What Color Floor with White Cabinets?

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You may find it challenging to renovate a kitchen. While remodeling the kitchen, you must focus on walls, backsplash, cabinets, floors, and more. After that, you need to pick the right colors. However, most people struggle to choose the right color floor for their kitchen that suits the white cabinets.

So, what color floor to choose with white cabinets?

Black, brown, white, wood tones and marble are excellent colors that look great with the white cabinets. All these colors will enhance the charm of your kitchen by fitting well with the white cabinets and other accessories.

Find out how to choose the perfect countertop, backsplash, and more by reading on. In this article, I have discussed what matches and what doesn’t.

The room becomes boring if there aren’t enough colors. However, too many colors can make a room seem busy and crowded. Is there a right number? Find out by reading on.

What Are the Best Color Floors for White Cabinets?


The preferred color floors for white cabinets are black, wood tones, marble, white and black. Following, you will learn how these colors appear with the white cabinets.

Wood Tones

White cabinets look great with light wood floors. The combination of these colors will make your room seem more open and brighter. The effect is especially striking when you combine light wood flooring with a similar tone of wood countertops.

White cabinets and dark wood floors create an eye-catching contrast. Dark wood complements the cabinets while creating a grounded space. The kitchen appears more elegant and formal than it might otherwise.

For a stylish kitchen in a light shade, go for medium colors. Modern shades are slightly dark gray, and natural wood tones are beige. You should avoid putting too much orange in your kitchen since it will conflict with the white cabinetry.


The color white can make a great choice in minimalistic or simple decor. It just needs to be a little bit white. Countertops, cabinets, and flooring don’t have to resemble a shapeless blob or a dusty jumble.

Choose flooring with lots of texture and details to avoid being dull.  This color isn’t as popular as the others. If you want a rustic appearance, white hardwood or tile works with a white kitchen.

 White floors show stains and faults more easily, and they are best suited to homes without pets or children. To balance matte white floors in the kitchen, opt for greys or browns.

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Besides white, brown is another great neutral with white cabinets. Besides adding warmth to the floor, it keeps the room from looking too hollow or prevents it from seeing too much white.

In contrast to white, brown is a bit more subtle and less dramatic than black. For a down-to-earth, informal look, brown floors are a splendid choice.

For a stylish kitchen in a light shade, go for medium colors. Modern shades are slightly dark gray, and natural wood tones are beige. Orange hues can clash with white cabinets, as they look outdated.


White cabinets go well with patterned linoleum or tiles in white and black. Choosing a pattern that you like can achieve a contemporary or classic look.

Besides hiding dirt, patterns are easy to clean. When paired with white cabinets, dark hues make a dramatic statement. Modern spaces work well with dark cabinetry, especially if your kitchen also has a dark backsplash.

Dark wood cabinets complement light-colored hardwood floors very well. The colors can, however, be matched as well. White painted cabinets might also be an excellent complement to white tiles on your luxury vinyl flooring.

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What Is the Easiest Color Floor to Clean?

Less dirt and dust will show up on lighter hardwoods than darker ones. Lighter shades also make scratches and imperfections more difficult to see. In addition, vinyl and tile in lighter colors tend to hide dirt better than white.

It is very easy to see dirt on all-white floors or very dark floors. Thus, light colors are typically the easiest to clean (not white, but not dark either). Choosing grey for the floor can make it easier to clean.

Dirt will also appear less noticeable if you use patterns and floors with a lot of variation. Additionally, finished and sealed hardwood floors require little maintenance.

You can keep its polished appearance by vacuuming, dry mopping, and dusting it. Occasionally, hardwood flooring needs to be refinished to remain in perfect condition in high-traffic areas.

All you need to do for long-term upkeep is this. Floors need to be replaced only when flood damage or mold damage has occurred.

Besides, ceramic tiles offer low maintenance and are a good option when it comes to flooring. There is no need to bother about scratching this type of flooring, and it is easy to clean. It is more frequent than not possible to get rid of stains using vinegar and water.

Because these tiles are very durable, they are also unlikely to crack. There are many different shapes and colors of ceramic types, so this is perfect for any home. However, it is up to you which color you want with the white cabinet.

Are White Cabinets Going Out of Style?

There will probably never be anything more classic in kitchen cabinets than white ones. You can easily work with this timeless look. Because of this, white kitchen cabinets work with any decor.

The right white kitchen cabinets can work with any style, whether farmhouse, chic, or rustic. You can modernize your white kitchens with some bright colors if you are bored with them.

Colorful curtains, colorful bar stools, and eye-catching throw rugs are some good choices. While still maintaining a timeless look, this will update the space.

Though white cabinets have some disadvantages, they will never go out of style. Although the doors may change or the layout may change, white will always look good in a kitchen.

While other neutrals have lost appeal throughout the centuries, white has remained in all design styles. For white kitchen cabinets, you cannot go wrong from an investment perspective.

The cabinetry and flooring are two of the most important elements in a beautifully designed kitchen. The color and material of your flooring and cabinets should be considered to achieve a harmonious, balanced look.

Choosing the right color combination for the flooring of your kitchen should complement or contrast the cabinetry in the most appropriate way, and both elements should enhance the design scheme you wish to achieve.

A kitchen floor and cabinet combination that works well together can transform an ordinary cooking area and help make the home more attractive and sellable if it is put on the market.

A white kitchen cabinet looks elegant in any decor. You can choose from wood floors, white, gray, black, or marble for the perfect flooring. You can find a floor that goes well with the countertop by selecting a color that complements or accentuates the countertop.

As well as the countertop, you should coordinate the flooring. You should have both shiny and matte surfaces, but not both at the same time.

Coordinate the color of the backsplash with the color of the floor for an especially well-planned design. Following these steps will ensure that your room is harmonious and aesthetically pleasing, which will please even the most discerning decorator.

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