What Color Deck Goes With a Blue House?

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While building your house, there are lots of big choices you’ll have to make, choices whose results stick around for long. Therefore, you will want to make the right decisions to avoid some avoidable work and stresses in the future.

You would want your choices to be perfect so that you won’t have second thoughts when it’s all done.

For instance, picking the color of a deck that accompanies your house is a pretty important decision you should make. If your house is blue, you may be wondering which color of the deck would go better with it.

Blue houses provide many color options for your deck with their impeccable versatility and utter universality. However, just a few colors are outstanding from a critical point of view. Although blue doesn’t discriminate, colors such as gray, red, brown, blue-gray, and blue would form a great deck for your blue house.

Colors form a large part of the factors that determine a house’s outlook in all conditions and circumstances. For example, you may build an elegant mansion, but your house may be a big bore without the right paint colors.

Therefore, colors matter greatly any day, anytime.

Importantly, choosing a blue house presents a big chance for you to make your home outstanding in the midst of many.

Thus, your deck color now holds the strength to do the job, and as the anchor, you shouldn’t hold back. If ever in doubt, do not forget that there’s always a guide to put you through with excellence.

Stay on, as you would be taken on a ride through the best deck colors you can use on your blue house.

How Do I Choose the Right Deck Color For My Blue House?


When picking the color of the deck for your blue house, there are a certain number of factors to be considered. For instance, you’d want a deck color that complements the color of your home, enhances visual color, and exaggerates your surrounding space.

Also, the color of use on your deck should blend into the blueness of your house, creating an awesome mix.

Pick a color that goes well with the shape of your blue house and its surrounding environment, creating a simple effect. Additionally, you should pick a color of a deck that would arrange rather than distort the entire setup of your house.

In essence, you should pick a color that will not create unwarranted clashes with the rest of your house.

What Color of Deck Goes Well With My Blue House?

Several colors create utter perfection when used on your deck alongside your blue house. When used on these decks, these colors have been analyzed and observed to create nice blends with blue houses.

Although it may boil down to their conclusion for some, you may also need a professional opinion in certain circumstances.

It is always better to use colors that would enhance the beauty of your home, these span over a wide range.

Nevertheless, these are just a few choices that would blend well with blue houses; these are just the choicest.

1. Gray Decks Match Awesomely With Your Blue House

Different shades of green create perfection when used on decks of blue houses as they complement blue houses with precision. Grey being an easily customizable color, does not flinch in the face of a blue house; this makes it ideal.

Gray decks create a color balance that tilts by just the right angle when used with blue houses of any stature.

While applying the gray paint, you should begin with lighter shades, improving on them as you progress while noting the perks. First, however, you should understand that lighter shades of Gray go better with darker shades of blue and vice versa.

The secret lies in the quality of balance you can create while applying the right color to your house’s deck.

In addition, gray paint ages excellently on wooden decks, making it easier to manage and maintain as the years fly by.

2. Various Shades of Red Create Absolute Beauties When Used on Decks Along With Blue Houses

Different forms of red in multiple tones add spice to many shades of blue in all circumstances in the surrounding. Thus, painting your deck in these red tones to go along with your blue house is one excellent choice.

From classic redwood, brick red to deep mahogany, blue houses do not just discriminate when it comes to red decks.

In addition, these red decks provide exceptional choices for you to make while designing your landscape to go along with your blue house. When your home contains beautiful shrubs, flowers, trees, or some form of green, these red decks become ideal for you.

As deduced from observations, red decks go well with all forms of blue, their differing shades notwithstanding. Therefore, red decks possess some high levels of versatility despite standing awesomely when used on blue houses.

3. Brown Decks Create an Ideal Level of Contrast Which is Needed on Your Blue House

When choosing colors or paints to use in your house, the principal thing in your mind should be contrast. This factor promotes your house and makes it visible, thus accentuating the underlying beauty of your house.

Therefore, a brown deck does the best to immerse your blue-painted house in the right amount of contrast.

Going for the perfect contrast levels gives your house an almost perfect outlook that appeals greatly to an observer’s eye. In addition, the neutrality of all shades of brown is mixed well with all elements of your landscape and interior décor.

Brown is advantageous if used right with blue houses as it proves to be easy to maintain, remaining an excellent choice. When wood is used for decks, the clear, natural color of the wood provides an awesome choice of deck color.

In essence, staining the natural wood with extra-woody color provides a nice mix with your blue house.

4. Blue-Gray Decks Provide a Calming Neutrality to Your Blue House’s Outdoor Space

Blue colors with gray undertones stand well when used on decks of blue houses, creating very subtle contrast levels. This color combination pairs perfectly and appears great when stroked with some classy touches of white, with it properly accentuated.

In addition, the neutral blue-gray oozes a relaxing aura when splashed on decks of blue houses, especially in natural environments. Peaceful mixes of bliss and class all come into play when you add blue-gray to the deck of your blue houses.

5. Blue Decks Establish Some Classy Levels of Visual Interest on Your Blue Houses

Although it may seem like a pretty daring move to paint your blue house’s deck blue, maybe because of the color monotone, however, this may not be a bad idea, after all, considering that you may direly need some visual interest.

Although an additional railing prevents the contrast from shooting into crazily higher levels, the beauty is still retained. So when you look around critically, a blue deck for your blue house may be the answer to your question.

What Color of Decks Are the Most Popular?

Before choosing the color of the deck, it is sometimes imperative to know what is in vogue. Although this may not seem important, it helps many people make choices on which color to use on their decks.

In another vein, you may need to know the most used deck colors if you would like to try something outstanding. Again, this knowledge helps you avoid decks the common colors of decks, thereby choosing something extraordinarily uncommon and unique.

In no particular order, the most popular colors of house decks are:

  • Cedar
  • Honey
  • Brown
  • Redwood

One reason for the popularity of these colors could be their ability to complement the colors that most people use in painting their homes. Thus, they come in as a natural choice when looking for something to paint your deck with.

In addition, decks are made to carry an aura of relaxation and calmness, these colors, therefore, exacerbate this atmosphere. Consequently, their use gets more popular by the day.

From another perspective, these colors may be normally beautiful when added to wood decks, exposing their beauty. Therefore, anyone would inadvertently pick these when given a wide range of choices.

Creating a Blend Between Your Deck and Your House.

When picking out a color for your house and your deck, the primary aim is to choose colors that would blend in. However, these colors should not just blend in with themselves.

They should also create a mix with the surroundings and your interior.

Here are things to note when aiming at creating an awesome blend:

  1. First, ensure that your deck matches your house’s exterior color. You should always choose colors that add to the beauty of each other.
  2. Your deck material should be able to support the color you’d want to paint it with. For example, wood decks get stained better by different colors, while concrete decks do not appear well with certain stains.
  3. Pick colors from the color wheel. The color wheel accurately describes colors that stand well and are placed together. Therefore you should take some information from it to create the perfect blend.

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