What Color Gutters for Brick House?

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Choosing the perfect gutter colors for your brick home can be puzzling with so many options. Should you match or contrast the brick?

How do materials and durability factor in? What colors increase resale value? This comprehensive guide has the answers. We provide specific recommendations to match cool grays with sleek black and warm reds with radiant copper. You’ll learn the aesthetics of coordinating versus contrasting colors to make your gutters pop.

Practical tips will help you abide by HOA rules and select lasting gutter materials. And for selling made simple, find out which on-trend gutter colors buyers crave. With insider insights on crafting curb appeal, turning your home into a showstopper has never been easier.

Keep reading to unlock the complete palette to paint your brick house in its best light with striking gutter hues.

Tips on gutter colors for brick houses


  1. Match gutters to the undertone of the brick – go with brown or copper for red/orange brick, white for white brick, and black for gray/brown brick. Matching the undertones creates a cohesive look.
  2. Consider matching the gutter color to the trim color instead of the brick, to make the trim pop rather than the brick.
  3. Look at matching the gutter color to the roof color if your roof is a visible element in the home’s design.
  4. Darker gutter colors like black and brown tend to hold up better over time than light colors like white.
  5. Check with your HOA before selecting a gutter color, as some associations restrict the colors allowed.
  6. Painting worn metal gutters can refresh their look. Use a high-quality outdoor primer first for best results. Avoid latex primers with ammonia.

Match or Contrast?

A key consideration is whether you want your gutters to subtly match the color scheme of your home or make a dramatic contrasting statement. Matching gutters to your brick, trim or roof can provide a cohesive, uniform appearance. Contrasting colors are bold and eye-catching. There are benefits to both approaches when selecting gutter colors for your brick house.

Best Gutter Colors for Brick Houses

Here are some of the most popular gutter color choices for brick homes and how they impact the aesthetic:


Copper gutters brilliantly complement the rich red and brown hues found in many classic brick designs. The natural patina finish has a timeless elegance perfect for traditional homes. Copper pairs beautifully with red and brown brick while adding a pop of brightness against darker gray or black brick.

Over time, copper will take on a verdigris patina. To maintain the original copper color, gutters can be spray painted with metallic copper paint. Copper offers a seamless, integrated look, making it one of the top choices for matching gutters to brick exteriors.


For brick homes with red or brown undertones, brown vinyl gutters are a budget-friendly alternative to copper with a similar color palette. The dark brown has a traditional, rustic feel that blends nicely into brick exteriors. It’s a flexible, neutral shade that complements most brick colors well. Brown gutters give a seamless, unified look when matching the brick tones.


White gutters provide a clean, fresh contrast against richly-colored brick designs. They work exceptionally well to accent both light and dark brick exteriors with a modern touch. White draws the eye upward and highlights other exterior details like the trim and roof. For red brick homes, white gutters add crisp definition. With gray and white brick, white gutters blend in seamlessly.


Black gutters make a serious style statement with the dramatic contrast created against brick siding. The deep shade frames and defines the exterior for a bold, polished look. Black pairs especially well with gray brick but also looks sharp against red brick. Black gutters help anchor the exterior and emphasize other details like white trim. Their sleek appearance adds elegance to both traditional and modern brick homes.

Matching Gutter and Brick Colors

Matching your brick and gutter colors can provide a cohesive, monochromatic exterior that highlights the design elements of the home. To blend gutters into the exterior:

  • Choose copper gutters for red brick houses to match the warm, rich tones
  • Try brown for homes with brown brick siding for an integrated earthy look
  • Opt for white gutters on white brick houses for a seamless light exterior
  • Go for black gutters on charcoal gray brick designs to extend the dramatic shades

Matching Roof and Gutter Colors

Since roof colors tend to be more limited than siding shades, they offer a handy shortcut for selecting coordinated gutter colors. Typical roofing materials like asphalt shingles come in neutral colors like black, gray, brown, and beige. Matching vinyl or metal gutters to the roof color creates a cohesive exterior.

For example, pair:

  • Black gutters with black asphalt roofing
  • Brown gutters with brown roof shingles
  • Gray gutters with gray asphalt roofs

This approach works well for non-standard roof colors too. For instance, pair green metal gutters with green standing seam metal roofing.

Matching Trim and Gutter Colors

Linking your gutter color to the trim or fascia color is another technique for making your gutters blend with your home’s exterior. If you have white trim and want your gutters to coordinate, choose white gutters. This creates an integrated look.

Accenting the vertical lines of gutters and downspouts with trim paint can further extend the matching color palette. A house with blue trim could have matching blue vertical gutter stripes.

This approach works well if your brick exterior lacks trim or if you want the trim to stand out more than the brick. The matched colors connect the features while allowing the brick to fade more into the background.

Contrasting Gutter Colors

Making your gutters a contrasting color to your brick exterior creates visual interest through color blocking. This eye-catching approach highlights the gutters and adds dimension to the home’s look.

White and black gutters make a bold statement against any shade of brick. The contrast frames the exterior and calls attention to the textures and colors of the brick and other details.

Darker shades like black and brown also deliver a strong contrast against white brick. Copper gutters provide a lively pop of color against neutral light gray brick.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with colors that complement the undertones of your brick. Deep red gutters would make the reds in the brick dance. Robin’s egg blue gutters would enhance the light gray-blue brick.

Picking the Right Materials

The look and durability of your gutters will depend not only on the color but also the material. Here are some top options:

  • Aluminum – Budget-friendly, low maintenance, available in standard colors
  • Vinyl – Affordable, easy to clean, comes in many hues
  • Steel – Strong, rust-resistant, requires refinishing over time
  • Copper – Beautiful patina, naturally mold/mildew resistant
  • Zinc – Lovely matte gray look, fully recyclable
  • Wood – Rustic appeal for cottage styles, requires refinishing

Get creative combining materials and colors like copper gutters painted black for an industrial modern vibe. Talk to gutter specialists about the best types for your home.

Design Tips

Follow these guidelines when selecting your gutter system:

  • Check with HOA for any restrictions on styles and colors
  • Pick colors that complement your color scheme
  • Match gutters to siding or roof for an integrated look
  • Make gutters contrast strongly for dramatic aesthetics
  • Use paint to create custom gutter colors
  • Consider how gutters will look with future exterior updates
  • Weigh durability and maintenance needs of gutter materials
  • Get input from designers on optimal visual proportions
  • Use downspout colors to extend your color palette

Gutter Colors to Increase Resale Value

A gutter update using trendy colors and quality materials can increase your home’s resale value. When selling a brick house, here are some gutter color ideas buyers will love:

  • White for a light, airy look
  • Black for modern elegance
  • Copper to accent traditional styling
  • Match roof shingles for visual flow
  • Contrast trim colors for definition
  • Wood grain for cottage charm
  • Metallic shades like bronze and silver for glam
  • Neutral tones like beige and gray for versatility

The right-colored gutters can help make your brick exterior look its best while protecting your home. Whether you want matching or contrasting hues, the color you select for your gutters and downspouts will need to stand up to the weather while complementing your brick facade.

Take time to consider how the colors will work together to create the exterior statement you want before investing in a new gutter system that transforms the look of your home.

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