What Color Carpet Goes With Yellow Walls

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Installing a carpet can be one of the most difficult things when decorating a room. You need to make so many decisions, such as the carpet style, fiber type, pattern, quality, and color.

Getting the right color is often one of the hardest decisions for most people because it’s usually hard to visualize the color in a large space judging from just a tiny swatch.

Certain colors can dramatically affect the outlook of a room, and this can either be to great effect or not. If you have yellow walls, it can be quite confusing deciding what color carpet will work well for your room.

So, with that said, what color carpet should you get?

You can get gray, blue, beige, orange, brown, or red carpets. These will compliment yellow walls and bring out the ambiance of the room.

In this article, we will discuss which color carpets are best for a room with yellow walls. So, if this piques your interest, sit back, relax, and read on to find out more. It will certainly be an insightful read for you!

6 Color Carpets That Go Well With Yellow Walls


Yellow is truly one of the most exciting colors for decorating. It is regarded as the color of happiness, warmth, inspiration, and vitality, making it a brilliant choice for any room.

As an interior design color, it is widely known for adding a splash of warmth into any room, whether it’s your bedroom, living room, or dining room, and it can be a brilliant and stylish addition.

If you have yellow walls, this is often regarded as a bold move, and it often requires a great deal of skill when choosing the carpet. Going extra hard can have a devastating look on your room, making it look wild.

If you’d like your yellow walls to look less bold, the best colors would be complimentary or neutral ones.

One of the most common mistakes most people make is ignoring the fact that the carpet and the walls should match. If you have decided to go for yellow walls in your home, but you are unsure of the best color curtains to get, worry no more.

We’re here to help, and in this section, we will have a look at some of the best color curtains for yellow walls to give you inspiration when you finally go shopping.

Let’s have an in-depth look!

1. Grays

In the past, gray carpets were widely regarded as going out of style, but currently, it has found a lot of popularity among most homeowners. This boost in popularity can be attributed to the muted tones that it can introduce to any room.

Grey carpets can add a cool and pleasant touch to any room, and they can serve the function of both enhancing and muting the yellow in your walls.

Despite being popular in recent years, when it comes to choosing the appropriate carpets for your yellow walls, the countless options can often make your decision hard to make and overwhelming.

The best shade of grey that would go well with your yellow walls would be slate gray since it balances out the shades beautifully.

Sophisticated, playful, and relaxed, grey carpets will adapt quite well to several personalities and interiors, offering a feeling of strength and stability.

Thanks to its versatility, you can expect it to marry well with your yellow walls, and it will serve as a solid background that allows you to grow the other décor ideas in your room.

You can choose from various models, such as light, dark, textured, rugged, smooth, durable, deep, or luxurious.

A grey carpet will work well with your yellow walls, so why not try it out and see just how well it works for you?

2. Blues

The good thing about incorporating blue carpets into any room is that it’s quite versatile in terms of décor. Most times, blue and yellow can inject a fairly exotic look into your room that would be nothing but pleasant.

Blue is a soothing color that represents the sky and the sea. It is a symbol of trust, loyalty, and wisdom, and in combination with yellow, it can inject a calming and soothing effect to your room.

A light blue carpet would work well for your room with yellow walls as it would absorb the bright glare emitted by the yellow.

Every color has an anthology of shades and hues, but it’s usually tricky to find a soothing color that goes well with yellow walls. Blue, however, is a color that has no limits.

A pale blue in your room with yellow walls can create a soothing and reassuring look, a dramatic blue can create a strong, regal flare, and a bright blue can create an electric pop of color in combination with the yellow on the walls.

Blue is truly one color that offers a versatile palette for your yellow walls.

Because blue has such a versatile palette, as we have mentioned above, it will not overwhelm your yellow-walled design.

In combination with other neutrals in your room, it will create a completely stunning look.

3. Beiges

One of the best and most creative ways to offset an overly bold yellow wall would be to use a beige carpet. Sandy beiges are effective at this, and they would work well to enhance the look of your room.

A neutral color such as a light beige would be particularly great to inject a modern and elegant look into your room without compromising the tones of your yellow walls.

When decorating a room with yellow walls, flexibility is of great importance. Luckily, beige can make for a great and breathtaking look.

Beige is a timeless decorating color and is popular because it combines warmth and versatility to match any color scheme, including your yellow walls.

The warm undertones that are found in beige, such as yellow, orange, and red, work well to enhance your yellow walls.

One advantage of using beige carpets in a yellow-walled room is that there are many shades of beige to choose from. This means that you can find the perfect tone that compliments your yellow walls.

Whether you are thinking of incorporating light beige carpet or dark beige carpet, it will all work out to match your yellow walls.

4. Oranges

The benefit of orange is that it’s a perfect complement to any living and dining room setup, and it can give a room an inviting ambiance that is adored by lots of people. 

Orange has yellow and similar palette colors, which can create a default coordinated look in your room.

If you’d like to make your room with yellow walls look bolder and give it a Tuscan feel, an excellent way of achieving this is by adding an orange carpet.

Orange on its own can be quite heavy-handed, and so if you want to pick an orange carpet, go for a more muted tone or use a pattern that comes with other calmer colors in it.

In combination with the yellow on the walls, an orange carpet can balance the whole look and give your room a warm feel. When paired together, these warm colors can turn your apartment into a warm and cozy space.

It isn’t normal to see a true orange being used on carpets. You should go with lighter shades of orange to match and blend well with the yellow on your walls.

5. Browns

If you’d like to achieve a retro look, you can easily achieve this if you use a brown carpet with your yellow walls wisely. The yellow will act as an accent color to add interest to your room.

Whenever you are in doubt, a neutral-color carpet such as a brown one is the best way to go.

Besides bringing a stunning look, brown carpets work well in areas with a lot of foot traffic to hide dirt and stains. Thanks to the fact that brown is a versatile color, you are guaranteed that it will work well with your yellow-walled room.

We should, however, mention that a brown carpet can be a hit or miss if you have yellow walls. It all has to do with the execution. Most designers recommend getting browns with shades that are muted rather than bold.

Brown carpets are a good way to add warmth to your room, but only to an extent. While it can be a great complementary color, it’s important to pick a shade that works well with the hue of yellow on your walls.

6. Red

Red is one of the most stimulating colors. Introducing a red carpet in your room with yellow walls can create a sophisticated yet stimulating feel. If you like the idea of a strong and warm look for your room, then a red carpet can work well with your yellow walls.

It can create a hip, modern look that works well in a living room, dining room, or even bedroom.

However, take care not to overdo this. You should choose a red hue that matches the yellow on your walls instead of one that jumps out right at you.

In conclusion, any of the above color carpets should work well with your yellow-walled room. So, why not pick one that appeals best to you and see just how well it works for you.

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