What Color Door Goes with Brown Windows?

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Even though it is often underestimated, the exterior design of your home deserves careful attention. When choosing a front door, you might want to consider your brown windows.

However, most people find it hard to select the right color door with brown windows. So, what color door goes with brown windows?

Green, black, red and brown are some of the door colors you should choose with the brown windows. All these colors pair well with the brown windows and will give your house an elegant look. Adding these colors of doors with your brown windows will enhance your house’s beauty.

Further, in the article, I have explained what appearance each of these colors will give when added to your house with the brown windows.

By this, you will decide the right color door for your brown windows.

What Is the Best Color Door for Brown Windows?


Here, I have included a list of all the colors that will fit well with the brown windows.


Brown windows look great with a black door. You can use it to highlight brown windows or dowse the dark tone of the house with it. If your bricks contain some black, you should strongly prefer this option.

Black doors also benefit from not showing dirt or scuffs as evidently as other colors. Black doors are available in a variety of materials.

Front doors of black are one of the most popular colors, as black never goes out of style. Combining a black front door with warm brown aluminum windows creates a traditional and luxurious entrance.

A combination of black doors and brown windows will create a striking, impressionable style, one that will help your property create both an inviting atmosphere and a comfortable ambiance.

 Besides being timeless, black looks good with any other color and accent. Black and brown may appear to clash, but in fact, they make a very effective color combination. When used in your front yard, it is especially effective.

Rust-Oleum 7777730 Protective Enamel Paint, 8-Ounce, Satin Black

Further, the Rust-Oleum black paint is recommended to all those who want to paint their door black at affordable rates. Besides the built-in primer and topcoat, this paint also comes with an adhesive, so you don’t need to mess with any other adhesive.

The spray dries relatively quickly and is easy to use. Rust-Oleum-inspired color options give your front door a completely new appearance. Paint of this type adheres easily to nearly any surface because of a unique stretching factor.

Rust-Oleum Paint doesn’t require multiple coats, unlike most paints. Two even layers can bring out the natural vibrancy of the paint. The fact that it self-levels and does not need to be sealed makes it easy to use.


A brown door can complement almost any color or style of the house. The windows can perfectly match this color, or the brown colors can also work as offset slightly.

Consider choosing a wood door that matches your windows or staining it the same color as your windows. This is a suitable choice for drawing attention to other features such as a stylish architectural style or unique siding color.

It is common for homeowners to suit the color of their doors and windows. That’s why the wood siding and columns in the porch front are emphasized in some homes where the door matches the window shutters.

Embrace monochromatic decor on the home by using the door. For this, the door should be a lighter or darker brown compared to the window frames. The brown tones used in some homes give the house depth and emphasize various parts of the home.

You might also do this if your windows are wood, but you prefer to use a distinctive material for your door. For example, some homes still have glass or steel doors to complement the panes on their windows.


Natural color wheel placement places green next to the red. Having red windows might make a green door look fantastic. Green can complement brown even if it isn’t red-toned.

Giving your home a splash of green is an easy way to add color without going overboard. With brown windows, this dark green looks great. You can make your gateway stand out with lime green and earthy brown.

Though these colors may seem bland, a green front door and brown frames make for a beautiful complement to each other. The colors of nature are green and brown, due to which the combination of brown and green adds an earthy and natural feeling to your home.

In addition, these colors create a feeling of peace, relaxation, and comfort.

Rust-Oleum 238316-2PK Stops Rust Front Door Paint, 2 Pack, Vermont Green

You can create a fairy tale atmosphere with a green front door. If you want to try green, I suggest choosing the Rust-Oleum 238316-2PK Green paint if you like to have a green color door.

It’s a great option for your front door to paint your door with Rust-Oleum’s Oil-Based Door Paint in green. It has an extremely durable, corrosion-resistant coating that guarantees it will prevail bright and won’t fade in the elements.

In areas that are highly contaminated or dusty, the corrosion-resistant coating is incredibly helpful. Green finishes give the paint a unique sheen after it has dried. In this way, you can avoid having a dull, dark green front door rather than one that is glossy and bright.


I would suggest that you make the front door of your brown house monochromatic by choosing red. A house facade in this hue will look seamless. You can choose a slightly lighter or darker shade of red for an exterior with brown brick.

Because bricks can vary significantly in color, bold shades of red can complete the look. To make a powerful impact, choose crimson or cherry red.

If a monochromatic color scheme is accompanied by architectural and decorative elements such as planters and columns, it creates a neutral backdrop that can shine. When choosing the colors for your door, I recommend considering the other elements in your brown brick home, such as the window frames and glass panels.

Regardless of the color of your windows, red is an extremely popular color for doors. Add a red door to your home if you have brown windows.

Something is exciting about a red door that still makes a subtle impact when paired with brown windows. It will not make a strong visual statement as do orange or yellow doors. The color scale for brown and red is the same because they are both considered warm.

Passionate Front Door Paint Water-Based Exterior Enamel Pack of 1

Further, if you plan to paint your front door red, then try choosing the Modern Masters door color. The color of your front door makes a big statement. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and shades of Modern Masters Front Door Paint.

You can apply it to metal and wood surfaces on the interior and exterior. Door and shutter applications are ideal for it. No matter how long you keep it, its vibrant color will remain untouched.

It is possible to paint up to 100 square feet with each 1-quart container of this paint. When the formula is dry, the finish is smooth and satiny. Two coats are recommended to achieve optimal coverage. You don’t need to take the door off its hinges to paint it.

What Color Should You Select for Your Door?

Doors can be the highlight of an exterior for some homes. It might be valuable to make the door stand out, even if the exterior is bland or as decorative elements.

Painting it in a bright or distinctive color is one way to accomplish this. It is worth highlighting the special features of your doors. Some people also question which one is the most popular front door color.

As many factors are involved in determining which color is most popular, it’s difficult to determine the most popular door color. Brown or red are a few simple colors that work with the widest range of homes.

Regardless of how the exterior looks, these colors will provide you with plenty of flexibility. You should, however, choose the right door based on the characteristics of your home.

Matching the color of the door exactly with the windows or shutters indicates well what you should choose. Although everyone needs a different color, this is the most popular method for determining the correct door color for your home.

Should the Front Door Color Be Similar to That of the Back Door?

If you wish, you can match your back door to your front door, but you don’t have to. Since back doors are not visible from the street, most people choose functionality over design. For insulation, a steel door in a basic white color will also work well.

The back door can also coordinate with the front door to create a cohesive look. When hosting guests in a backyard, it will be easier if you match the two doors.

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