What Color Carpet Goes with Green Walls?

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Green is having a major moment in interior design, gracing walls from bold emerald dining rooms to soothing sage living spaces. But finding carpets and rugs to complement green walls can be tricky. Do you stick with naturals like jute that give off an earthy vibe?

Try matching different shades of green for a monochromatic look. Or make a statement with contrasting blues and patterns? Fortunately, there are tried and true ways to pull off the green-carpet combo with elegance. Neutrals like beige provide an airy counterbalance to vivid green walls, while gradients of green create a relaxing retreat.

Vivid patterns in black, white, and gray add modern flair without overwhelming. And the right blues – think pale sky blue – beautifully accent the green without clashing. With the proper carpet colors, green walls can jump from drab to fab. From hiding dirt to making small spaces appear larger, green carpeting has many.

Beige and Natural Neutrals


For lighter green wall color, stick to neutral naturals for your flooring. Beiges, creams, and jutes make an elegant pairing. Since green is bold, a neutral grounding carpet prevents the space from feeling overwhelming.

Natural fiber rugs in jute, sisal, or seagrass paired with light wood floors are an organic pairing for a sage green wall. The naturals bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. A beige carpet provides a cohesive, peaceful look that works with any pastel green. Just make sure your carpet is a couple of shades lighter than the walls.


Greys are another foolproof neutral option for green walls. Cool-toned grey floors beautifully balance out warm green walls. For a more dynamic look, pair grey carpeting with a vivid green-blue teal wall color. The two complement each other perfectly.

A soft, pale gray carpet with pale green wainscoting makes for a soothing, elegant space. And for a bolder contrast, charcoal grey flooring grounds a jewel-toned emerald green dining room.


Don’t be afraid to use green on both your walls and floors! Matching shades from the same color family creates a cohesive, calming atmosphere. Go a couple of tones lighter or darker on the carpeting versus the walls.

Emerald walls with hunter green floors makes for a luxe, vibrant space. Or for ultimate relaxation, paint the walls, sofa, and floors in coordinating pale sage greens. Thiscreates a spa-like retreat.


Blue and green can be tricky, but the right shades can complement each other beautifully. Try pairing a vivid emerald or forest green wall with pale blue carpeting. The contrast is eye-catching yet soothing. Or mix a soft sage green with a deep navy rug.

Pale blue floors bring out the green undertones of a teal wall color. And a pale blue and white geometric area rug makes a stunning match for sage green walls. Just beware of matching true blues with true greens, which can sometimes clash. Focus on shades with blue or green undertones.

Cream or White

For a bright, fresh look, use creamy white or pure white carpeting with green walls. This combo evokes tropical or coastal vibes. White also makes small spaces appear larger and airier.

Try crisp white carpeting paired with medium sage walls and white trim for a clean, elegant nursery. Or opt for lush emerald walls against snow white rugs for a glamorous palm springs feel.

Black, White and Grey Patterns

Make a statement by pairing graphic black, white and grey patterned rugs with your green walls. Geometric patterns in this color scheme add punch without overwhelming the green.

A patchwork black and white area rug grounds a jewel-toned green dining space. Or a black, white and grey Moroccan trellis rug complements a serene sage green living area. The patterns add interest while the color scheme remains neutral.

Jewel-Toned Oriental and Geometric Rugs

Since green is associated with emeralds and other rich gemstones, jewel-toned rugs make a gorgeous pairing. Try deep ruby reds, sapphire blues, amethyst purples and more. Persian and Moroccan-style rugs work well.

An ornate antique Persian rug with emerald greens, ruby reds and sapphire blues beautifully accentuates a mossy green living room. The combo feels sumptuous and elegant. Southwestern geometric rugs in turquoise blues and brick reds also complement sage green walls.

Is Green a Good Living Room Color?

Absolutely! Green is a wonderful color for living rooms. Depending on the shade, it can create a luxurious, relaxing, or lively ambiance. Deep greens feel rich and welcoming, while energetic yellow-greens inspire conversation. Restful sages make the perfect backdrop for reading.

Since green promotes harmony and heals the spirit, it’s an ideal shade for a family gathering space. And it pairs beautifully with many carpet colors, as we’ve discussed. So do not hesitate to liven up your living room with a splash of green!

Does Green Carpet Hide Dirt?

It depends on the shade! Dark green carpeting does an excellent job of hiding dirt, footprints, and other grime. However, very deep hues show pet hair and lint. For best dirt coverage, opt for a medium-dark green in an emerald or hunter green shade.

On the other hand, light green carpets show dirt as easily as other pale neutrals. But a multi-colored layered patterned green rug helps disguise high-traffic areas prone to stains. The variation in shades helps hide soiling until you can clean the carpet.

What is the Most Popular Carpet Color?

Neutrals continue to dominate carpet color preferences. But while beiges and greys used to rule, many homeowners are moving toward more dynamic flooring. These days, medium blues like cerulean and navy are becoming popular choices.

If you want to make the carpet a focal point, vibrant green is an eye-catching option. Pair a kelly green shag carpet with neutral walls and furniture. Or opt for a dark emerald carpet with light wood tones for contrast.

While neutral carpeting still reigns supreme, more homes are embracing color. Green is an ideal shade that adds vibrancy while still feeling natural and peaceful. With the right accompanying wall and rug colors, it makes a gorgeous flooring focal point.

In Summary

Green walls lend any room a peaceful, uplifting ambiance. Choose the right accompanying carpet or rug color, and you can make the space truly sing. Stick with beiges, greys, blues, and patterns for foolproof pairings. For bolder contrast, opt for jewel tones. You have many options for beautifully coordinating your flooring with green painted walls!

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