What Color Gutters to Choose

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You decided to upgrade your gutters, but you do not know what color to pick. Or you are trying to build your dream house and need some ideas on how to pick a gutter.

So, what color gutters do you choose that compliments your house color?

You can choose to blend it in by matching the colors to your house or roof. You can make it stand out by matching it with the trim or siding. You can also use a different color for contrast. White, Off white (light colors) are standard colors for gutters.

Every time you see a beautiful house, you immediately notice the exterior style. You notice what primary colors they chose and the complementary colors they picked. How well did it work for the house?

You may even love to recreate the style for your own house. The house might have the same colors as yours. So it is practical to get the same look.

You may admire it so much that you want to copy it in your home in one way or another. So you try to take note of all the colors of the house, even its gutter color, if the color matches with what you have in your own home.

Gutters are an essential part of exterior design. However tiny it may seem to appear on any house. It adds a clean, crisp line to the roof and the structure of the house. It adds dimension and depth that designers use well to develop a stylish accent.

Gutters and downspouts are necessary for weatherproofing your home. It diverts the flow of the water from your roof to protect the foundation of your house. It keeps the water from accumulating on your roof, which can lead to roof water damage.

It can elevate the appearance of your house by using the right colors. You can boost the curb appeal of your house by just picking the perfect colors for it. How do you know what colors to choose for your gutters?

Before you pick what colors to use for your gutter, you need to consult first with your homeowners’ association (HOA) or any similar type of organization in your area.

They may have some basic guidelines and rules about changing the exterior appearance of your house. You may have agreed to specific rules about it on your lease.

How do you match a gutter color in your house?


Matching a gutter color in your house may be as easy as you think. You can quickly draw inspiration from any design style by searching the internet. Picking the right color for your gutters is easy as a click of a button.

Depending on the style you want for your house. You can match your gutter color in five ways.

The first is to match the color of your exterior paint. The second is to match the siding. The third is to match the trim.

The fourth is to match the color of your roof. And last, you can create contrast with your house’s exterior by choosing an opposite color.

Matching the color of your exterior paint will help your gutters go unnoticed. It will also provide a cohesive design for your exterior. You can also use the same color for the external columns if you want to achieve a monochrome look.

Exterior paint can also come in two colors. You can match any of those two colors to your gutters. It will create some needed contrast that is visually appealing.

The siding of a house is the exterior vertical boards used on the edges of the house. Matching your gutters with the color of your siding helps it to blend in and be unnoticeable.

Suppose your siding is in high contrast color with your house. Having the same colors for your gutters will provide a seamless vertical and a horizontal outline for your house. It will draw anyone’s eyes to the simple but clean edges of the design.

Matching the trim is like matching the color of the siding of the house. It provides an accent color to your exterior. Matching your gutter and downspout with your house trim also creates beautiful directional lines on your house.

Having the same color for your roof and gutter is common for modern, art deco, contemporary homes that do not have a trim. It will make your roof stand out, thus drawing the eyes upward.

Using contrast color creates dimension and a dramatic flair to the architectural style of your house. If you want to add a striking charm to your house, then use high contrast colors.

Here is an extra tip. As a design rule, choose only 2-3 colors to mix and match your exterior house. Having a color palette will keep your design ideas structured.

What are the best color combinations for house colors?

Colors, in contrast, provide visual depth to any landscape. Houses are no different. Playing with opposite colors creates a vibrant look to any type of house. It also for sure adds more curb appeal to it.   

To give you general ideas on how to mix and match colors. Here are some of the best color combination examples.

A blend of blues and grays mixed is very popular for modern homes.

Often, exterior house accents (sidings, trims, gutters, and downspouts) will be in light gray or light blue. And the roof color will be darker (dark grey, dark blue). For a contrasting flair, gutter and spouts can also be dark grey to match the roof.

Monochromatic exterior styles can match with grays, blues, and greens greatly. Green may offer the most dimension of all three. You can use different tones of greens like sage, forest green, and olive to bring earthy tones.

Earthy tones of green match well with colors like gray, white, and black. These neutral colors can be perfect as your roof color, also for exterior accents like gutters, trims, and siding.

The off-white and gray combination gives the exterior design a classic light and airy look.

The light color combination adds brightness to the house. It usually stands out in daylight more. With the help of proper lighting, It can also be beautiful at night.

Offwhite siding includes other similar neutral tones like beige and cream. With a light neutral exterior paint, you can choose a dark grey roof. Trims and gutters can both be white to isolate the dark roof color, thus achieving a clean line design.

Choosing dark blue as exterior paint with white trim is very common in the last decade. Using white gutters and spouts for this combination creates a beautiful and bright outline for your house. Adding dark grey or black roof can make the white lines of your house stand out more.

Other houses feature different types of exterior walls. The use of red brick is widely popular to add texture and depth. It may seem to be difficult to match colors with red bricks.

Red bricks work well with basic colors. Colors like white, gray, and black. It is best to use the same colors for your gutters and spouts as well.

In choosing a color for the gutter and spouts, you only need to remember two things. One is to blend it in with the house colors or to make it stand out by using a contrasting color. Varieties of white, gray, and black work best with most house colors.

What is the most popular gutter color?

White, off-white, and other light-colored gutters seem to be the most popular choice for standard homes. Homes that have the same color for trims and sidings.

As mentioned, it creates a clean, crisp, bright outline for the entire house. White accents brighten up the whole exterior of the house and make it stand out.

Gutter colors for red brick houses can follow the basic colors like white or dark. You can also introduce a new color that matches the red brick tones of your house. You can use musket brown or other complementing undertones to match a brick home.

Cream and grey-colored gutters are also popular for those who do not want too much white in their homes. You can pick colors like cream, antique ivory, and wicker for cream-based colors. And Pearly, CB, and Tuxedo Grey for the warm grey type of colors.

Is painting gutters a good idea?

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Painting your gutters is a good idea if you have an aluminum type of gutter. You can easily follow a color you found online to change the external look of your house. It gives the exterior part of your house an instant makeover.

Repainting and cleaning gutters make the house look new. Make sure that you are doing it properly, though. You want your gutters to be visually appealing and still effectively weatherproofed.

It may not be a good idea to paint other types of gutters like vinyl, zinc, steel, and copper. Check your gutters or call professional service to expertly check your gutter if you are unsure which type you have. They can also give their professional opinion if you can paint your gutters.

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