What Color Carpet With Beige Walls?

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If you are reading this, you have probably decided to repaint the interior of your house or maybe change up the color of your carpet. The chances are that you are now wondering what color carpet would look great with your beige walls.

The good thing is that beige is one of the best neutrals, and it can work with various colors. Because beige is so versatile, it can work well with a variety of colors and accents.

So, what color carpets would go well with your beige walls?

The best color carpet for your beige walls includes brown, gray, oatmeal, cream, orange, white, navy blue, red, green, multi-colored, and black and white.

In this article, we will have a detailed discussion on the best color carpet for your beige walls. So, if this interests you in any way, stick around and read on to find out more.

11 Best Color Carpets That Go With Beige Walls


You may have chosen to go with beige walls and have settled on the best shade for your needs. Or you may already have beige walls that you cannot change. Despite the situation you are in, you are probably wondering what the best color carpet for your home is.

Well, we have just the answer you are looking for. The following are some of the color carpets that can go well with your beige walls:

1. Brown

Believe it or not, beige and brown are two colors that are made in neutral heaven. These two colors compliment each other amazingly, and when used in conjunction, they would inject a feeling of calmness into your room.

Whether you decide to go with a light or dark brown carpet, this color will actively enhance your crispy beige walls. Since beige is a neutral color, any shade of brown will work well with other neutral tones.

However, to make a bold statement, opt for darker shades of brown, such as chocolate and coffee. Darker shades would also work well in a room with significant foot traffic to hide dirt and stains. Lighter tones of brown would make your room seem more spacious and brighter.

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is an earthy tone, and it would be amazing for your home with beige walls. The good news is that this color is capable of blending well with almost any interior décor. Choosing it as a carpet color can create a nice pattern and pleasant outlook in both a large and small room.

An advantage of this color is that it is surprisingly low maintenance and doesn’t show any stains. So, you can use it in a room with significant foot traffic.

When you pair an oatmeal carpet with light color sofas and beige walls, this color carpet will enhance the space and bring much warmth to it too. Thanks to the light oatmeal shade of the carpet, it can also make small rooms feel bigger than they actually are.

3. Gray

Yet another color that can match your beige walls is gray. A light shade of beige for the walls is a great way of adding depth to a neutral room, but with the addition of a dark gray carpet, you will avoid darkening the space.

If your space has a warmer shade of beige to make the space feel bright and open, then a light gray carpet would also work well. For a heathered look, you could try out a thicker carpet.

Greige (grey and beige) is a popular décor option, proving neutral doesn’t have to be boring.

The beige in your walls will complement the soft gray accents in your carpet, and this can be great for adding a bit of depth to your room without darkening the space.

4. Black and White

A Black and white carpet is a classic choice, and it would absolutely work well with your beige walls. It is a good color combo, and it can give your space with beige walls a tad more welcoming feel.

Black has a stark and modern look that is softened by the sophisticated white, and this pairs well with neutral beige walls. A black and white carpet will work well with any shade of beige, but it particularly is best with medium shades of beiges or even khakis.

A black and white carpet can make your space with beige walls feel a little bit homier and more welcoming. So, instead of just getting a plain black or white carpet, why not consider getting one with a combination of both and see the effect it has with your beige walls.

5. Cream

Normally, cream carpets can transform your home in the right setting, giving it a stylish and modern look. Since cream is considered a clean color, it will make any room the carpet is placed in look bright and fresh.

It is a common color choice for most homes, and there are, therefore, lots of carpet designs that come in cream, and these will work well to bring out the elegance of your room with beige walls.

A disadvantage of this carpet color is that it is quite hard to keep clean. This, therefore, means you can only use it in a room where there is minimal foot traffic so that it doesn’t get dirty often.

6. Orange

If you love rooms that have a lot of personality, an orange carpet can prove to be an excellent addition to your room with beige walls. Beige walls are soothing, and they would play beautifully with a bold orange carpet.

Beige is good for pairing with bold colors such as orange because it sits back and lets the accents do the work. The key is to create a strong contrast with the warm tones of the carpet so that you can really add drama and a bold statement to the room that would otherwise look bland with the beige walls.

7. Navy Blue

A navy blue carpet is a great way to add a pop of color to a room with beige walls. Beige and navy blue are classic colors that feel grounded and neutral but still colorful enough, and therefore they work so well together.

This color palette lends a calm and relaxing vibe that would look pleasant enough in your room.

This color can provide a stylish and elegant appearance, especially if your beige walls give your room a feel of abundant natural lighting.

8. Red

For any room, red is a bold choice, but when it is paired with beige, it gives off a uniquely welcoming and classic feel. Therefore you should consider getting a red carpet for your home with beige walls.

To pair the carpet well, the beige on your walls should have orange undertones, or you can even try an olive beige.

A red carpet can bring a rustic burnt look to your room and make it feel utterly cozy and vintage at the same time.

9. Green

Beige is a classic color, and beige walls are popular because they age well. One drawback of this color, however, is that it can appear dingy. Therefore it’s important to have a well-put-together room with exact design elements.

A green carpet can definitely help you achieve this. A green carpet will help your room achieve a deeper and livelier feel and make the room more elegant, fresh, and purposeful.

10. White

Earthy, natural tones can look great with beige walls, and one such color is white. White carpets can make an attractive choice in a room with beige walls.

The white carpet with the beige walls will tie the entire room together, and this simple design will make a complementary combination next to your accompanying furniture.

White and beige are in the same color wheel, so one could say that they would match pretty well without taking away from each other.

The only downside to having white carpets is that they get dirty relatively easily, so they aren’t ideal for rooms with significant foot traffic.

11. Multi-colored

Not only do colors add dimension to a room, but they also affect our mood. Multi-colored carpets with relaxing hues such as blues, yellows, and purples can inject a calm feeling into any room. You can use brightly colored carpets in a room with beige walls.

Bold colors enliven a room, and so if you feel like introducing some color into your home, you should consider contrasting colors against your beige walls. Multi-colored carpets are a good idea because they feature earthy tones and pops of color that brighten up your walls’ neutral beige.

From pink, orange, and green to yellow and deep purple, a carpet with a blend of bold colors can be a great addition to any space.

Any of the above colors should go well with your beige walls, so why not try them out and see just how good it looks?

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