What Color Deck Goes With a Grey House?

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From rich wood tones to weathered greys, your deck color choice can make or break your home’s curb appeal. The good news is, that even a neutral grey house exterior can be spruced up with the right deck makeover.

Staining in deep charcoal does wonders to disguise footprints against light grey walls. Meanwhile, crimson cherry maple decking enlivens cool grey siding with its warm undertones. You can also embrace the modern weathered wood trend with whitewashed planks that feel coastal and carefree.

For an easy-care option, let natural redwood or cedar decking develop its signature silver patina over time. With so many options, from contrasting greys to wood stains, you’re sure to find the perfect deck shade to complement your elegant grey home.

6 Handy Tips for Picking the Perfect Deck Color for Your Grey House


  1. Go lighter or darker – Choose a deck color that is lighter or darker than the grey exterior for visual contrast. A light grey deck pops against dark grey walls, while a dark charcoal deck contrasts nicely with a light grey home.
  2. Warm up cool tones – Grey can look cold, so use wood stains like cherry maple or honey oak on the deck to add warmth. The reddish tones complement the cool greys beautifully.
  3. Hide dirt – Darker greys or blue-grey deck colors disguise dirt and footprints well compared to light colors. This makes maintenance easier.
  4. Match architecture – Let the home’s style guide the deck color. For modern homes, choose sleek greys, blues, or vivid colors. For arts & crafts styles, use wood stains like cherry maple.
  5. Consider natural weathering – Using cedar or redwood allows the wood to patina naturally to a lovely silvery grey. This eliminates the need to stain or paint the deck regularly.
  6. Seal the deck – Using sealants and washing the deck periodically helps maintain the deck’s finish longer between treatments. This extends the time between restaining or repainting.

Best Deck Colors for Light Grey Houses

A light grey home provides a neutral backdrop that allows your deck color to really pop. Here are some of the top options for light grey houses:

Dark Grey Deck Stain

For beautiful contrast against a light grey exterior, consider staining your deck in a deep charcoal grey. This rich, cool tone adds a modern sophistication and elegance. It also disguises footprints and dirt well. Pair with light grey railings for a cohesive look. Dark grey decks pop against contemporary homes but also work nicely on craftsman exteriors.

Wood Tones like Cherry Maple

Warm wood deck stain colors like cherry maple provide an inviting complement to cool-toned grey. Cherry maple’s red undertone and a touch of blue create a traditional look without clashing. This is an ideal way to highlight the beauty of real wood decking. Plus, wood tones stand the test of time, suiting vintage styles like a craftsman.

White Wash

A whitewashed or weathered wood deck is a gorgeous option for light grey homes. This gives a modern beachy ambiance, as the wood’s natural grain shows through the white tinted finish. For a striking look, use real weathered wood if you can. But white-washed deck stains also mimic this timeworn driftwood appearance.

Best Deck Colors for Dark Grey Houses

Against a darker charcoal grey or blue-grey home exterior, you have many stylish deck color options. Here are some top ideas:

Light Grey

For a chic complement, choose a light grey deck stain a few shades lighter than your home’s exterior grey. This creates contrast and visual interest. Alternate light and dark grey boards for added modern flair. Light grey decking with white railings also pops against dark grey houses with white trim.

Wood Tones Like Honey Oak

Warm wood hues like honey oak make a bold statement against dark grey walls. The orange undertones of honey oak add brightness and warmth to balance the cooler grey. It highlights the home’s exterior in a unique modern way. This works best for contemporary styles.

Dark Blue Deck Stain

Pair a deep navy blue stain with a dark charcoal grey house for a sophisticated, nautical look. The matching cool undertones are very complementary. For added contrast, use white or natural wood railings. A dark blue deck stain camouflages dirt beautifully.

Redwood Tones

Natural redwood offers a gorgeous pop of warmth against dark grey. Redwood’s rich auburn color and straight grain pattern add texture and rustic flair. For a modern twist, alternate redwood boards with sleek grey composite decking. Using real redwood showcases environmentally friendly deck material.

Cedar Decking

Cedar’s natural orange-brown hue creates an inviting complement to a dark grey exterior. This durable, rot-resistant wood needs minimal maintenance, keeping its beautiful color. The grey house provides the ideal neutral backdrop to let the cedar decking shine. For a traditional look, add white railings.

Key Considerations for Deck Colors on Grey Houses

When selecting your grey home’s ideal deck color, keep these key considerations in mind:

Stain vs. Paint for Decks

You can stain or paint your deck, depending on the look you prefer. Stain comes in more limited color choices, but allows the wood’s grain to show through. It also stands up very well to foot traffic. Paint offers endless color options, with a uniform opaque finish.

For real wood, semi-transparent stains add color while revealing some grain and texture. Solid stains thoroughly cover the wood surface for a more uniform opaque look. Paint is best for concrete, composite, and alternate decking materials.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your deck looking its best, plan to reapply stain every 2-3 years or repaint every 8-10 years. Using deck sealants and washing regularly extends the finish. However periodic staining or painting is crucial to maintain appearance and protect the wood or concrete.

Choosing Complementary Colors

While a grey deck blends seamlessly, using colors in the same tone family results in a flat, boring look. For visual interest, pick deck colors with some contrast. Warm wood stains pop against cool grey houses. Cool tones like deep blue or grey contrast nicely against warm grey homes.

Fit the Deck Style

Let your overall exterior style and architecture guide the deck color choice. White-washed grey accents modern beach homes, while cherry maple suits traditional craftsmen’s designs. Contemporary decks look smart in darker greys and vibrant tones. Always pick a color and finish that enhances your whole home aesthetic.

Consider Natural Weathering

For a low-maintenance option, let your wood deck weather naturally over time. Untreated cedar and redwood develop a silvery patina. Allowing natural weathering means no staining or worrying about touchups. But the color will be less uniform and predictable.

In Summary

Choosing the perfect deck color to match your grey home comes down to your style, color preferences, and desired maintenance level. Contrasting wood tones like honey oak, cherry maple, and cedar complement grey exteriors beautifully. Cool greys and blue greys are also sophisticated deck choices. And you can never go wrong with the timeless look of whitewashed driftwood against light or dark grey.

Use these deck color recommendations to help select the ideal stain or paint to complement your gorgeous grey house. Pick a durable finish that enhances your home’s architecture and your overall exterior design vision. Then maintain it regularly so you can enjoy those stunning curb appeal results for years to come!

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