What Color Countertops Go With White Cabinets

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My cabinets are one of the most important properties of my kitchen, just like they may be to you.

Thus, choosing the right color of countertop that blends perfectly with your white cabinet is of utmost importance.

Countertops also form an integral part of your kitchen as it adds beauty to it. Therefore, a lot of homeowners often wonder what color countertops would complement their white cabinets.

Colors such as light grey, white, brown, red, light yellow, and green will go well with your white cabinets. It’s then left for you to decide which is your favorite from the list.

White is an achromatic color that blends well with almost every other color. Hence, a lot of interior designers often incorporate white into many kitchen designs. However, choosing the right color is quite challenging and time-consuming.

Therefore, the choices you’ll end up with will be invaluable.

Are you a chef, a homeowner, or an interior designer looking for the perfect color countertop?

Do you want to be more enlightened about these colors and their effects?

If yes, then journey with me to discover more intriguing details.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Color Countertops for your White Cabinets

White cabinets have become very popular amongst people in recent times due to their neutrality.

Therefore, your cabinet and countertop are two things that always go together and are almost inseparable. As your cabinet plays an important role when selecting a color for your countertop.

Due to this, it is only right that you choose contrasting colors that blend well. For instance, black and white are perfect examples of contrasting colors that will suit your kitchen.

Although many colors are compatible with white, some colors will not suit it perfectly. Therefore, it is necessary to know the vast benefits of choosing the right colors.

Below are some of the benefits;

  • Aesthetic value: when you combine the right colors, it adds beauty to your kitchen. Your kitchen glows and sparkles, creating an inviting feeling that attracts people.

A lot of people ignorantly choose colors that don’t blend well and end up with wrong choices. Hence, it is important to note that your choice of colors affects the nature of your kitchen.

When you choose the right colors, it shows off your sense of style and creativity.

  • Peace of mind: having to relax peacefully is something everyone desires. When you make the best combination of colors, you feel at peace with yourself. You’re comfortable with the excellent interior design of your kitchen, which radiates beauty.In contrast, making the wrong choice of colors leaves you restless and constantly worried, especially when you’re expecting guests.

As a result, you need to make the best choice out of the options at your disposal. Moreover, you feel at peace when your friends troop into your kitchen only to be dazzled and amazed by your wonderful decor.

  • Increased self-esteem: surprisingly, choosing the right colors often boosts your self-esteem. Everyone loves receiving pleasant compliments for an excellent choice of color combination—for instance, two or more of your friends showering praises for an amazing job well done. This makes you feel a sense of pride, and increases your self-esteem, and broadens your sense of style.

In addition, you derive a lot of joy and a sense of pride when people admire your interior decor. As a result, you can comfortably work in your kitchen, all the while enjoying an amazing outburst of spectacular creativity.

I, for one, could spend hours in my kitchen simply admiring the color mixture.

What Colors of Countertops Suit White Cabinets

There are different varieties and shades of colors that have been discovered today. And these colors serve different purposes, just like the natural green color of plants. For example, white is known for its neutrality and can combine well with colors such as black. 

Furthermore, the right shades of color can match beautifully with white to produce a natural blend.

I had earlier mentioned some colors that complement white cabinets. I’ll now be highlighting and explaining their effects in more detail.

  1. Light Grey: this shade of grey is an excellent countertop to match your white cabinet. Dark shades of grey will not suit your white cabinet. Thus, you should settle for a lighter shade. This choice will give out a mature aura and increase the standard of your kitchen.
  2. White: of course, a white countertop with your white cabinet is not weird or old-fashioned. It brings out a fresh look. Unlike other colors, white can effortlessly fit right into any design of your choice. It gives off an elegant and appealing look that is perfect for your kitchen.
  3. Brown: Brown is often referred to as the natural color of planet earth. It is also an earthly tone. However, brown is one of the best choices to make for your white cabinet, which blends perfectly. It spices up your kitchen and is perfect if you’re looking to create a monotonous look.
  4. Red: now I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite when it comes to countertops. However, red gives your kitchen a classy and exquisite look. It’s one of the best choices for your white cabinet. Red goes a long way in reducing the monotony of other colors in your kitchen. Therefore, if you want a more magnificent look, I’d highly recommend this color.
  5. Light yellow: a lot of interior designers prefer making use of lighter shades of yellow. Yellow reflects light across your kitchen. As a result, it is perfect if you’re looking for a light blend.
  6. Green: Personally, green is one of my favorites. It gives you a natural and fresh appearance. You can also settle for other shades of green such as; mint, pistachio, and emerald.

If you’re looking to get something dramatic then, green is the perfect color to use.

In addition, you can pair many other shades of color with white. Colors such as; purple, blue, black, pink, and many others would be perfect. Colors breathe life into everything, including your kitchen. Everyone loves an excellent color combination that attracts heartwarming compliments.

Furthermore, you could finally organize your little house party without feeling inferior because of the great color mixture in your kitchen. I’d recommend any of the colors mentioned above for your countertops.

Also, you can experiment with different colors to get one that suits your taste.

How to Choose the Best Countertops for White Cabinets

The choice of countertops depends solely on an individual’s perceptions. Nevertheless, it is important to choose the right countertops for your cabinets. Subsequently, different countertops fit well in any cabinet design.

However, it is only fair to get the best quality to avoid unnecessary repairs later. Below are some of the ways of choosing the best countertop;

  • Choose the color and style: the ball is clearly in your court when it comes down to choosing the color and style you want. Choose a theme that will complement your kitchen as well as your cabinet. It is also advisable to use a color palette which will make your work a whole lot easier. Pick warm and cool tones to match your kitchen evenly. The colors should unmask the undertones of your kitchen.
  • Make excellent use of quality materials: purchase quality materials to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The material should be well constructed to avoid serious damages. Some of the materials are; granite, wood, marble, honed granite, glass, concrete, stainless steel, and polished granite.

Granite is the best material to use for the construction of your countertop. Presently, many people settle for granite in their homes and restaurants. It is cheap and affordable, which makes it preferable and high in demand. So if you want a solid and top-quality material for your countertop, I’ll advise you to go for granite. However, if you want something more standard and classy, a glass countertop is the best option. It is quite expensive, but it symbolizes elegance. Thus, you can get it if it suits your taste.

  • Consider your budget: it is always best to be well equipped and financially buoyant to construct countertops. Above everything, quality is paramount, and you need enough money for this. Notwithstanding, you need to plan your budget appropriately and settle for one that suits your taste.

In addition, countertops constitute the main basis of your kitchen, ranging from its quality to its color. Thus, it is always important to make the right choice if you’re not satisfied with it. Then you can consult expert interior designers that have good experience in the field to help you out.

Also, note that neutral colors and warm and cool shades of color also complement your white cabinet. I’d advise you to explore a lot of colors as there are many of them currently. Do this until you get that exotic blend you’ve been planning to portray in your kitchen.

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