What Color Deck Goes With a Grey House?

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Choosing the perfect deck color to compliment your house is often stressful. The reason is that there are too many varieties of color to choose from.

For an achromatic color like grey, different colors are well suited and can complement it perfectly. However, this may confuse homeowners about the exact deck colors that go well with their grey house. That said, what color deck goes with a grey house?

Colors such as cherry maple, grey, honey oak, white, and blue combine beautifully with grey. These colors add a certain flair and splendor to your environment. They also enhance its nature, quality, and beauty.

Choosing colors is not always an easy task. I, for one, could spend hours racking my brain trying to figure out what color to use. However, because of my passion for design, I’ve honed the skill of picking colors to perfection.

So, would you like to know more about these colors and their effects? Well then, read further to get more information on the perfect deck color for a grey house.

Should the House and Deck be of the Same Color?


Color combination is one thing that leaves us perplexed. Matching the right colors to produce an exquisite blend is often a dilemma. However, the house and deck are two different things that you should take into consideration.

Picking the same color to use for your house and deck is not a bad decision. Instead, it gives your house a uniform color, making it look bigger. However, I wouldn’t recommend using the same color for your house and deck.

It would be best if you mixed different shades of color to bring out the undertones and brightness of your house. Moreover, the beauty of color lies in the exotic blend with other colors. For instance, a combination of grey and white is a perfect example.

Furthermore, you could paint your house with a shade of grey and your deck a shade of white. This result proves a mixture of different colors gives you an amazing result. Who doesn’t like receiving compliments for wonderful exterior decor?

What Deck of Colors Compliments a Grey House?

When painting your house and your deck, you consider certain colors. Although it is entirely up to your preferences, you still need complementary colors. These are colors that produce praiseworthy comments.

I had earlier mentioned some deck of colors that combine beautifully with grey. Therefore, I’ll be highlighting these colors and their effects in more detail.

1. Cherry Maple

The mild redness of cherry maple creates a striking difference for the undertones of grey. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for your grey home. Its beauty and simplicity are perfect if you want to settle for a traditional way of basking in your deck.

Also, its color illuminates your wood making it look brand new.

2. Grey:

I know you may find it weird and may be wondering, “why grey on grey?” Well, this color greatly suits well with many shades of color. It gives you a great monochromatic look.

Even when used for both the house and deck, it has a unique vibe that makes your house appear conspicuous and large.

3. Honey Oak

This color is not so common when mentioning colors for your deck. Nevertheless, it is a nice color that amazingly combines well with grey. It is bold and is often used in modern homes.

The honey oak is one of the best colors for highlighting the features of your house.

4. White

In terms of painting your deck to compliment your grey house, white is the best choice. It is globally attractive and can fit perfectly with the decor of your home. If you prefer a traditional or modern design of your house, white can serve well for both of them.

White is a distinctive and fresh color that blends well with everyone’s design.

5. Blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors used today. It combines wonderfully with other colors and of which grey is not an exception. Grey and blue combined together bring out a perfect blend.

Their combination makes your home look natural without it looking old-fashioned or clíched. As a result, this combination is the best way of bringing out the undertones of your home.

Thus, if you want your home to have a unique oceanic look, I’d advise you to make good use of this color.

Furthermore, colors such as light brown, red, tigerwood are highly recommended to complement your grey home. These colors make your environment look very attractive.

You’ll be all smiles when your friends and family are left dumbfounded at your amazing decor. There’s also no harm or side effects of trying out these colors for your grey home.

Tips for Choosing the Best Deck Colors for a Grey House

It is one thing to choose a color and another for your choice to suit your home. I can vividly remember the last time I combined grey and bright orange! Terrible combination, right?

Well, I wouldn’t advise anyone to make that terrible mistake.

The color mixture is usually based on the individual’s desires. Similarly, avoiding mixing colors that don’t blend well with grey cannot be overemphasized.

This mixture affects the exterior of your environment, and the exterior is the first thing people notice.

That said, you may wonder if any tips can come in handy. Thankfully, there are. Below are some of the tips that could be useful in choosing a deck color for your grey house;

Match deck colors to your home’s exterior:

As I earlier stated, your exterior is the first thing that people observe. Therefore, the colors you are selecting should be compatible with your exterior decor. Imagine having your guests over only to have them whispering about how terrible your exterior is.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. Thus, it is imperative to choose compatible colors. In addition, these colors should be a perfect match for your grey home.

Consider your deck material:

The material used in constructing your deck must be flexible. The color produced depends on the type of material used. Therefore, if you’re thinking long-term for your color then, decks made from concrete will suffice.

You can also use wood if you would want to change the color later on. Besides, I prefer wood because I love exploring my artistic skills. Hence, I’d recommend you consider wood any time you’re thinking of the best material to construct your deck.

Apply deck colors with wear and tear in mind:

Just like wall paint wears and tears away, likewise the color of your deck. Therefore, the quality of the color matters a lot. For example, last year, I got a particular shade of color for my deck.

Unfortunately, it only lasted for a few months, and then it completely wore out.

Furthermore, this wear and tear depending on how often you use your deck. Also, you need to clean it regularly and avoid using water on it. With that in mind, you must go for quality colors to blend with your grey home.

You should also re-apply the colors when you notice it is losing its brightness.

Use color wheel rules

Make good use of excellent color combinations, such as grey and white, grey and blue, and many more. Always consider schemes that comprise dominant, secondary, and accent colors.

This is basically the best guide to make admirable color combinations.

Complement surrounding landscaping

The choice of your color adversely affects your corresponding environment. Conversely, the environment also affects your choice of color for your deck. For instance, imagine having a greenish and nature-friendly environment.

With that, colors like red, blue, or gold complimenting a grey house would be undeniably attractive. The reason is that that burst of color and freshness would be amazing.

Test deck colors first

One mistake I often make is purchasing things without testing them out first, especially with colors. However, before using any color for your deck, you need to test them out first.

First, you need to conduct your little research about colors that blend well with grey (or what other color your house is painted). Afterward, you have to know the appropriate colors for your deck to have the perfect blend.

An excellent way to do this is trying out a variety of different shades of color to get one that suits your taste.

Colors give life and meaning to many things. However, picking the right color for your deck can be quite challenging but not impossible.

Therefore, you can still make an excellent choice out of different varieties.

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