What Color Flooring Goes with Oak Trim?

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If you have oak trim for your interior, you may wonder what kind of flooring looks good with it. I have prepared a guide that explains beautifully distressed floors that look great with oak trim.

So, what color flooring will fit well with the oak trim?

Natural oak floors, cream-colored carpet, blue area rug, a natural textured rug, and sand-colored tiles will perfectly match the oak trim. All these flooring options will make your overall house seem gorgeous.

Further, you will also learn whether the oak is considered as light or dark wood, what flooring will seem best with the hardwood trim, and should you match the baseboard with the flooring or not.

What Is the Best Color Flooring for Oak Trim?


Despite its warmth, wood has a pleasing look and feel, and it is no wonder that people love it. I have found some floor color choices for you if you prefer not to paint your oak trim.

Cream-Colored Carpet

When you have wood trim, carpeting is a great way to add color to your floor. In this case, the neutral cream color works perfectly with the wood trim. You can fill your room with light, accented with cream colors.

I love this color combination because it makes the room feel warm and inviting but not too golden. This color will balance oak’s almost butterscotch undertones and will not entirely camouflage it or emphasize it.

Lighter Contrasting Wood Colors

Mix wood grains, colors, and textures throughout your kitchen or bathroom to add style. If you want to coordinate your honey oak cabinets with a lighter laminate, you can choose from beech or light cherry.

Use laminate planks that are 5 inches or wider to make your room appear larger. A wider floor creates a more cohesive look since fewer lines separate each plank.

Bright and cheerful rooms are also enhanced by light-colored wood laminate flooring.

Medium-Dark Laminates

Floors colored in medium natural wood tones would look great with honey oak cabinets because they won’t overwhelm the room and don’t compete for first place with your cabinets.

To blend with your cabinets, consider laminates made from chestnut or pine. Compared to darker or lighter materials, medium laminate colors are easy to maintain since they don’t show dust or dirt.

Textured Seagrass Flooring

You should choose textured seagrass flooring if you want a truly natural look. Using light oak trim and doors complements the beige of the textured seagrass flooring.

You can also use large rugs made of sisal, jute, or raffia instead of carpet. You can add some flexibility to the room by using an area rug.

Blue Area Rug

Unique Loom Uptown Collection by Jill Zarin Collection Textured Modern Navy Blue Area Rug (5' 0 x 8' 0)

What can you do when you want to color, but no wall-to-wall carpet since hardwood trim is typically installed with hardwood flooring? With area rugs, you can achieve this.

A textured medium blue rug provides a nice counterbalance with oak flooring and trims in a vintage home. An uptown-style rug like the one from Unique Loom provides good visual interest.

You will feel comfortable on your feet, and you can easily change the style if you want to. Besides this navy one, there are several other sizes to choose from as well.

It is trickier to match the oak trim to this pale blue rug, but the effect is worthwhile. By mixing a deep navy rug with that oak trim shade, you can change the cooler hue.

This rug will appear stunning when combined with oak. Choose a durable material and have a pattern that would blend in with the decor in the living room since it is one of the most inhabited rooms in the house.

Rug pads can absorb shocks from constant foot traffic and underneath wool rugs like the Uptown by Unique Loom. Unique Loom Uptown’s durable and easy-to-clean qualities make it a good choice.

If you want to choose a color in the middle, choose a dark blue color with speckles or a pattern that will conceal dirt. The darker the rug, the more it shows crumbs and ages much faster, but the Unique Loom Uptown is an exception to this.

Furthermore, it comes in a rectangular shape, which is suitable for most rooms. Walking on this carpet will not exhaust you because it is ultra-soft.

How Do Hardwood Trim and Flooring Go Together?

Making flooring decisions for painted trim and hardwood trim is essentially the same. The flooring options include hardwood, stone, and carpet. It is purely an aesthetic choice as they all look good with hardwood trim.

Choosing the right flooring for your house Hardwood floors are probably the most expensive option, but stone and tile are also expensive. Although carpet is an inexpensive option, it is relatively difficult to change the color if you become bored with it.

Vinyl plank flooring has shown great promise among the latest flooring trends and has proven both attractive and affordable.

It might be too jarring to contrast real wood and synthetic wood. Putting them side by side will allow you to see if they work for you.

How Dark or Light Is Oak?

Hardwoods such as oak are among the most popular materials for furniture and flooring. Its tone fits somewhere between hardwoods and softwoods.

Ashes, birches, and beeches have paler shades. Cypresses and cedars have a middle color, whereas walnut is a darker hue. In the case of oak flooring and trim, you usually choose between red oak and white oak.

There is a multitude of colors available for each of these two species. Lighter oaks are lighter in color and have a gray/yellow undertone.

How to Choose the Suitable Flooring Color for Oak Trim?

Choose a lighter color for your custom woodwork if you are installing it in a smaller room. Wooden floors that are light in color will make the room look larger.

Because of its open and airy appearance, this makes space seem larger. You could use off-white or beige hardwood as examples. Window treatments and decor can be made lighter by adding lighter colors.

Alternatively, dark pieces can also work well for contrast. Bamboo is an exotic, environmentally friendly flooring that is often darker in color.

The darker the wood, the more sophisticated and elegant it is; however, they’re not for everyone’s house. The darker the floor, the smaller the room appears.

A patterned wood floor may be the right choice for you if you like a rustic, shabby-chic look. In this category, parquet has long been a mainstay. The different shades can complement numerous styles and decors.

However, parquet is not the only pattern of the wood. Wood planks reclaimed from old buildings are popular as well. The colors of these are naturally varying, giving the texture a richer appearance.

Darker knots appear in some woods than others. Because of their color variances, hickory and mixed-grain cherries all have natural beauty. Take the big picture into consideration if you want to choose patterned wood.

Despite its rustic appearance, this may not be the right choice for your kitchen. The color of the wood may seem to be stained when it’s its natural color.

Using softer lighting in your kitchen shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, but you should consider it. Throughout the day, wood flooring can change appearance due to natural light.

You will notice that wood will look different at night versus during the day when you install it in a room that gets a lot of natural light. As time goes on, UV rays damage the wood as well.

The bleaching effect may bleach some woods while darkening others. If you want to make sure that sunlight won’t damage your wood, ask your flooring specialist. By choosing window treatments that limit the sun’s exposure, you can choose any material and color you want.

How Should Baseboards Match Trim?

Technically, baseboards are a type of trim. However, some homeowners paint their trim a different color, particularly for door and window trims.

With oak, in general, it is standard to paint the baseboard and the door trim, but you may be able to leave the windows and doors in the original wood color. There are additional options, such as painting the whole thing or leaving it natural.

Most times, the baseboard and the door trim will meet at the floor level, so if they are not cohesive, you will have an inconsistent line in a color that might look a little odd and odd depending on the room.

If you don’t want to undo the painting once you have done it, be aware that painting over hardwood trim is quite a mammoth task. Having looked at the different ways to match your oak trim, I hope you are now inspired to do the same for your own home.

Hardwood floors are a great option if you want something traditional, while area rugs are most versatile. In both cases, oak trim will add rich, old-world charm to your home.

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