What Color Carpet Goes with White Walls?

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It’s not easy to choose a color when you’re looking for a new carpet. Choosing a carpet color that matches your walls and your furniture is an important consideration. If you have already decided that your walls should be white, you may wonder what fits that theme.

So, what color carpet goes with white walls?

Though white walls can fit well with a vast range of colors, I would suggest preferring the carpet having brown, black, cream, grey, green or blue color. These colors will not only fit the white walls but also make your overall room appear elegant.

I will let you know that among these colors, which one will be the most suitable for white walls and the furniture you have. You will learn more about the furniture and white walls in this article.

What Is the Best Carpet Color for White Walls?


Following are some suitable carpet colors that will go well with the white walls.


Grey can cool down white walls just as brown can warm them up.  A light grey carpet could be a good option if you desire to make a simple and minimalist space.

With light grey carpets and white walls, you can also achieve a seamless look in which the two elements are similar but still different. The monochromatic style that is very popular recently can also be achieved with this carpet color.

Light gray carpets and white walls make any room look brighter and more spacious, as they both are bright and light colors.

Unlike other popular flooring types, such as wooden or tile flooring, the carpet does not have any reflections or glossiness effect that can visually boost a room’s sense of spaciousness.

Therefore, light grey carpets with bright colors are the best choice for small rooms. The darker shade of grey, known as medium grey, is an alternative to light grey.

As well as creating a simple yet elegant look, this shade can also serve as a versatile base that you can use with any color for the furniture. You can pair it with lively and bright options, such as yellow or red, but it still works well with a calmer, creamer color palette.


Any green color on a carpet is indeed a pretty unpopular choice. This color is more commonly found in other elements of a home rather than in carpet.

There is, however, still the possibility of using green carpet with pretty fascinating results, especially when paired with a plain white wall. Green carpets can add a fresh, natural feel to any space, as can other green elements.

You may also find that choosing furniture colors is a challenge when using this carpet. Choosing furniture colors that compliment green carpets can be quite challenging. In terms of green carpet, I would suggest you try the ACTCUT Ultra Soft Green Carpet.

Using velvet surfaces is the prime reason people prefer buying them. This velvet surface enhances the comfort level of the user. Besides, the addition of a sponge interlayer supports the velvet surface to boost softness.


Carpets in blue have a unique characteristic: they create an atmosphere of coziness, warmth, elegance, and glamour, especially when paired with white walls.

From the traditional to the coastal farmhouse, this color looks good in various interior design styles. Blue carpets are also highly versatile as they can easily match with a wide variety of furniture colors.

Navy blue can create an elegant look for decorating a room. Despite its bold and strong appearance, the navy carpet complements the white walls nicely.

A white couch, cream sofa are some examples of furniture that people typically choose with this carpet. Those types of furniture can be perfectly highlighted by this type of carpet color and made to stand out.


A light brown is a good option if you would like to create a more sophisticated look without adding too much darkness to your room. Despite the bright color, it has enough brown to bring a beautiful earthy, rich tone to the room.

Apart from the light brown carpet, the dark brown carpet also compliments the white walls. Having white walls is an excellent opportunity to include a dark brown carpet to create an elegant, sophisticated ambiance in your entire home.

Dark brown is a warm and welcoming tone that adds warmth and texture to any room. Your living room will seem amazing with brown carpet and white walls.

In addition, there is one important note to keep in mind before purchasing a carpet of this type. To keep your room from appearing dark and gloomy from this carpet, make sure that you have sufficient light sources in your room.


Black carpets can be used to great effect if you want to try new things. Black carpets and white walls create a contrast effect that visually enhances the entire design of the house and makes it appear very modern and elegant. But avoid the use of this type of carpet in small rooms.

The LOCHAS Ultra Soft black carpet will be an ideal pick for those who want to pair the white walls with the black carpet. It is a highly durable carpet that contains fluffy material.

This fully material will make you enjoy the ultra-soft experience while you walk on it. It also has a sponge interlayer which enhances its softness.

What Is the Trendy Carpet Color?

I’m sure you would like to know what the crowd is choosing. Since carpet colors have traditionally been neutral, grey has become a popular choice more recently as well.

In terms of interior design, both neutrals and grey are very versatile.

Their versatility allows them to be worn with any color or style. But it is up to you which carpet color you want to combine with your white walls.

How to Choose the Right Carpet?

Before you go carpet shopping, make sure you know what you want.

Every household and every occasion can find a carpet to suit needs. For help determining which carpet is best for your home, here are some factors to consider.

Type of Carpet

You may have a family of active kids or pets that require a dependable product? Which room will be furnished with this carpet? Identifying what you want will help you narrow down styles and colors that reflect your tastes.

When choosing a carpet color, you might have more freedom if your carpet does not have to deal with foot traffic. When choosing a carpet color, think about whether you have children or pets or expect a lot of traffic.

The color of a garment can affect how much dirt, lint, and stains it shows.  Darker carpets hide stains better, but lint will also show up more on them, so don’t choose them if those carpets are too dark.

If you have a lot of traffic on your carpet, choose a color between light and dark. Using multiple colors in a speckled carpet will hide lint as well.

Carpet Material

In carpets, the pile is on top of the backing. Different materials can make the pile. Carpets are primarily judged by the material of their pile, as well as all their other features.

Various natural and synthetic fibers are used to make carpets, including wool, linen, silk, acrylic fibers, polyester fibers, and olefin fibers.

A carpet made of nylon or polyester is the most durable, while wool is the healthiest. Compared to wool, acrylic carpets are a better alternative to silk.

Carpet Style and Color

There are various carpet patterns and colors to choose from, so you must know the style you’re trying to achieve. By doing this, you will easily navigate through the hundreds of colors and styles available for carpets.

A carpet made from BCF fiber might require a little more maintenance than darker colors, but you should consider another aspect of that carpet if you want to prevent your children from getting covered in a loose fiber shed.

Lighter carpets can make small rooms appear larger, while darker carpets can make large rooms feel cozier. The true color of the carpet will show up in rooms with a lot of natural light, while darker shades of carpet will make a room appear darker than it is.

You should always pick neutral carpet colors when choosing a color. It is possible to find carpets in almost any color or shade, and they will go well with nearly any wall color.

Furniture and decor can experiment with more in a neutral setting. Besides, a color wheel is a good place to look for inspiration. There are three options for color schemes: complementary, analogous, and monochromatic.

A color wheel can be balanced by choosing colors that are spaced equally apart. So, using the color wheel will make it easier for you to decide on the carpet color.

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