What Color Curtains Go With Brown Furniture

Hanging curtains around windows and doors is a great way to add color, elegance and even make a room appear larger.

However, it’s sometimes a challenging assignment because the curtains must blend well with the rest of the space, including everything, from the wall art to the accents to the furniture.

Brown furniture is popular because they are functional. They are forgiving, and therefore ideal for families with children and dogs. Also, they look well in a variety of design schemes.

If you’re trying to decorate your living room, furniture will occupy the largest space, so the curtains must complement it. However, depending on the color — mainly if the furniture is brown — this may be challenging.

There may seem to be few color alternatives for curtains for a room with brown furniture. The reality, however, is that there are more options than you can imagine.

Much of it is determined by the color of your walls and the general tone and vibe you want to achieve. In most cases, brown furniture goes well with vibrantly colored curtains. This is because brown is relatively dark, hence pairs best with brighter colors that reflect light on it and make it more vibrant.

1. Rich Gray Curtains

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Gray may not be the first hue that comes to mind when looking for curtains to pair with brown furniture, but the truth is they can complement each other to create a charming ambiance.

Try out several shades of gray to see what looks best with your particular furniture. Rich gray comes first on our list because, unlike most colors, it has no hard and fast rules, so you have more room to experiment and have fun.

2. Yellow Curtains

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If you want something to stand out against your brown furniture, consider a bright yellow curtain. It is in the same autumnal spectrum as your furnishings’ browns, but it holds more light and adds happiness to your environment.

Yellow curtains look excellent when coupled with the teal highlights, as explained below.

3. Deep Teal Curtains

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Deep teal curtains are another unlikely pairing that will look quite gorgeous with your brown furniture.

However, as lovely as these curtains are, they are only ideal for light-filled living spaces.

This is because they are so dark that if you pair them them them with dark furniture, you will end up with a dungeon-like living room.

4. Black Buffalo Check Curtains

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A black buffalo check pattern is trendy right now, and if you have a camel-colored couch, a set of curtains with that design will look fantastic with it.

It provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes you want to curl up with a blanket near a fire.

5. Vibrantly Colored Curtains

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Maybe your brown table was passed down to you, and it’s only temporary. So, it would be best if you simply made it work until you can acquire a new one.

If you dislike brown and like many colors, don’t be scared to get creative with your curtains. Use vibrantly colored curtains to complement the brown furniture and add pomp to your room.

For instance, let’s say you have a brown chair in a room with brown walls. Magenta and navy blue curtains on one side and orange and white curtains on the other will reflect natural light on the chair and make the room more lively.

This is a perfect example of using what you already have to get what you want.

6. Crisp White Cotton Curtains

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White is the most common color to pair with brown furniture. They complement each other effectively and create a more welcoming environment than the harsh contrast of black and white.

White curtains are convenient if your brown furniture is in a dark room because they will help lighten the environment by reflecting some natural light.

The color scheme complements each other seamlessly.

7. Red Curtains

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Do creamed coffee-colored sofas and loveseats set against a maple wood floor and walls painted to match and complement red curtains sound familiar?

This traditional interior design oozes warmth and friendliness. It makes you want to curl up next to the fire and drink cinnamon-laced apple cider.

8. Patterned Cream Curtains

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Cream, like white, always compliments brown. However, you can add some interest in hanging cream curtains with some prints.

The combination draws out the pattern and provides some diversity and character to what would otherwise be a rather basic look.

9. Textured or Blended Neutral Curtains

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If you don’t like many colors or want to go for a more boho appearance, you can still hang cream-colored curtains without looking boring – you just need to pick the correct set.

Neutral curtains don’t have to be uninteresting. Look for anything that has different textures or colors of the creams and neutrals you wish to use.

For example, grey, cream, and black curtains will look boring when plain and full of character when textured.

10. Green Curtains

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Green and brown often look good together since they have a natural feel to them (which is really in style right now).

Hang some green curtains in the room with your brown furniture, then add some white accents and a macramé wall hanging, and you’ve got yourself a fashionable, gorgeous space.

11. Navy Blue Curtains

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What color of curtains goes with all types of brown furniture, regardless of their shades? The color is navy blue.

Navy blue, like white or cream, looks well with dark brown, light brown, camel brown, and pretty much any other shade of brown!

However, unlike white or cream, it also brings color into the room and offers you something to work with when adding other accents.

12. Metallic Silver Curtains

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Okay, this may not appear to be a suitable match, but a splash of metallic silver with brown furniture would add a touch of serenity and texture, and diversity.

Typically, most people pair gold with brown, which is a lovely combination, but silver is less common and unusual. A little uniqueness is not bad after all.

13. Different shades of brown curtains

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Are you an ardent lover of this color? There are alternative ways to pair brown curtains with brown furniture without making the space look dull.

If you want to go for a hard match, choose sheer curtains because they will allow a lot of light to seep through and set them apart from the furniture a little.

You can also pair dark brown furniture with light brown drapes (or vice versa) because the varied tones will complement each other rather than just blending in.

14. Mustard Yellow Curtains

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Mustard yellow curtains are perfect for adding character while remaining conservative. Hang some mustard yellow curtains in any room with brown furniture if you want some color but still need the place to look decent.

It will add an appealing pop of color without being too dramatic because it is still a darker tone.

15. Burgundy Curtains

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A combination of deep burgundy curtains and brown furniture is one of the most appealing pairings.

For example, in a room with a brown couch, hanging burgundy drapes will make the space feel warm and rich.

You can even add a rust orange or mustard yellow throw pillow to the mix to make your living room appear like autumn leaves.

Other Things to Consider When Looking for Color Curtains to Match with Your Brown Furniture

  • Keep some light-textured and colored pillows on the seats. If you want to install dark-colored curtains, make sure to keep some light-textured and colored pillows on the couch for a complete look.
  •  The neighboring wall color. For the best results, also consider the neighboring wall color as well — wall colors play a significant role in creating the right look. Tan curtains, for example, would look great with a brown sofa and grey walls and overdramatic if you repaint the walls to blue.
  • The location of the window. Colors have a substantial impact in reducing direct sunlight and glare. If your windows get a lot of light, choose dark-colored window curtains that will reflect the light while still matching your brown furniture.
  • Finally, consider functionality. For instance, it may not be wise to hang brightly colored curtains if you have pets or toddlers who may dirty them, even if they match perfectly with your brown furniture.

Above all, trust your guts. Fashion is personal — what looks good to you may not always look good to everybody else.

So, even as you follow this guide, ensure that whatever curtain you settle for is appealing to you.