What Color Gutters for Brick House?

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Close to every section of a home’s exterior performs more than simply a practical role. And the gutters are not an exception since their colors always influence a dwelling’s image.

With that said, what color gutters fit a brick house?

Several gutter colors can fit a brick house, and they include white, black, brown, and many more. However, choosing a shade always depends on personal preferences. And thus, in case the three do not match all your needs, then you can consider choosing a different shade.

If you always have a hard time getting a perfect color match, then this post is for you. I’ll discuss the colors in detail and also take you through a lot regarding the gutters.

So, keep reading to learn more!

Should Gutters Be the Same Color As a House?


Gutters can be the same color as a house. Besides, it can be perfect to have the gutters blending in seamlessly with the siding of your property. The gutter always operates in front of the siding.

This implies that they are likely to be invisible if they have the same shade. However, at times you may not get the precise shade to match with the siding. And you may assume that blending them may seem unappealing or irritating.

In such instances, it’s nice to choose gutter hues that match the trim or fascia. Any time you upgrade your residence with different gutters, there are things you need to think about. That is the appearance and functionality.

Generally, seamless gutters that are protected are a great choice when it comes to functionality. However, the color options can be less apparent. Furthermore, people do have different ideas when choosing gutter shades for their dwellings.

Some individuals always like those matching their fascia or trim, while others go for those fitting their siding. Gutters which blend with the trim or fascia are less likely subtle compared to the other ones. Moreover, at some point, your gutter may move against the trim.

And since you are putting in a contrasting shade, there is less or no risk related to the design you choose. Still, you can match the gutters with the trim if you have stone or brick siding. This is because it will be close to hard to get a color that matches well.

What Color Gutters for Brick House

There are a variety of color gutters that you can have for your brick house. And they can make your home look amazing. Here are some of the best ones;


Gutters with these colors are always unique and can work with different kinds of siding. This comprises a brick facade. The best way to add a neat, attractive, and open taste to a brick house is to introduce white gutters. This will add amazing style to your residence. 

Besides, some gutter firms do come in white and thus, lowering your work time greatly. And in case you have a choosy homeowners association, the white gutters may be the only ones approved.


This color can make your residence have a framed view which stresses the act of being tidy. Painting the gutters black is extraordinary and a convenient way to go with the dark colors.

And just as the black accents in your home, black gutters are a great way to see that you get a beautiful sensation.

Many a time, gutters with this color can work perfectly with the grey bricks. Though, there’s nobody who’s preventing you from testing them on a red brick house.


These gutter colors are almost related to the ones made of copper. They are also much cheaper and can provide a similar type of amazing look. The one you can still get on copper gutters.

Therefore, if you are finding it difficult to acquire copper painted gutters or copper paint, you can try out brown. Remember, convenience is what many individuals look for. And if you are among those who need to change your brick house in a forestry escape, you can opt for this color.

Is Painting Gutters a Good Idea?

It is okay to have the gutters painted. Although they are not normally considered as an outstanding part of a home, this does not imply that you can’t paint them. If you need to restore a worn-out gutter or you want to switch your residence color, you can paint them with a color you appreciate.

However, you should realize that gutters are normally made differently. Aluminum ones are the simplest to paint since they do bond well with the correct paint.

And when you do the painting as required, it can go for many years without getting affected by rust or even peeling.

Besides, it is easy to color these gutters, though you need to ensure you acquire the right primer alongside the paint. On the other hand, vinyl gutters do come in different hues, but they aren’t simple to paint.

A majority of firms do not approve of painting them since the finish is not designed to be painted.

Still, you can decide to paint yours if that’s what you prefer.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Gutters?

There are different kinds of paint that you can use on your gutters. Moreover, It is also fine to go for any normal exterior latex paints. And you can still use these types of paints outside your house.

You can use them on the gutters, provided you prime them as required. Therefore, when you obtain the correct type of primer, it will make a big difference. That’s in case you need a long-lasting quality finish.

You can avoid the latex primers with ammonia and opt for the acrylic bonding primer. Take note that this is a clear one. Even though they can be so convenient, you should avoid using a primer combo plus paint.

This is because they normally have ammonia. Thus, getting a primer that doesn’t have it is very crucial.  And it’s because when it’s present, it can react with the oxidized aluminum.

This can then result in bubbles forming beneath the paint. So, to avoid wasting your time on the wrong primer, just be smart and go for a clear acrylic.

How Do You Choose a Gutter Downspout Color?

You can choose a gutter downspout color based on your personal preference. When you get the right color, you’ll not only complement your home’s exterior but also highlight specific characteristics.

And when selecting a gutter system, you need to opt for one which offers several colors.

This enables you to obtain a perfect fit for your preferred style and residence. Lots of property owners do choose an off-white finish or just white color. Some always select white since they like the way it looks.

And others take it because they are not certain about the color they should choose. This doesn’t mean white is often an incorrect color choice for your gutters, and it’s only dependent on the look you need.

Moreover, design experts do advise matching the gutter’s color to the trim or roof.

How Do You Match Gutters to Your House?

You can match the gutters to your house in 4 different ways. And they are as follows;

Match them to Your  Residence’s Exterior  Paint

In case you want the gutters to blend well with the external parts of your home or be hidden, match it to the paint or siding. Though if the color of your house is fully custom, you will have a hard time matching them. Still, you are likely to get closer if your house is red, forest green, beige, or grey, among other basic colors.

Thus, you can be in a position to match the gutters.

Try Matching them With the Trim

With a trim in your home, you can do the match easily since it is among the few standard shades. And this is how you will also buy the gutters. You need to get either white or some standard shade gutters to match the trim.

Furthermore, the gutter’s vertical and horizontal lines complement similar lines, just like your home’s trim. The gutters will be more amazing than just matching them to the siding. And you can still give some excellent contrast and dimension to your residence.

Match With the Color of the Roof

When a house lacks a trim, you can consider the color of your roof. Besides, many contemporary houses do not normally have a trim, and thus, matching with the roof is a common alternative. You can get some roofs in standard shades, and this is simple to match.

In case you have a custom hue or another consisting of many colors, you can choose one for your gutter—for instance, a combination of browns and grey or blue and green.

Still, if you do not like these techniques, consider going for a shade that can establish a contrast at the exterior of your home.

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