What Color Furniture Goes With Light Hardwood Floors

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Light hardwood floors are a common option across residences of all kinds of styles. Furthermore, choosing the right color furniture to match them is very important.

Therefore, what color furniture goes with the light hardwood floors?

There are a variety of furniture colors that can go with the light hardwood floors. For instance, grey, brown, black, deep purple, light blue, white and beige. However, you also need to consider your home’s wall and ceiling colors to get the perfect look you yearn for.

This article will take you through the types of color furniture that blends well with light hardwood floors. You’ll also understand a lot more regarding the floors, and this will allow you to make the right choices in the future.

Let’s get started!

What Color Furniture Goes With Light Hardwood Floors?


Several color furniture can go with light hardwood floors. Some of the best ones are as follows;

Deep Purple

Deep purple is a great color when you blend it with another exceptional color. And it can make your room look amazing. Moreover, it also adds a focal point to your house.

Light wood floors make contrast with the deep hues. Thus, you can attempt blending your furniture with the deep purple and taupe tones. This will enable you to get a unique view.

You can have a deep-colored couch or a taupe and deep purple and then blend it with a mat and center table color. Though you need to ensure it matches your wall’s color.


Grey can give more taste to your room when you pair it with light wood floors. Moreover, it can complement the white color on your ceiling and the wall alongside your floor. Consider blending a grey mat, a sectional couch, a white ceiling, and a wall in your living room.

This looks awesome, and I guess you will like it. Moreover, a cream or grey kitchen cabinet will make your decorating task look perfect.


This color is fashionable for furniture. It normally blends well with a majority of colors, and this is unlike the others. Consider choosing a dark brown color when it comes to a rug and sofa.

Surprisingly, the dark shades always work best compared to the light colors. They allow your room to get the elegance it needs. Thus, you can get a dark brown center table, mat, and sofa for your sitting room.

Though you need to ascertain that the wall blends with the brown color.


Using black implies you go for the dark shades. You can introduce a black kitchen cabinet, silver brittle center table, a deep brown mat, and a glossy black sofa to your house. This will enable the room to get a modern setting.

However, you need to know that having too much black can result in pessimistic energy in your space. Besides, black does go with the light colors since they complete each other.

And when using the color with light wood floors, consider confirming that both the wall and ceiling are not black or dark.

And this is because it can make your house seem darker and faint.

Light Blue

You need to ensure your wall is painted grey and the skirting boards are white. Moreover, if you prefer having a shelf in your space, allow it to be white. And a center rug with a cream look plus a leather sectional couch or light blue linen.

In case the wall is white, don’t worry, it’s also great. This color can blend well with light hardwood floors. Thus, it will give the wall a trendy look it’s entitled to.


While dark-colored furniture can go well with a light wood floor, white can still look great. Though at times, white isn’t a priority to many since the floor is brighter. And in case you do not blend the white shade properly, it can be so irritating.

Therefore, when you use this color for the furniture, make sure you do not exaggerate it. Having all white for your couch, wall, and ceiling can be too much, and you have to be extra cautious.

However, for the kitchen cabinet, white can go perfectly with light hardwood floors.

Beige Color

When using this color in your house, ensure you paint your wall either grey or white. Your ceiling also needs to be white. You can then go for a sectional couch having a beige color. Then position it with a creamy center mat.

Make sure the color of the mat goes with the couch’s hue. Still, you can opt for a wooden or glass center table with the same shade.

What to Consider When Selecting a Furniture Color

When selecting a furniture color that can match your light hardwood floor, you should take note of the ceiling and wall color. If you don’t do this, you may find yourself acquiring a furniture color that doesn’t fit the two. And I believe you wouldn’t want such an encounter.

For you to get an amazing look, you can use furniture that will complement them.

How Do You Choose Dark or Light Wood Floors?

Choosing between dark or light wood floors depends on your personal preferences. You can assess your choices keenly and identify both the long and short-term advantages. Consider making the best choice since if you opt for the wrong one, you may unknowingly create extra work.

This can impact your home’s resale value. And if you find it hard settling on one, or you may need to swap after some time, then you can go for light wood—for instance, oak.

You can stain such kind of flooring using a dark finish. Still, you can keep it light using clear oil. In any case, you need to switch everything. You can sand it down and then refinish it.

This will change its appearance as you uphold the amazing natural quality.

What Colors Go Well With Light Wood Floors?

There are lots of colors that go well with light wood floors, especially when it comes to the walls. Here are some of the best wall colors you can consider;

Warm Colors

The warm colors are intense, and you can easily detect them. This is because you can see them with a longer wavelength which is distinct from the neutral and cool colors. And thus, you need to use them and even mix them cautiously.

Additionally, you can derive some warm shades from the primary colors. These colors do include red, orange, and yellow. They can make you recall some things, such as the sun.

Especially when it sets or rises. You can match your warm wall shades with the floors having cool and light hues. This only means you can use a striking wall shade and mix it with a cool-colored floor.

Cool Colors

They are majorly connected to nature, like the plants, sky, and water. In case the light hardwood has some indications of warmth, consider going for a cool colored wall. Examples of this color are shades of green such as genuine green and dark green and also blue and violet.


They include grey, brown, beige, and also white. And they complement the other shades, which provide the environment a blend. These shades can allow you to unwind from the intensity given by sharp, cool, and warm colors.

Furthermore, they always let the space look quite big than the normal size and even give an airy atmosphere. Although lots of homeowners believe neutral colors are dull, they are a good option for interior design. The reason being, extremely loud and bright shades can make your home look awful.

Also, while the room offered by this kind of color is more of an illusion, it’s helpful—the dark ones comprised of cocoa and chestnut. And when using them, you need to make sure the walls are at least two tones lighter.

As for white colors, they can blend well with all the light hardwood shades. Further, a majority of the white paints have a small number of various shades. Take note that white is mainly desirable if the wood flooring has got a cool tone.

The most common shades of this color are chantilly lace, super white, and swiss coffee, among others.

Can You Put Dark Wood Furniture on Light Wood Floors?

You can certainly put dark wood furniture on light wood floors. Moreover, the simplest way you can match your floor and furniture is to place the dark items on a light floor. And the light ones on dark floors.

A light wood flooring can give a great balance to your furniture. However, the dark flooring can allow the light furniture to stand out. At times you may try matching the wood colors in your residence, and it won’t look excellent.

This can make you feel discouraged. However, if you concentrate on the furniture and wood floor, you can have a perfect look. This can only happen if you give your best.

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