What Color Floor Goes with Oak Cabinets?

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Oak cabinets are great installments in any home. These designs are as old as time and never seem to go out of trend regardless of newer installments. However, oak comes in several shades, making it difficult to choose the perfect color floor that balances it.

Regardless of the shade, oak goes well with black or white floors. These two colors are unselective, making them perfect for any space. Other colors that blend with oak include red, beige, and different brown shades.

Oak also works magnificently with other shades of colors, depending on their shade. So if you’re opting for these cabinets, then you should keep reading to discover the perfect color floors for your home.

Types of Oak


Oak, though pure wood, comes in different colors. This feature makes it one of the versatile wood types used for several designs. Below are the shades of oak available.

White Oak: This is the palest oak color with brown and yellow undertones.

Medium oak: This oak is not too far from its white counterparts, but it has a deeper shade, with brown and orange undertones.

Honey Oak: The brown color of honey is reflected in this oak, though its shade is a little lighter. Manufacturers achieve this shade by using stains.

Red oak: The mixture of nature’s brown and red comes to life when you use these for cabinets. Manufacturers sometimes employ the use of stain to achieve a darker shade of red.

Dark oak: This is the most common oak type for cabinets. Its grains are a deep brown color with hints of light brown.

Each type’s grain patterns come to life when light rays touch them. If you want to update your kitchen with a more classic appearance, consider complementing your oak cabinets with the best floors.

What Floors Go Well with Oak Cabinets?

Technically, most wood goes with any color. However, oak is different because of its shade variation. Despite this, it blends perfectly with three colors – white, grey, and black.


The mix of white floors and oak cabinetry will produce a simple yet elegant look. You could go for white-washed laminate floors or white tiles. White floors may be tough to keep clean, but if you are willing to sweep and mop them regularly, they will remain beautiful.

The use of white against any oak cabinet color creates a stunning visual contrast. White is also an excellent choice for oak cabinets if you don’t want to settle for a specific color. In other words, your kitchen accessories, regardless of the color, will blend well with your floors.

In addition to this, white floors make small kitchens appear larger than they are. White paint alongside your floors and cabinets will be perfect if you want to achieve an airy look.


Installing grey floors in your kitchen is a simple way to achieve a modern appearance. Grey floors of different shades will appear sleek and contemporary, giving you a plethora of possibilities when it comes to floor designs.

Oak cabinets are often a medium tone; therefore, choose either dark or mild grey floors to create a good contrast. Light grey is a good choice if you want a casual look, while dark grey makes your kitchen look smaller but cozier.


Black might seem like a color that’s too dark for a kitchen floor, but they can be beautiful when rightly installed. Oak’s warm tones also reduce the harshness of the black floors, allowing it to fit several kitchen designs and settings. Pair black floors with black counters and silver fittings to achieve a modern look.

Other Color Floors That Go with Oak Cabinets

Aside from white, grey, and black, oak cabinets work well with other colors, including: 


Brown is one of the best floor colors for oak because its color is closer to natural wood. The color also has several variants allowing you to choose any that’ll suit your cabinets. For instance, medium-dark oak cabinets with deep brown grain would look lovely with a dark brown or a lighter brown wood floor.

Natural brown wooden floors combined with oak cabinets give an earthy and natural atmosphere. On the other hand, chocolate brown floor tiles have a sophisticated appearance, while matte brown vinyl is more traditional.


Beige is a neutral color and can blend with any environment. This property makes it one of the most popular colors to use in your home. Just like oak, they come in different shades though you wouldn’t find a deep color among its variants.

Being a light color, you might believe it’s difficult to maintain white. However, beige is darker than white making it easier to clean and preserve its appearance for a long time.

Beige is also an ideal floor color because it allows you to utilize more vibrant or vivid colors in other kitchen areas. Thus, your counters can be deep grey or red and still match your cabinets and beige floors.


Red floors will do just fine depending on the oak species. They blend well with oak that has a yellow or reddish tint. Choose red floor tiles for a dramatic and modern style, or opt for clay-colored floors for a more natural look.

Blue or Green

If you want more dramatic colors, use blue or green floors. Naturally, these colors might seem off the grid with oak cabinets, but they end up being a fantastic match. Thanks to their versatility, they provide several shades that you can use for floors.

When working with light oak cabinets, richer colors such as indigo or navy blue establish a strong base. This means that the floors stand out more than the kitchen cabinets. Dark greens such as pine and sage can also be utilized to get a similar look.

You might also want your light oak cabinets to be the room’s focal point. In this case, choose gentler blue or green tones.

What Color Floor Goes Well with Light Oak Cabinets?

Light oak cabinets blend better with lighter colors. White, beige, and light brown floors are the best options for kitchens with light oak.

Darker colors like deep brown and black are also good options. However, they tend to remove the focus from the cabinets. In other words, the floors become the kitchen’s focal point as they become more outstanding than the cabinets.

What Color Floor Goes Well with Dark Oak Cabinets?

Dark-colored cabinets draw a lot of attention to themselves. The best way to strike a balance with these cabinets is to use a dark color floor. These colors could be the same shade as the cabinets or slightly darker.

Brighter colors can also be used as an option, but they’ll make the cabinets stand out. If you’re opting for lighter floors, ensure they blend with the oak’s shade.

Should Wood Floors Be Darker or Lighter Than Cabinets?

Wood floors are a great combination with your oak floors. Depending on your choice, they can either be darker or lighter than your cabinets. However, ensure that your cabinets and floors have shades that are not too different.

When choosing floors, remember that darker colors hide stains and scuff marks better. Thus, they’ll require less upkeep to keep them attractive, which is something to consider if you have children and pets.

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