What Color Floors Go with Gray Walls?

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Gray has been a trending color for interior design in recent years. If you have already painted your wall gray, you might look for suitable color floors. So, what color floor will suit the gray walls more?

There are many gray tones and shades, so it pairs well with various flooring colors. However, choose wood, black, white, marble, beige, blue, or patterned tiles for flooring because it will seem great with the gray walls.

This article provides tips for incorporating them into your decor. You will also learn how to style and decorate with gray. I have also given some hints on how to select suitable floors for your home.

What Are the Best Color Floors for Gray Walls?


I have listed all the colors that will complement your gray walls.

Wood Color Floors

Not all shades of gray are going to look good on all types of wood floors. However, there are various wood floors styles available that will surely seem elegant with the gray room.

The reason behind it is that gray is quite a versatile color, and you can easily find the type of wood floors that will be suitable for that particular gray shade. Bleached wood brightens and illuminates the room. Light flooring is a sensible choice when the walls are so dark gray.

Other approaches may be too dim and overbearing. You can also use blonde wood and white trim to make the room feel clean and crisp. Reflecting light also helps make the room appear more balanced and brighter.

Besides light wood, medium wood can also be a good option for flooring. Wood floors with dark colors help to keep a room from appearing cold and sterile. It also adds character and depth when you use mixed tones.

Also, dark wood flooring looks best when combined with lighter shades of gray; otherwise, dark colors overwhelm the room. If you want wood flooring, then try the SELKIRK Vinyl Plank Flooring, as it is durable and elegant in style.

Black Floors

Besides, black is another well-known neutral color that you can try with gray walls. Adding a few light colors on top of dark floors or walls can lighten them up a bit. Consider not covering the whole room in the carpet.

Adding some variety to the room can be achieved by changing the flooring throughout. Besides making a room seem more elegant, black marble also makes it stylish and classy.

These floors also match the gray walls perfectly. The best thing about the black floor is that it will fit well with many furniture colors. Black is a neutral color, so you will not struggle to adjust it with the wall color.

White Floors

Further, white floors match the gray walls pretty well. Alternatively, you can use white engineered/fabricated wood parquet flooring, which you can paint to achieve the same effect.

A white floor also gives the impression that the room is bigger and brighter, useful for small rooms. Try white floors if the black look is excessive or smothering. Besides being neutral, white can reflect natural light, making it a perfect option for smaller or poorly lit areas.

Besides complementing the gray walls perfectly, the white marble tile floor will make the room feel much lighter and a lot larger because of its ability to reflect light. Because of its marble effects, this type of tile also gives the room a luxurious and gorgeous appearance.

Marble Floors

A room with gray walls is naturally enhanced by marble, which has hints of gray throughout. A sense of sameness is automatically felt. Don’t make everything too similar, but make sure it’s balanced.

Floors made of marble are easier to clean than those made of other materials. Stains can also occur on the carpet because of dropping food or drinks on it. Spills will inevitably occur in a home with kids or during a dinner party.

Surfaces such as marble flooring are easy to clean regardless of what you spill on them. For protection, apply sealant regularly and put your worries to rest. Any room with marble flooring and gray walls will look more luxurious and enhance its quality.

Marble brings an air of elegance to most homeowners’ homes. Another positive thing about marble flooring is that it can help you overcome allergies. No dust comes off of marble, nor does it collect pollen.

It’s warm enough to walk barefoot but not so hot that it sticks to your feet. Dust is easily visible, so you can wipe it up and get it away from you before it bothers your allergies. 

Patterned Tiles

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Choosing a wall color corresponding to the tile pattern is best to match vinyl tiles with your walls.

Patterned tiles like FloorPops FP2944 work well with neutral colors, making them a brilliant choice for anyone who enjoys patterns but does not want a too bold or excessive experience.

Is it Better to Have Lighter or Darker Flooring Than Walls?

It is considered good practice for home experts to have the floor color darker than the wall color. A darker floor and lighter walls increase the room’s perception of size.

The interiors of most homes look spacious. With low ceilings, the rule could change. A lighter floor finish than the walls may help the homeowner create the illusion of height.

Make sure not to use colors that fit in too seamlessly with the floor. Choosing the same dominant color for the floor and walls can look boring. Especially when using darker or very bright colors, monotone color schemes can seem claustrophobic and small.

When the walls are pale yellow, beige, or cream, light hardwood floors look stunning. Floors can sometimes appear too stark when painted white, and this can wash out their glow.

The dark color of hardwood blends equally well with rich reds and browns, as well as with greens and oranges, or even a steel grey.

It is eye-catching and bold to have very dark hardwood paired with bright white walls, but it can be too much for a few homeowners. If you do not choose the right accessories for your room, you risk it looking cold.

You can change the paint on the wall much easier than the flooring. You should consider repainting the walls if the hardwood you love does not match the paint on your walls.

What Are the Popular Types of Floors?

It cannot be easy to choose new flooring if you are a beginner. Various types of floors are available, and each type offers a variety of options.

In addition, it is important to take into consideration the traffic flow in the room. The following guide gives an overview of some most common types of flooring.


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Flooring choices such as laminate are very popular. Unlike solid-wood hardwood floors, it’s very easy to install and inexpensive as well.

Laminate floors are created by layering different wood-based materials together, then printing a photograph of wood grain on each board’s surface.

The layers of engineered wood are made up of hardwood veneers attached to the plywood. Because this is a real wood top layer instead of a photographic imprint, it’s more expensive. Compared to laminate, engineered wood floors have a much better sound and feel.


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The most popular materials are porcelain, including marble, granite, travertine, and slate. The most cost-effective tile is porcelain when you are on a budget.

The beauty and hardness of natural stone are combined with its lower cost and ease of maintenance. In contrast, marble is porous and requires resealing periodically.

Glassed porcelain tile is made of durable materials and offered in several colors, textures, and finishes suitable for heavy traffic areas. To create an unforgettable floor, you can combine tiles of differing shapes, colors, textures, and sizes.


Modern floors are often made of concrete. Concrete floors offer an almost limitless variety of design options. Concrete holds up better than any other flooring material.

This flooring is ideally suited to radiant heating systems. If you don’t like the thought of cracks appearing over time in concrete, even if experts have installed, avoid this flooring.

Because of its large surface area, a slab is subject to temperature, moisture, and settlement changes. However, a colored patching material and cement paste can hide cracks.


Vinyl flooring is another popular choice that many people prefer nowadays. If you have moisture issues in your room, the vinyl flooring will be ideal. Besides being convenient to clean, this is also softer underfoot compared to the tile.

There are many thicknesses and widths options available with the vinyl sheets. Besides, the self-stick tiles also have various width options. Vinyl is one material that can withstand more traffic if it is thicker, which is another reason to choose it. The vinyl is suitable for both small and large rooms.

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