What Color Couch Goes With Grey Walls?

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As an inexperienced designer, picking the perfect couch color for your home can be difficult. One thing you probably know is how the color of your walls affects the choice you’ll make when picking your couch.

So, if your walls are grey, which is a common choice today, you’ll have to consider what couch colors are suitable for them.

The following couch colors go well with grey walls; White, Red, Teal, Grey, Blue, Purple, Gold, Brown, Yellow, Pink, and Mint green.

Do you want to know more about these colors and the combinations that will go well with your grey walls?

Or would you like to know the colors to avoid when designing your living room?

If yes, please keep reading as I have written about these and more in this article.

What Are the Benefits of Selecting the Right Couch Colors to Complement Your Wall?


1. Color Harmony

Color harmony in your living room cannot be over-emphasized. Even though your couches may be in perfect shape and position, if they are awkwardly colored, they could disturb your eyes.

Having sofas with the right shade will ensure that all the colors in your living room blend well.

Imagine having a striking red color against a bright green wall. Terrible right? Even though the couch may be perfectly placed, the color contrast will throw everything off balance.

It would be best to combine colors that complement each other to ensure that your living room is as beautiful as you want it to be.

2. Aesthetic Effect

Your living room is where you chill out, watch TV, or have some discussions. For whatever reason you use your living room, it should be a place where you can relax.

And comfort isn’t only achieved by the softness of your couch or the silkiness of your rug.

Color imbalance could distract you while you try to enjoy your living room. Would you want an alarming contrast in color to keep your eyes glued to the corner instead of focusing on what you should do?

Furthermore, studies show that poor color combinations could make you unfocused and cause discomfort and anxiety.

So, picking good complementary couch colors to go with your walls is one of the best decisions you can make for your home.

Not only will you feel relaxed whenever you are in your living, but you’ll also be pleased with the color balance you’ve been able to achieve.

3. Improved self-esteem

Who doesn’t like a good pat on the back for a job well done? Choosing good colors for your couches will not only make you feel like you’ve made a perfect design, but it will also attract praise from your visitors.

Imagine going out with your friends and getting lauded for making great designs.

The thrill is second to none. And the effects it will have on your psyche are undeniably pleasant.

So, striking an accurate color balance will help boost your self-esteem in ways you probably didn’t know.

What Couch Colors Do Not Go Well with Grey Walls?

Grey is achromatic. It blends well with many colors, so it can be relatively difficult to pick colors that don’t go well with it.

You could make the mistake of picking the wrong color to match your grey wall. So, what colors don’t go so well with grey?

1. Bright Orange

While grey goes well with yellow and red — the parent colors of orange — it doesn’t match bright orange quite well. So having a bright orange couch in a room painted grey isn’t a well-informed decision.

The contrast will be pretty alarming. Darker shades of orange go relatively well with grey. So, when picking a color for your couch, it would be best to avoid picking a light orange color.

2. Dirty brown

Grey is pretty much compatible with all colors since it’s a neutral color. Brown is one of these colors. While brown and grey are relatively complementary, a dirtier hue of the former can be disturbing when combined with grey.

Dirty brown is the least compatible shade of brown that can go with grey. And while it can serve the purpose of being a couch color in your home, you have so many other options that are much better than it within the same color range.

These two colors mentioned above are the least impressive combinations with grey walls. Moving on, are there any alternatives to these colors?

Of course. There are so many colors that are suitable for grey. I’ll be talking about some of them further in this article. Would you mind keeping reading to find out more?

What Couch Colors Go Well with Grey Walls?

Now to the heart of the matter. Grey complements a lot of colors. So, if your walls are grey, the following couch colors will be perfect in your living room.


Modway EEI-3044 Activate Contemporary Modern Fabric Upholstered Apartment Sofa Couch In White

White couches are available here on Amazon!

White comprises all colors, given that it disperses all the known colors in the visible spectrum. However, white is also a critical component of grey. The reason is that it’s mixed with black to form grey.

So, if you have grey walls and are looking for good couches, why don’t you pick white ones to match your walls. Not only does it give your room a stunning clean look, but it also blends well with your walls.

The only downside to this color is that it can get dirty, which you should consider if you have children.


VASAGLE Sofa, Couch for Living Room Modern Upholstered, Cotton-Linen Surface, Solid Wood Frame and Legs, 78.7 x 32.3 x 35.4 Inches, Red

Red couches are here on Amazon!

Red is a primary color that goes very well with grey. From the bright stunning red to darker shades like cordovan, all these colors are complementary with grey.

Nevertheless, when making your choice, you should choose a darker color of red that blends with the grey walls. But if you prefer an attractive bright red in your living room, it’s still not a bad idea.


Modway Revive Contemporary Modern Fabric Upholstered Sofa In Teal

Teal couches are here on Amazon!

Teal is quite a beautiful color on its own. This color is made from a delicate combination of cyan and green. And it’s even more beautiful when combined with grey.

So teal couches are perfect options if your walls are grey. It’s even become a favorite amongst several home designers today.


Serta Rane Collection Convertible Sofa, L66.1 x W33.1 x H29.5, Charcoal

Grey couches are available here on Amazon!

Of course, grey itself goes well with grey. You may be someone that wants a monochromatic design in your home, and it is quite a good idea.

It would be best if you went for a different shade of grey on your couches than the one on your walls.

Going with the same color shade makes your design look too simple and boring.


Navy Blue Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch,JULYFOX 71 inch Wide Mid Century Modern Living Room Couch 700lb Heavy Duty with 2 Throw Pillows

Blue couches here on Amazon!

Blue couches are excellent options when going with grey. Blue blends well with grey and will make your room beautiful. Light and dark shades of blue all fit well with grey.

Darker shades of blue are known for being more compatible with it. But if you choose a color like sky blue, it’s not a bad option for couches in your living room.


Container Furniture Direct Pamila 93 5 ' Mid Century Modern Upholstered Sectional Sofa, Left Facing, Purple

Purple couch here on Amazon!

Purple is an intriguing color on its own. It is a color made from a mix between red and blue. There aren’t many color options this color complements. But grey, being neutral, is complementary with purple.

Purple couches against grey walls are an excellent choice as it blends well and adds aesthetic value to your home. It comes in a perfect shade that is just right with grey. So asking you to choose a darker shade would recommend a different color.


Gold is the stunning variant of yellow that is quite pleasant to the eyes. This color depicts royalty and gives a majestic air to your home.

Choosing gold couches to complement your grey wall is a good decision. Not only does it complement grey, but gold also gives your living room a distinct appearance.


Esright 88.6” Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Ottoman, Modern Tufted Faux Leather L-Shaped Couch with Reversible Chaise, Suitable for Office,Living Room and Hotel Lobby, Brown

Brown couches are available here on Amazon!

Brown is a dark color obtained from the combination of red, yellow, and blue. Brown couches go pretty well with grey and make your room look warm.

Both light and dark shades of brown go well with grey. It would be best to pick a shade that isn’t too dark as some shades do not complement grey well.


Yellow Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch,JULYFOX 71 inch Wide Mid Century Modern Living Room Couch 700lb Heavy Duty

Yellow couch here on Amazon!

Yellow is a primary color and is quite stunning. While light yellow may seem too bright to go with grey, it does match it well.

Choosing any shade of yellow couches to use in your living room is a good choice, especially if your walls are grey.


Glory Furniture Raisa , Pink Sofa, 3 Seater

Pink couches are here on Amazon!

Pink is a lighter variant of red. It is appealing and does well with most colors. Grey is one particular color that pink goes well with.

Pink couches are perfect with grey walls and will make your living room look beautiful.

Mint green:

Modway Valour Performance Velvet Upholstered Tufted Sofa, Mint

Mint green couches are here on Amazon!

Mint green is a variant of green that is so aesthetically pleasing that it goes well with several colors. Choosing this color as a couch option is an excellent decision as it blends perfectly well with grey walls.

Finally, these colors I have mentioned here make perfect combinations with your grey walls.

One good thing about them is that you can also use couches that come in their shades and not worry about mismatched colors.

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