What Color Carpet Goes with Green Walls?

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Among many other colors available, green is one of the most popular ones for walls. Things usually get tough for people while deciding the right color that will match with green walls. So, what color carpet goes with green walls?

Grey, Green, Blue, White, Beige patterned, and dark shades are some of the most popular color carpets you can choose with your green walls. All these colors will give a unique yet beautiful touch to your room. You can also prefer various patterns with white, grey, and black colors.

But you might wonder what kind of appearance these colors will give with the green walls. This article will help you know the appearance of these colors with the green walls to help you easily make the right decision.

What Is the Best Color Carpet for Green Walls?


Below, I have explained all the colors of carpet that will suit the green walls in your room.


An example of a perfect neutral is grey. Colors of this kind have topped the popularity charts for many years, and luckily, this color also complements a lot of colors of green.

It would be best if you paired the sage green wall paint with a similar grey carpet to match the wainscotting in the room.

With a medium teal wall color, a medium grey carpet would also look great. Having some color interest will create a soothing environment.

When you want your room to have a more relaxed atmosphere, grey is the color to use. The choice of grey carpet to make your green walls appear weak and modern, and at the same time, it will create both elegance and sophistication.

As grey is a neutral color, it doesn’t appear on the color wheel. Tints of color found on the color wheel are created using various shades of grey.

In contrast, grey shades can either be warm or cool, depending on their hue. Greys with cool tones have blue tints, while greys with warm tones have yellow undertones.

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Those who want a grey rug should prefer the GKLUCKIN Shag Area Rug as it is ultra-soft and ideal for people who own pets. The best thing about this area rug is that it is stain-resistant and convenient to clean.

I suggest you do not use jute or sisal, as they can easily absorb odors and stains. A rug’s construction is another important factor to consider. Continuous loops are relatively easy for pets to snag, causing fraying or piling of the fibers.

Pet owners should take advantage of this rug since it is made from synthetic fibers that do not incorporate stains and odors. It is easy to clean the GKLUCKIN Shag Rug using a vacuum, as its low profile makes it a breeze.

If you own pets, this pet sitter is worth the investment, even though it is more expensive than many other options.


You can also choose either beige or natural colors with your green walls. The popularity of neutrals is because of various reasons. The beige and natural colors fit well, with the walls having various colors.

Keeping the floor color-neutral can create a cohesive look with walls that feature bold green tones. Also, since beige carpet is one of the most well-known colors when it comes to carpet, it will always retain value.

Light-colored carpets only have the downside of fading and wearing. It looks amazing with the emerald green wall and the natural fiber rug over a light wood floor. Those who want a space that feels like the outdoors will appreciate this style.


Compared to other colors, white is the purest and most simple. The color green, no matter how light or dark, can overwhelm a room. Your room will look more spacious and modern with a white carpet.

An interior can feel fresh and airy with white or creme rugs and carpets. Try mixing a bolder green rug with a white or cream one to invoke the Caribbean or Mediterranean style.

The white creates an atmosphere of brightness, while the green creates a sleepy feeling. The tone of another color can be achieved by using white. You can create white tones from other colors without appearing on the color wheel by combining them.


Combining this dark green wall with this pale blue rug is trickier, but you will surely love the outcome it creates. It creates a similar effect to a sky with a grassy field.

Alter the cooler hue of that green shade by mixing a soft sage green rug with a deep navy rug. Combined with the pale sage green walls, the navy, and white geometric rug will seem stunning.

The living room is one of the most populated rooms in the house, so choose a material like wool that is durable and has some pattern that blends in with the interior decor.

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It’s important to use a rug pad underneath wool rugs like the Merelax Modern Soft Blue Rug to absorb shocks from constant foot traffic. As well as being easy to clean, Merelax Modern rug is also durable.

Choose a dark blue color with speckles or a pattern to conceal minor debris if you’re choosing a color in the middle. If the rugs are too dark, they show crumbs and fade much faster. But that is not the case with the Merelax Modern Rug.

Besides, this rug comes in a rectangular shape that will fit many rooms. It is ultra-soft and will not make you tired while you walk on it.

Dark Colors

Most furniture color schemes, drapes, and other decorations blend well with dark carpet colors. Choosing light shades of furniture common in modern decor packages makes a visually appealing contrast.

You may have more decorating options if you choose a darker color for your room from scratch. The dark colors will mix with your green wall and make your room feel cozier.

Whether you have green walls in your living room, bedroom, or family room, you can add the dark carpet to attain attractive output. This effect is more pronounced in dark brown or earth tones.

The darker shades of carpet absorb heat more effectively, so choosing a darker shade can help you create a cooler environment. The materials used in darker carpets are thicker than those in lighter colors. Because of this, they last longer and can require less maintenance.

Patterned Rugs

Consider using white and black or white and grey when it comes to your rug or carpet if you like a bit of interest. It is common to find patterns in this color combination that use geometric shapes.

Because this carpet type is neutral, it will work well with any color of green you select. You can even pair the black and white patchwork rug with bold green walls. Combining these two things shows your commitment to entertaining and your taste in design.

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If you want to include a patterned rug in your room, you can try the USTIDE Cotton Rug. Cheap rugs that smell like chemicals and unravel after a few months of foot traffic don’t need to harm your budget.

There are many reasonably priced rugs available nowadays which are perfectly adequate and quite attractive. My recommendation for a budget-friendly rug is the USTIDE Rug.

Polypropylene is the fabric of this rug, so it is suitable for both the dining room or living room. It looks more expensive than it is because of the pattern’s intricate design and colorful colors.

It is easy to vacuum a low-pile carpet because it is soft. Professional cleaners are recommended for major stains of the USTIDE cotton rug.

Should You Use Green Carpet in Your Living Room?

For the living room, green is a stunning color. A variety of green shades are available as per moods and themes. Using bold colors and designs can make your project look rich and luxurious.

To create the atmosphere of a natural spa, try sage green or moss green. It has a calming, harmonizing, and balancing effect. It’s believed that green also heals the heart, so it’s a brilliant color for the room that focuses on family gatherings.

Can Green Carpet Hide Dirt?

You should choose a darker green if you want to hide dirt. It will be more difficult for soil and sins to be seen in darker colors.

However, it is important to keep in mind that debris and pet hair with a lighter hue will stand out if you choose a very intense shade of your color. Therefore, the best choice is a shade of green that tends toward the medium-dark, such as olive or emerald green.

The same is true for light-colored neutrals, such as green. The rug’s mixed green pattern is a brilliant choice for an area that sees a lot of traffic and is likely to get dirty.

It helps you hide stains because of the variation and density of color.

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