What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors?

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Consider many factors when selecting home furniture. A critical consideration is the color of your flooring, including how it might coordinate with it.

It is important to know what colors of furniture complement dark wood floors or if you plan to install them in your home. So, what color furniture goes with dark wood floors?

You can match dark wood floors with almost any color furniture, including different types of wood, depending on your preference. However, the top recommendation of furniture colors that you should choose with the dark wood floors is white, yellow, wood, blue, brown, gray, black, mix, and violet.

Further, to learn how to choose the best furniture for your dark wood floors, keep reading. You will also learn whether or not the dark wood flooring is still trendy.

You will additionally discover whether the color of your furniture should be the same or not.

What Is the Best Furniture Color for Dark Wood Floors?


Dark wood floors go well with furniture of nearly any color, including various wood shades. However, you must consider many factors, such as the color of the walls and the atmosphere you want to create.

Darker colors give a room a cozier feel, while lighter and brighter colors brighten up a dark room. To complement your dark floors, you can choose furniture in the same color or pick a softer shade to set them apart. Mixing wood tones is also an option.

Don’t forget to consider the color of the legs on your sofa and chair. If you want to select those colors that will blend well with the flooring, prefer dark woods.

Choosing between the two options is purely a matter of preference.

Wood Tones

It’s pretty much possible to match the color of your wood to your dark floor, but light wood looks great. Dark wood floors are perfect with a light wood coffee table, cabinet, or couch leg.

Dark hardwood furniture will also look good with the medium wood shade. In the case of a living room with dark hardwood floors, you may wish to choose couch legs that are of a medium wood shade.

There is enough contrast between the couch leg and the floor color. Decorative pillows of yellow color are a superb choice if your couch is greyish. Further, your room will be more beautiful with indoor plants.

Dark hardwood floors go well with dark wood furniture. Creating a coordinated look will make the overall design cohesive. When you have dark hardwood floors in your living room, you can keep a dark wood coffee table.

Under the coffee table, place a greyish rug. Try using draperies that will be greyish in your living room if you have windows. Install a beautiful pendant light on the ceiling, which should be gray. You can enhance your dwelling with these colors and styles.


White color furniture would be appropriate for a living room with dark wood floors. Adding some decorative pillows to a white sofa will look nice. Your preference is to keep a completely white rug.

If you want to decorate your living room in white color, you can keep a white chair. You will have a cool and modern look to your residence with the white color furniture set against dark floors and walls.

If you want to add a white sofa futon to your room, try the Novogratz Brittany Sofa. You’ll love the Novogratz Brittany Sofa because it’s different from other couches.

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon - Premium Upholstery and Wooden Legs - Grey

With the Brittany Sofa, Novogratz offers one of the most versatile and customizable sofas on the market, thanks to its incredible versatility and multiple customization options.

In addition, it is sleek and contemporary in appearance. With sections that connect via galvanized latches, the couch measures 81.5 inches long and 34.5 inches deep.

There are 12 colors to prefer, and the upholstery fabric is woven with olefin fibers that offer resistance to stain and scratch. The Novogratz Brittany Sofa will surely make the whole look seem elegant.


Your living room can look great with a yellow sofa if it has dark hardwood floors. Make sure that the couch has dark hardwood legs and a dark hardwood frame. Adding it to your living room will give your space a sunny burst of color.

Besides, ceiling lights can be hung in white and will look good. With the grey rug and the white center table, the combination is beautiful.

Also, try keeping the table legs and floor similar in color. Color combinations like these will enhance the value of your home.


With dark hardwood floors, you can also pair blue colors. You can decorate your living room with blue and white decorative pillows on a blue velvet sofa. Your living room should have white and blue draperies if you have windows.

You should keep the color of your walls light. You can heighten the appeal of your home with these color combinations. These light and dark tones create a modern look and contrast each other.

If you want to add a blue futon to your furniture, go for the DHP Ivana Tufted Futon. DHP’s Ivana Tufted Futon is a great affordable sofa for your first apartment or home.

DHP Ivana Tufted Futon, Blue Velvet

Three people can comfortably sit on this 81-inch long and 34-inch-deep slipcovered sofa, which comes in seven colors to suit your decor.

The frame is made up primarily of wood, featuring real and manufactured woods and pocket springs and foams for comfort and support. Those with children or pets will appreciate how easy it is to keep this couch clean.

If you get it stained or dirty, you can machine-wash the cover. For those who desire to alter the appearance of their covers, DHP also sells replacements. In addition, the back cushions can be turned around so that the wear and tear are evened out.


Various colors will seem exceptional on dark wood floors if you wonder what furniture goes with dark hardwood floors. Dark hardwood floors look good with brown colors.

If your living room contains dark hardwood floors, you can also put a brown chair and a brown leather sofa. If you place a dark brown couch on this type of floor, then the room will appear darker. Therefore, light brown sofas are best to choose.


Besides black couches and black coffee tables, you can also choose a black dining room table if you have dark hardwood floors.

When the furniture and floor color are dark, you probably think the entire room will look dark and dull. However, it is possible to overcome it with a colorful rug.

Consider placing a carpet beneath the black coffee table. As a result, the colors will contrast. Make sure the pendants you hang are white. In this way, you will love the look of your room.


Grey could be a wonderful choice if you need a neutral color for your furniture. Dark wood floors and a gray couch complement each other perfectly in this minimalist living room.

Choose white or light wood colors for your other pieces in a room when you pair a dark-colored sofa with dark floors to make it appear brighter. If you need a gray couch that will go well with your dark floor, prefer the HONBAY Reversible Couch.

HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch Convertible Couch Sofa Sectional L Shape Couch for Small Apartment Grey

The HONBAY Reversible Couch features an interchangeable ottoman and contemporary linen-like upholstery ideal for small spaces. Smaller living rooms, dorm rooms, and apartments are perfect for this sleek and modern sofa.

Further, assembling the HONYBAY Couch is also quite easy. You might desire to use some throw pillows to give it a more luxurious feel if you prefer a softer seating area. The back and seat cushions come with foam, so they’re firm.

Is It Necessary to Have All Furniture the Same Color?

You can have all your furniture the same color, but it is unnecessary. A truly eclectic style will combine both wood tones and colors.

To mix colors that work together, pick two or three you think will complement each other to get started.

Take the extra touches of the room and incorporate them, such as throw pillows and curtains. You can make your furniture seem like it was made for one another by tying the different colors together.

Should You Keep the Light Wood Furniture with Dark Wood Floors?

Dark floors look great with light wood furniture. A light color can add contrast and brightness to a dark room. Choosing dark wood floors and light wood furniture are two similar wood compositions.

If you choose furniture in the same color, your room will look cohesive. The result will be a classic and coordinated look that’s always in style.

You can choose almost any color of furniture to complement dark wood flooring. If you want a lighter, brighter, or darker space, you should think about the color of your walls and the color of your furniture.

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