White

Unsure where to begin with your gutter color selection? You can never go wrong with white or off-white gutters.

White or off-white gutters are popular for good reason. Their neutral tone complements any home exterior colors. White gutters are a timeless choice that enhances your home’s curb appeal.

White or off-white gutters blend in while still providing a finished edge to your home’s roofline. If you’re struggling to settle on a bolder gutter color, white is a prime default option.

Consider Weather and Climate

The climate in your area should inform your gutter color selection. How will exposure to sun, rain, snow, and other elements impact your gutters?

In sunny climates, heat, and UV rays can cause plastic and paint to fade and discolor faster. Dark-colored gutters like black show weathering from sun exposure most visibly.

Lighter gutter colors like white hold up better to sun exposure over time. White stays clean looking rather than taking on dingy, weathered patina-like dark colors.

In regions with moderate to high snowfall, white gutters tend to show fewer stains than darker colors. They also absorb less heat from sunlight, reducing snow melt buildup that can pool in gutters.

Overall, white and lighter gutter colors make the most sense for sunnier, warmer climates that receive snow. While dark and bold gutter colors work better in more temperate climates with less intense sun exposure.

Look to Your Neighborhood for Inspiration

Not sure where to start choosing your ideal gutter color? Look to your neighbors’ homes for ideas.

Observe which color schemes and gutter colors you like on nearby houses. This gives you a sense of styles that look sharp and integrate well into your area.

You might even spot a neighbor’s home rocking a fabulous gutter color you’d love to mimic. Use other homes in your area as inspiration while you browse color palette options.

Consider the Overall Effect You Want

Before deciding on a gutter color, think about the overall effect you want to achieve. Do you want your home to blend in with the neighborhood for a cohesive look? Or stand out with unique colors that catch the eye?

For a seamless effect, neutral gutter colors that match or complement your siding are your best bet. To make your home pop on the block, choose a contrasting or complementary gutter hue in a bold shade.

Decide the vibe you want, then choose your materials and colors accordingly. An attention-grabbing effect requires bolder color choices compared to a subtle, understated look.

Factor Gutter Installation Cost

Gutter cost depends partly on the material and color you select. While professional installation is the biggest cost, material choices also impact your total expense.

For the lowest-cost plastic gutters, white is generally the cheapest color option. More premium colors, especially bolder hues like black or copper tone, cost a bit more.

Painting adds more cost for extra preparation, primer, and paint. Unique custom paint colors are often the most expensive.

If staying under budget is key, limit your material and color options to affordable choices like white vinyl or aluminum gutters with minimal painting.

Follow Your Home’s Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style should guide your gutter color selection. Follow colors that align with your home’s design era or genre.

For Victorian homes, copper patina or darker wood tones work well. Mediterranean-style homes shine with terracotta tile. Colonial homes feature white, dark green, or black gutters.

Let your home’s architecture steer you toward the appropriate style and color choice. Matching the era’s aesthetic helps your gutters complement the entire exterior design.

Ask Your Contractor for Guidance

Don’t agonize endlessly over all the gutter color options. Seek out expert insights from an experienced gutter installer.

Explain your home’s style and share your color ideas. A gutter pro can advise on colors that work with your house while staying aligned with your budget. They know what hues complement different architectural styles.

Many installers also offer custom color matching. They can paint your gutters any hue you desire to perfectly match or contrast your one-of-a-kind exterior.

Custom Color Matching Offers Limitless Options

Speaking of custom colors, some gutter contractors provide color-matching services. This allows you to choose virtually any gutter color imaginable.

Color matching does add some cost for extra painting materials and labor. But the end result is uniquely colorful gutters in whatever bold or muted shades your heart desires.

If you’ve struggled to search for just the right manufacturer-offered gutter color, custom matching gives limitless possibilities. Why settle for anything less than your perfect color?

Choose a Reputable Local Contractor

To ensure you receive quality materials, seamless installation, and professional guidance on gutter colors, choose a reputable local contractor. Avoid big box stores that contract out to untested independent installers.

Investigate gutter contractors’ online reviews, licensing, insurance, and years in business. Reputable companies stand behind their work while offering you the best combination of quality materials, skilled installation, and expertise.


With all these factors to consider, choosing the perfect gutter color may seem daunting. But following this guide will lead you to make the ideal color selection for your home’s unique aesthetics.

First, check if any HOA rules restrict your color options. If you have free choice, consider matching or contrasting your siding, trim or roof color for a cohesive look. Complementary color schemes also work beautifully.

For a classic, timeless effect, white and off-white gutters always deliver. Look to neighborhood homes for inspiration on styles and hues that work in your area.

Consult local gutter contractors for recommendations on colors that suit your home’s architecture. And for total freedom, ask for custom color-matching to achieve your dream gutter color.

With the right guidance, you’ll select the ideal gutter color to match your home beautifully. Enjoy the process of choosing your custom shade and then admiring how your new gutters enhance your home’s visual appeal.

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